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Billy Madison – the man, the movie, the farewell

Sorry for the delay – we literally moved for 2 straight days after I finished this Q and I was without internet (or home) until this week. Sidenote: back to back Qs after a month off from workouts was a VERY BAD idea before moving. My M (Veronica Vaughn) laughed at me when my legs were so shaky while carrying furniture. I cried.

The Thang:

Side Stradle Hops x 10 IC


Farewell Q was a recreation of the movie (my namesake) Billy Madison! Cinematic beauty ensued (there was sweat and tears everywhere) and it went like this….

  • As the movie begins with an aimless Billy (sad clown syndrome) in a drunken stupor, eagerly awaiting “nudey magazine day” he spots a Penguin walking around….
    • Exercise = Penguin Walks (Duckwalks, but with arms at side) to end of parking lot and back
  • Just like many PAX when we join F3, Billy accepts the challenge to become a better man and encounters obstacles when he returns to school…
    • Exercise = O’Doyle-Rules-Inspired, Banana Peels (ab workout – full situp, lift leg and touch toes) x 25
  • Time for a spelling bee! “R…..you going to the mall later?” We must help Billy spell the word “Couch”…
    • Exercise = 
      • C = Captain Thors x 10 situps x 40 American Hammers
      • O = Outlaws x 10 each direction
      • U = Up Downs x 10 pushups on Q’s count, fast chop feet in between
      • C = CDDs x 25
      • H = Hail Marys x 25 each partner 
  • Just like Billy, it’s time to find out what these PAX are really made of….time for the Academic Decathlon!
    • Exercise =
      • 100 meter sprint
      • Merkins – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of shotput)
      • 200 meter sprint
      • Situps – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of discus throw)
      • 400 meter sprint
      •  Pullups – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of javelin)
      • 1500 meter run
      • LBCS – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of hurdles)
      • Jump ups x 20 (in place of high jump)
      • Squats x 20 (in place of long jump)
  • Think we’re done? Wrong! “Now you’re all in big, big trouble!”
    • Exercise = DODGEBALL! (F3 Style – plank/LBC while you’re out. Losing team has to run laps. Winning team laughs!)
      • As an aside, being a true HIM and demonstrating humble leadership, I gracefully allowed the other team to win – as a way of saying goodbye and picking up Gastone’s confidence. He had a sad look in his eye and I didn’t want him crying on my last Q.


Thanks for the chance to share our story (His story)…

Remember that you never know which fellow PAX you are ministering to just by locking shields and pushing one another in these workouts….

3 years ago, my wife was given a terminal cancer diagnosis. She had stage 4 ovarian cancer that spread to her heart. 2 days later, the company I worked for, was sold and I was laid off. With 2 toddlers at home and no insurance, and the prospect of losing my wife – our world was collapsing.

We left our dream home in Florida, broken (I remember being unemployed for the first time since I was 12 years old, and pushing my wife in a wheel chair with my 4 & 5 year old dragging bags behind us through the airport) to seek help….after a year of countless chemo sessions and nights sleeping in a bedside cot in the hospital, and 4 high-risk surgeries my wife defeated cancer!

After her battle, we moved across the country to NC and our biggest fear came true – my wife’s cancer returned. We had purchased a new home in a new state where I knew no one, but I started attending workouts at F3. I found the PERFECT support that I needed. In my darkest, most depressing time, I found a group of men to lift me up and make me better. F3 gave me something to look forward to and gave me the fellowship that the male soul needs. This group of crazy dudes with weird names would place hands on me in prayer after kicking my butt working out. My wife had a much easier battle that 2nd go around and she is now 2 years, cancer free!

We are moving back to Florida, with our health and a new perspective and an appreciation for life, love and joy that we never would have had before.

You are all so much more than just a PAX to me, you are my friends and you were there for me when I needed it most. Remember the power of this ministry as you raise men up for the betterment of the community and future generations of men to lead others.

I’m excited to keep posting with the F3-Jacksonville crew – who I will undoubtedly shame by comparing them to the “men of Gashouse” and I’m happy that I can reuse some of my jokes and workout ideas for some new laughs. 🙂

Thank you all, and please stay in touch!

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.”
– Henry David Thoreau


Your friend,

Tully (Billy Madison)

Playing All the H.I.I.T.S

The High Intensity Interval Training wasn’t the only treat in store for the pax this Valentine’s morning…..I serenaded them with a “today’s top 40 hits station” via Youtube.

