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Welcome to the Storm

Dirt and Breaker Breaker with some EC

Let the Music Begin. Started out with some outlaw country.  Johnny Cash, Merle, Chris, Waylon, Willie, and the Boys.

SSH in Cadence, MNC in Cadence, Imperial Walker in Cadence.  Lets Mosey.

3 Rounds

3 exercises – Tiger Squat x 10, Merkin x 15, Crunchy Frog x 20

Sprint to end of row in parking lot, karaoke step to the first brick and back to row, nur to parking island, bear crawl to end of island and back, sprint to beginning.

plank between each set with shoulder taps and various planking positions for the 6

Mosey to next spot

3 Rounds

3 exercises – Mike Tysons x 10, American Hammer 20 each side, 30 squats

Sprint to end of row, karaoke step to first brick and back to row, nur to parking island, bear crawl around island, run to start, side shuffle to brick and back

flutter kicks between,  shady had a ten count in there, TopHat did not enjoy the music so we switched to The Black Keys Radio

Very short mosey.  next round – exercise followed by sprint.

Big Boys then sprint, single leg dead lift then sprint, oblique crunch then sprint, finally protractor called by moses then sprint.

Easy mosey back to the start.

Grabbed the pledge.

Change music to my daughters music channel for some stretching – lucky for us the perfect song for 5 minutes of stretching – Circle of Life – Lion King Sound Track.


CSAUP – sign up by 2-16, event is 2-23 with Stinky 2nd F immediately following at Buffalo Wild Wings

QSource on Sundays at 7:30 am

Prayer Requests

Breaker Breakers Family, the pax, special prayer for f3LKN lost a member recently.  TopHat father passed away Sunday.

Dr. Seuss Took us OUT in the COT aka BOM


is that a football?

13 Pax pushed the rock and this cool evening.  QIC was tossing a football and got some of the PAX excited.  17:30 hits, time to roll.

SSH 41 in cadence, merkins, MNC, Squats…. Mosey around parking lot past turd shack.  plank for six.  Whilst we here lets do some synchronized planking on the QIC.

Next we do a modified individual DORA.  Step back lunge, Mike Tysons, Freddy Mercury run to other end of parking lot and repeat 5x.

As you finish run laps around the large island in the middle of the parking lot.  Plank.  Synchronized plank (something about a Freight moon) into some merkins in cadence, I believe we did whilst complaining.

Next is Circle up for Global warming by the odd ones and bear crawl the evens around the circle.  Lots of confusion here.  Mostly due to the QIC not being very clear and some of the pack do not know odd or even number.  Mary.  Finish with a gentle mosey to the flag.  The football was not used.  Sorry SA.


Q source 7:30 am Sundays at Crossroads and The Horse

Anchorman filling Rice and Beans – nice work men.  January 29th, Tuesday.


SA daughter, Monk wants prayers for WetStone

PAX that have not been posting lately or injured.


Until Next Time

No rain?

6 regulars and one fng makes 7.

Disclaimer – I am not a professional, follow my exercises at your own risk, you vs you. Ssh in cadence, mnc, helos, merkins mosey to bbt. Time for some wall work. No anchorman not the stupid shuffle. Wall sits with shoulder work. The. Lunge across parking lot al gore for the six. Plank plank and more plank right into merkins in cadence. Orangeman with a joke about his nuts. It was a good laugh. Ask him about his nuts some time. Lunges back across the parking lot for more wallsits and shoulder work. More plank and merkins. Lunge again with al gore for the six. Plank. Lunge wallsits give a few ten creative ten counts by tiger, Orangeman and virus. Let’s mosey.

Downtown start with single leg dead lift 11 each leg followed by more plank. Money to next next next next corner and more dead lifts. Mix in some abdominal work here with single leg toe touches, heel raises and flutters. Mosey. More dead lifts at the next corner. Plank. Six shooters in cadence. Mosey to the wall. 2 rounds of derkins in cadence. Mary at the wall with each pax favorite abdominal exercises. Toe touches, protractor, hammers, big boys just to name a few. Mosey to the start as time expires.


Announcements- contact anchorman if you are interested in feeding the hungry in Charlotte Tuesday January 29th 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm meet at 6:15 pm to clown car.

Welcome fng Chad Collins. Named Doodles. National Guardsman for 6 years. Former Technical Draftsman, youth pastor for 16 years, planted a church 11 years ago now pastor at combined Epic Church with Linwood Church of God.

Prayer request- brokes friend recent diagnosis with terminal pancreatic cancer. My cousin with new diagnosis of stage 2 sarcoma.

Tiger took us out with a prayer.

See yall Thursday at Mydoryama.

Stormy McStormy Storm

6 pax plus 2 Rucker’s braved the warm and actually refreshing rain at the Goat. Warmed up moseyed. Ssh, merkins, abs, squats, lunges, burpees, wheelbarrowing, mike Tyson’s, crunchy frogs. The gates were open today. All pushed themselves, anyone else notice virus has been crushing these boot camps lately? Tesla, anchorman and dirt brought the respect and showed get-a-grip and myself how “it” is done. Broke was not here.