The mumble chatter ensued immediately because what group enjoys top 40 hits more than a bunch of middle-aged, Caucasian, white-collar men from the south???



  • SSH
  • Don Quixotes
  • Cherry Pickers (the ones that fell on the ground Stroganoff)
  • and Q definitely, knowledgeably picked Jumping Jacks….errrrr, SSH 1 more time. Totally on purpose.
  • MOSEY to Martha Rivers fields

The Thang:

Interval Abs Circuit x 2:

  • LBCs x 50 OYO
  • WWI Sit-Ups x AMRAP, 30 seconds
  • Freddy Mercurys x AMRAP, 60, 30 seconds
  • Flutter Kicks x AMRAP, 30 seconds

Speed Circuit x 2:

  • Sprint 1/4 of soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins
  • Sprint 1/2 of soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins
  • Sprint 3/4 of soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins
  • Sprint full soccer field then back to line for 10 Merkins

(Insert more mumble chatter about bad Q idea…)

Hey, my pudgy grandma jogs a few marathons every year, but what do you see Usain Bolt or Lebron James running?  Who’s body would you rather have? Sprints accelerate fat burn and build muscle. (Annnnnnnd Q’s back won’t allow me to “pound the pavement” for over an hour anymore so this is my tantrum towards all the long distance runners that surround me in F3.) Jealous tantrum over. Back to the workout…

Lat builder Circuit x 2:

  • Pull-ups, AMRAP 30 seconds
  • SSH x 60
  • Burpees x 10
  • Final burn out on Pull-ups, AMRAP

Mosey back to Sno-Balls – stopped for 6 and did LBCs

Pledge, announcements and COT.

Hope no one is too tired to take care of the Ms tonight on Valentines Day! May have seen a few panic-stricken eyes when I announced the date and mad dash to florist as pax exited parking lot!

Thanks for the push brothers! Aye!


Who, What, How???

I love to Q. I get excited the night before and usually spend way too much time trying to get creative and/or make the theme something timely and relevant….then I’m looking forward to the workout all day and I feel a buzz afterwords if I see HIMs smiling.

If my workout fire is dieing down, leading seems to be the gasoline that reignites. (For some of our not so new Friendly New Guys – time to lead. I hope you find it makes you better too.)

Today’s workout was the first time I wrote down the “message” first, then the workout 2nd.

I asked the pax Who, What, and How but more on that…



SSH, Don Qs, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies




Mosey to the soccer fields.

CORE TIME, round 1: (50 reps of each)

  • LBCs
  • WWI Situps
  • 60-sec plank
  • 25 Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Penguin slaps
  • American Hammers
  • 60-sec plank

Deck of Death/4 corners combo: (around 2 soccer fields)

Split into 6 teams…

  • Deck of cards were separated by suit and placed in all 4 corners of the field.
  • AS A TEAM, sprint around the field to see who can create the best 5 card poker hand. The faster you go the more cards you can get.
  • When you draw your card do the # of reps on that card… Jacks=11, Queens = 12, Kings = 13 before running to the next corner.
  • Hearts = Merkins, Diamonds = Diamond Merkins, Spades = Flutter kicks, Clubs = Situps
  • Jokers = WILD CARD and you can assign 5 Burpees to another team of your choosing.

The winning team got to sit in my truck that was conveniently waiting down there while the rest of us losers had to take turns pushing the truck back to the flag and alternating turns after 5 burpees were completed.

(Lost count of # of burpees, couldn’t hear the count over Freight’s maniacal laughter from the backseat! Swimmer for some reason felt obligated to keep checking my brakes and Slaw was blasting country music from my speakers!) Note to future self: find new friends to road trip with…

Back at the flag:

CORE TIME, round 2: (50 reps of each)

  • LBCs
  • WWI Situps
  • 60-sec plank
  • 25 Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Penguin slaps
  • American Hammers
  • 60-sec plank

3 minutes of Marythen 22 Merkins for the Vets to end the workout.



Shared a word that had been on my heart with the pax…

WHO is looking up to you, and at the example you set? Madoff brought 2 of his sons to today’s workout and I’m very proud to bring my son to learn “how to be a man” from this group of men. We support each other. We work hard to get better. We pray for each other, and yes we even make the occasional raunchy joke and belch and fart but in the end, he sees men who love God and love eachother (2 greatest commandments) and are a part of something bigger than themselves.

WHAT example are you setting? Are you known for sitting on the couch with a beer and a clicker in each hand? Are you known for being gone at work all the time? Or are you working hard to be a better father, husband, community leader?

HOW are you going to handle difficulties? It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” life throws a difficult situation at you, how will you handle it? Who are you surrounded by that will help you and that you can lean on and ultimately where do you put your faith?


Thanks for the push today and always. Proud to call you all friends.

Name-aroma, announcements, prayer requests and COT to close.


80s/90s Halloween Costume Party/Workout!

I put my hand up on your hip. When I dip, you dip, we dip……


….blared from my speakers as I pulled into the Gashouse with my neon-banded head banging and fist pumping out my window. Is that Richard Simmons, I see in the parking lot to greet me? No it’s just Hushpuppy. Then I see Mayor wearing his actual workout gear from his HS wrestling days and Strogonoff has raided his wife’s workout drawer. Then things really got crazy as Patrick Swayze walks right off the Roadhouse set and onto the Schiele parking lot. (Edison in all his “jortsy-glory”!)

Alright let’s blast the tunes and workout!

The thang:

  • Warm-up (“aggressive warmup” according to Mayor) in Schiele parking lot.
  • Pledge.
  • Then mosey to Grier track with “Baby Got Back” blasting alongside this group of “Outsiders” as women and children screamed on Garrison Blvd.
  • Split into 4 groups of 3 to work at assigned stations:
    • #1 = 25 Merkins & 25 WWI Situps
    • #2 = 25 Squats & 25 Arm Squats (aka: dips)
    • #3 = 25 CDDs & 25 Freddy Mercurys
    • #4 = 25 LBCs & 25 Thor Hammers
  • After each station we grouped up on the track to complete a Snake Run around the track. (Music playlist = Tootsie Roll, Bust A Move, OPP, Jump, It’s Tricky, and of course, Ice Ice Baby!)


  • We then split into 2 teams of 6 and played an epic game of Ultimate Frisbee. Every time a team scored the opponent had to do 10 burpees. —- I thought I was tired from the workout but literally almost splashed merlot when I tapped into those competitive juices.

The good guys won and we moseyed back to the schiele. Mayor had an extra challenge on the return run with the extra sized head on his shoulders to carry back after a diving (uhhhmmmm…..falling) TD catch!


Great time had by all. Thanks to all the good sports that joined the costume party.


I want to thank TimeFrame for sharing a very good word that was on his heart. I was honored to meet him and to hear a part of his story and how F3 has truly helped him become a better man this past year. Aye! Thanks for the share brother. Perfect end to a great morning.

After essentially taking a 5-month break from F3, I really needed that workout and good time (more than many of you know). Thanks men.

Named our FNG, welcome to CarLot! Announcements. Prayer. Close.



Imaginary Mud Run

Poor Whoopee. (Wow! Those are words that you probably never thought you’d read in a backblast.)

Really though, the guy shows up at the Coconut Horse for his normal Sunday morning run and he gets bombarded by a couple of guys looking to practice their mudrun in less than a week!

A lesser man might have “modified” his way into a jog all alone but I think it was the fact that Madoff brought his 2.0 that SHAMED Whoopee into joining us.

The Thang:

We ran (thanks to Messi, we REALLY R-A-N) 2.8 miles that brought us to Martha Rivers where we did a “MudRun Dress Rehearsal”.  Did a .77 mile loop and stopped for:

  • pull-ups
  • burpees
  • squats
  • merkins

Next we did the shorter loop (.33 miles?) and stopped for:

  • jump-ups
  • derkins
  • incline merkins
  • chin-ups
  • squats
  • burpees
  • merkins

Then ran back to Harris Teeter. I guess the 13 year old talking about running sub-7-minute mile 5Ks motivated us because our final pace was about 8:20 after the 4.8 miles and extra credit were completed.

Strong work men! Thanks for the push Messi!!!


Prayers for us to be better sons, husbands, fathers and thankful for Moms in our lives.

Happy Easter – NOW RUN!!!

Awww yes, spring is in the morning air. Birds were chirping. The sun was rising to reflect off the morning dew in the grass on this fine day before Easter morning. The flatulence and belching from 11 of F3’s finest men echoed out over the Gashouse parking lot as I pulled into the Schiele to Q! (Had to make a pitstop to hide some Easter Eggs first…)


SSH: IC x 20

Cherry Pickers: IC x 10

Flamingos: 20 count each leg (just 2 legs thank you)

Mosey to flag for pledge

The Thang:

  • E.C. Running Dora 1,2,3,4:
    • 4 Laps around the track
    • 300 LBCs
    • 200 Merkins
    • 100 WWI Sit-Ups

The situp stations gave us opportunities to sharpen one another with some good life/marriage advice. Men may be sitting on their own hands and breaking 60-second egg timers throughout the region. We omaha’ed the last round of core work to just run our 4th lap, EC to dolph for double hurdle work and Def for extra “CDDs” completed!