Prayers for Zoe and her family battling an unknown foe at this time. Prayers for Tesla’s 2.0 on his 21st birthday.

Sign up to Q.

See y’all Monday at Hollywood

Back by Popular Demand

12 pax plus 3 ruckers pushed some rocks, some carried them 2+ miles. Great energy on this the first day of 2019. Back by popular demand were some partner wheel barrels, the stupid shuffle, some ab work and a few bits of this new thing referred to as jogging (pronounced Yogging).

Prayer Requests – For all pax to start strong 2019, Zoe & Family battling another illness, Wanderer’s Uncle in Arizona battling recent Cancer Diagnosis.

Welcome FNG Klinger – entering 5th year and last year in the service, considering medical school after that. He is fast at running.

HIPAA and all AOs need Qs. sign up.

Until Thursday at the Goat.


My M just returned from a week in Europe with her mom.  During that time I was flying solo with two girls under 4 years old and was not able to post much.  Good to get back at it this AM.

No FNGs today, and I am an idiot.

Moroccan night clubs in cadence (31), Toy Soldiers (21), my favorite mercans (10), and squats (11).   Count off – we have 9.  Form two lines, mosey.  High Knees mosey in formation, butt kicks in formation, and finish at my jeep to get some coupons (no matter how you pronounce coupon).

4 sandbags – was supposed to use these a couple weeks ago last time I Qed at the goat, however, due to some unforeseen circumstances we were not able to enjoy them until today.  Unfortunately they were now significantly heavier due to collection of moisture.  The bags were originally supposed to show what the people on the coast would be dealing with prior to hurricane Florence, even all these weeks later I still believe they would remind us of the ongoing flooding in the lower areas near the coast.

Partner up 2 rounds (mayor, dolph and seuss made a super group). P1 runs to top of hill complete single flying squirrel, P2/P3 do work – train brought 5 prior to starting.

  1. Bobby Hurleys
  2. Plank sandbag lateral pull throughs
  3. Bicycles on your six
  4. Plank reaches

The sandbags got tore up here, this was a bit shortsighted on my part.  my plans for sandbag squats later would need an OMAHA.

Mosey to the pavilion

P1 runs to clock completes 5 flying squirrels, P2/P3 do work – no train this time. only time for one round.

  1. Squats – should have been sandbag squats – Orangeman was disappointed and commented on my nearsightedness.  Mayor mentioned he could not see anymore, Dolph offered to help.
  2. Pull Ups/let downs
  3. American Hammers
  4. more plank

Mosey to the goat island bridge – Orangeman and dolph sang whilst making the short mosey more enjoyable

Derkin Shuffle – feet on rail of bridge, shuffle hands across the bridge – switch sides at the half way point with your partner.  Lunge for those whom are feeling the burn.    Dirt was complaining about a height disadvantage.  Jokes were made.  All pax pushed hard.

Running out of time – 2 rounds of six shooter crunches in cadence – run back to the flag as time expires.  Almost forgot pledge, Orangeman was on point.

As usual, Seuss was crushing some runs, Dolph was being Dolph, and today Orangeman was a bit chatty.

Announcements – Burpeethon – Saturday Rankin Lake Park – Starts at 9 am,  come a little early, you can pay/register the day of the event.

Prayer Request – Breaker Breaker Family, Guidance for Orangemans Daughter, Friends of Virus dealing with Cancer Tx – both had successful surgery, Maddox Ritch and his Family, Officers in SC and the nation, and finally the PAX – allow each PAX to provide a positive example for family, friends, coworkers and anyone that we interact with throughout each day.



Sandbags – ohmaha

SSH in cadence (21), Moroccan night clubs in cadence (21).  Count off – we have 10.  Form two lines, mosey.  what is that – its a bird – its a plane – its – GOLD DIGGER comes out of nowhere – that makes 11.  High Knees mosey in formation (warm up the nostrils), butt kicks in formation, take the stairs.

Split into two groups.  One group on each side of the narrow bridge.  3 rounds

  1. You guessed it – the Stupid Shuffle aka BTTW crawl, aka cupid shuffle aka the Michigan shuffle – thanks for the new name breaker breaker.
  2. Wall squat 60 secs
  3. Plank Jacks – in cadence
  4. Run to basketball court (to far) run to apartment next two rounds.

Pleasant surprise – 5 burpees.

Run the goat island bridge – flutter kicks for the six

Wheel barrel across (thanks DOLPH)- if you stop, person carrying the legs does 6 mike Tysons whilst the wheel barrel watches in shame.  For some reason noone wanted to partner with gold digger – needless to say Gold Digger wheel barreled across that bridge faster than some us can run it.  All Pax made it across the first time without stopping – mad props to all – a little disappointed no mike Tysons.

Skip, karaoke and run to the next bridge.  plank for the six.

OMAHA – the bridge keeper has not opened the second gate – cannot proceed to the sandbags that I brought in – oh well until 10-4-2018.

Fellowship mosey to the exercise pavilion.

2 rounds of pull ups to fatigue, crunchy frog.