Time to split into 2 teams for our “main holiday event”….

  • EASTER EGG HUNT (on roids):
  • Team 1 in one goal, Team 2 on opposite side of the field in the other goal with our Easter Baskets in the goals.
  • Teams stay in goal and complete squats/calf raises while 1 teammate sprints across the field to pickup their egg. Once they return, they open it to reveal the workout inside. Team completes the workout together, then next team member sprints to retrieve 2nd egg. Continue until all eggs are in basket. First team done, wins!

Monk got a “rotten egg” on our very first 1 so he had to do 20 burpess on his own then sprint back AGAIN to retrieve a “good egg”. Slaw helped him out while we all laughed. (Not AT you Monk – but WITH you.) 🙂

Not sure how this could have happened, but the other team ended up with 2 rotten eggs. (We’ve hired 2 committees to investigate! One that handled the Oscar Awards mistake and another that found Tom Brady’s jersey. They’re working tirelessly. Really.)

“Foul Play” was called so Team 2 was deemed the WINNERS! They got to run first while the losing team started with burpees and then chased in a lap of:

  • Catch Me If You Can

(First partner does 5 burpees while 2nd partner runs backward (NUR) around the track then partner 1 chases them, once caught they switch and repeat.)

  • Jail break back to Gas House


Shared Steve Jobs’ famous analogy of teamwork…

The rock tumbler that takes ugly, dirty, regular old rocks from the backyard then shakes them all together and as these old flawed rocks bump into each other over time they come out polished, shiny, smooth and beautiful. They become so much better because of the friction that they have together with other flawed rocks.

That’s what these brothers of F3 do for me. Aye?


Squirt’s daughter, Monk’s coworker, family that Def Leopard knew who lost their son to suicide, all those battling physical and mental sickness, and praise for the good things we take for granted.

Good work today men. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter with loved ones!

No excuses!

As my phone alarm woke me up at 6am on Sunday morning I looked at all my other clocks to read 5:00am. 1 hour of fartsacking lost to time change. Ugggh.

Next I looked outside and saw snow accumulating and still really coming down! Uggh.

My back had 18 stitches in it due to remove tomorrow… Uggh.

All good reasons that “the old me” would eagerly use to quickly jump back in bed and skip the workout.

But Palmetto200 is less than 2 weeks away and I made a commitment to post everyday this week. My F3 brothers push me and hold me accountable, and ultimately make me a better man. (Good bye “old me”, this “F3 man” does not make excuses!)

I pulled into the Coconut Horse at 7:00am sharp and found the parking lot empty and piling up with snow. I took my time to do some extra stretching and jog a few laps around the building. Laps may have eventually lead me inside the building and into the facilities. Perfect time killer to find Stroganoff pulling in as I returned outside.

We did a few more laps waiting for any other pax and then we “just felt like running”. Ice pelting us in the face caused the addition of eye wear which quickly accumulated snow and fog. Careful steps were taken around the frozen puddles and slippery spots as Stroganoff completed the 5 mile circuit (STRONG) and I returned a bit early completing closer to 4 miles.

Thanks for the push Stroganoff! I had some entertaining photos (aka proof) of our lunacy, but can’t figure out how to post them on here.

Still committed to post every day this week if anyone wants to join me on that challenge. I’ll see you out there! Keep posting and reminder to click on this link if you want to join the F3 March Madness Bracket Challenge. https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/33994/invitation?key=ef4b1a3c5c4869ae&soc_trk=lnk

F3 March Madness Bracket Pool – 2nd F Opportunity!

Men of F3 Gastonia,

Think you know your NCAA basketball? Do you bleed royal or sky blue? If so, please join the 1st annual F3 March Madness Bracket Pool, because you know that the guy who knows NOTHING will end up winning it all! 🙂

Join the F3 Bracket Pool by clicking the following link and when prompted, enter the password: gashouse

Entree is $10 with a winner-take-all payout at the end. Entree fees must be paid to Billy Madison before games begin to have your bracket submission eligible.