Mosey to goat island bridge.

Flap jack wheel barrel partners – all groups made it without coming out of the wheel barrel position.  Nice work PAX.  Still slightly bummed no mike Tysons.

Pleasant surprise – 5 burpees

Few minutes left – mosey to pavilion

2 rounds pull ups to fatigue mixed with WW1 and LBC twist.

Plank on Q command – right arm up, then left arm up,  then left leg up, then left leg up – opps, pax called out my misspeak – right leg up.  recover.

Six shooter crunches in cadence – right then left.  recover.

Fellow ship mosey to the flag.


Announcements – JJ5k, Stop Solider Suicide, Convergence 9-15-18 @ GasHouse Q vs Q

Prayer Request – Breaker Breaker Family, Those that will be affected by Florence, Emergency Responders that will be working through the hurricane, Power Company Employees as they work to repair damage from the storm, and news/media as they work round the clock to bring updates to the general public.





Better Late than Never

VQ for Buckeye.  One year in the making.  During this time I have learned many new words, improved both physical and mental strength, and lost 25 lbs.   I am now better at pull ups.  I was encouraged to step up by several individuals as well as a group shaming at the Storm on humid Tuesday morning.  To say I was nervous was an understatement; spending several days planning and reworking my weinke until it looked good on paper.  Watching youtube videos learning how to count and trying to recall the various names of exercises.  It was finally time to share BTTW Shuffle (aka Stupid Shuffle – thanks Broke) with the world.

Gold Digger, Tiger and Traveler grabbed some EC this morning, Gold Digger was running so fast many commented that his feet were not even touching the ground, others thought he was running from Broke.

No FNGs today, I am not a professional, you vs you.

12 HIMS Started off with some SSH and mountain climbers in cadence (21),  6 burpees OYO.  Circled up, counted off in groups of 4 (to be used later – everyone remembered their number all morning)  Let us mosey.  Omaha – planned on using the gravel lot next to the yank, however, we were pleasantly surprised by a train and 5 burpees.  So let us mosey to the middle school.   Nice little mosey to the school where we grabbed a wall squat waiting on the six, the six was not far behind.


3 rounds all together – determined by my timex.  Apparently I paid to much for it, although I did mention that it has 3 functions – hours, minutes and seconds.  Broke was convinced I got it from the cracker jack box, I actually got it from a wheaties box.

  1. BTTW Shuffle, aka Cupid Shuffle, AKA Stupid Shuffle (BTTW Q calls shuffle right, then shuffle left finish with Aussie Mountain climbers)
  2. The Squat
  3. WWI
  4. Sprint to stop sign and back hold wall squat for the six.

Finish up with one set of 20 single leg deadlift (thanks pockets for the name of the exercise) I refer to these as deep pockets.

Mosey through the field of dreams for 1 round of each exercise in our groups of 3.  Each group does one exercise until the running group gets back, then switch.

  1. LBFC
  2. Peter Parkers
  3. Pull Ups
  4. Run to bottom of hill and back

Mosey to the gravel lot:  in our groups of 1s, 2s, and 3s with group 4 having one member join the others.

3 rounds

  1. 4 man lift – great on paper, may have failed in explaining this task; or it could be that some do not know shapes or maybe the gravel in the parking lot, not sure.  Needless to say, some PAX do not like to get dirty.  Omaha to the Merkin.
  2. FC
  3. Imperial Walkers
  4. Run to black tarp and back – what tarp?

Just as we finished in the gravel lot another pleasant surprise, 5 burpees OYO.  Let us mosey.

We mosey up the hill at a fellowship pace. Stopped at the main corner with clock near city hall.  There is a camera on the Stowe Building (large white building across from city hall) that live streams downtown Belmont.  Occasionally while watching the news with my daughters in the morning they will show a view from that camera and my daughters are excited to see their city on TV.  On the corner 21 SSH in cadence with smiles on our faces for the camera.  Everyone except Wanderer, he was not feeling well and called it at this time.  Let us mosey.

Mosey to the parking lot by State Farm.  Much nicer, smoother, fresher blacktop.

4 rounds – all  pax does one set of global warming, Q calls group number, that group bear crawls around circle whilst the others complete one of the exercises. Global warming between each set until all groups had a chance to bear crawl.

  1. Global warming – hold Al Gore Squat while shuffling in a circle, we went left in cadence, we went right in cadence, we did the hokey pokey in cadence.
  2. Bear Crawl
  3. Parker Peters
  4. Step Back Lunge
  5. CDD
  6. Plank Jacks

Just enough time for wall squat according to the timex along with military presses in cadence.  Let us mosey to the yank.

Grabbed the pledge, few announcements – Prevent Soilder Suicide 5/10k, JJ 5K, Burpee-a-Thon.  Name-o-roma.  Dr. Seuss took us out with a prayer. 8 of the PAX grabbed a coffee and breakfast at Cherubs.  Pockets taught me a little about social media and the F3 website.

Great effort today, everyone was working hard and made my VQ a memorable one.  Really enjoyed it.  Thanks to Dr. Seuss and Tesla for encouraging me to step up.

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