Collecting $ will provide me extra motivation to post as much as possible over the next week so you can pay in person otherwise you can send via Venmo to @tara-lale or drop off or mail to 2452 Glyncastle Way, Gastonia, NC 28056.

Here is the link to join:


Good luck!

Day at the Movies

It’s 25 degrees out on Saturday morning, what better way to reward this strong PAX of 20 men for getting out of the fartsack, than to go to the movies!

I love to quote movies. In the “real world”, my students try (and usually fail) to stump me with a quote I don’t know. So I thought I’d grab my fellow movie-quote-master, Slaw, to Co-Q (heard some “Siskel and Ebert” mumble chatter) and we’d read some of our favorite movie quotes to the PAX to intro each workout. Two thumbs way up:


  • SSH, I.C. x 20
  • Grass Pickers, I.C. x 20

The Thang: (Movie Time – ACTION!)

  • (Monty Python’s Quest For Holy Grail)
    • King Arthurs, around the parking lot
  • (World War Z)
    • Zombie Walkers, to the flagpole
  • (Gladiator)
    • Gladiator Merkins, 20 reps I.C.
    • Added 5 Burpees due to train
  • (Karate Kid)
    • Daniel Son, 10 reps I.C.
    • Bruce Lees, 6 sets of ab work, 20 reps each
  • (Saving Private Ryan)
    • WW2 Situps, 20 reps I.C.
    • Scout Run, to Parkwood Church
  • (Rocky)
    • Rocky Balboas, 50 I.C.
    • American Hammer, 20 I.C.
    • Mike Tysons, 10 I.C.
  • (The Revenant)
    • Dancing Bears, 15 I.C.
    • Bear Crawls, down and back
  • (Tombstone)
    • Outlaws, 10 & 10 I.C.
  • (Forrest Gump)
    • Lt. Dans, 10 I.C.

Quick break to share a message about WHY the mind is the biggest obstacle in reaching “impossible” goals……F3 helps us push our bodies past discomfort because we push one another and distract the mind. (Iron sharpens Iron – AYE!)

  • (Braveheart)
    • Battle of Stirling “FREEDOM sprint” into battle! – to Grier HS Field
  • (Star Wars)
    • Imperial Walkers, 30 I.C.
    • Death Star, (middle cone = 30 LBCs, outer cones are 5 points of star. Each point = 15 Merkins – run back to middle between each set until all 5 points are reached)
  • (Invictus)
    • Rugby Sprints, 4 sets with Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Squats, and something else done “Slaw style”
  • (Indiana Jones)
    • Indian(a Jones) Run, around the track with Gladiator Merkin breaks built in twice

Mosey back to the Gashouse with (Shawsshank Redemption – “Jailbreak”) to the end!!!


  • Announcements
  • Word of encouragement
  • Prayers

In the end, Siskel and Ebert both give this workout 2 thumbs up.

The setting was a bit frigid at first, but like the workout itself, the sun soon rose and added a lightness and warmth to the storyline. The plot was a bit confusing at times but thankfully the poor direction was overcome by a very strong cast. The strength of this workout was in the natural comradery between this varied cast of characters. Lots of fun, impromptu dialogue brought the workouts to life, while setting the tone of affability that made this workout a warm-hearted tale that is good for the whole community. The conclusion sent the audience back home with a positive message of faith to reflect on. 2 thumbs WAY up! We definitely recommend posting soon if you missed it today. 

Thanks to all of you men, for the opportunity to lead and for making me better.

Occam’s Razor

12 “Midoriyama Men” came out for a STRONG posting today!

Inspired by a recent backblast from Stroganoff about simplifying life in 2017, I put together a weinke that would make Sir William Ockham proud.

Occam’s Razor is the philosophy that “the simplest answer is most often times the correct one.” We make things too complicated in life and our workouts at F3 sometimes fall into that trap as well. (Just look at our lexicon or workouts list as proof.)

With that message to start us off – no need to get creative or fancy: Let’s elevate our heart rates, strengthen our core and make each other better. Aye!


SSH X 20, Toe Touches X 20 counts for each leg, Mosey time!

The Thang:

(Elevate heart rates = run) Mosey around the parking lot (scenic route) to Playground

Set 1: Say hi to Floppy Disc and Freight’s M’s and 2.0s

Set 2: 6 pull-ups & 30 Big boy situps

Set 3: 6 pull-up & 30 Merkins (kids wouldn’t sit on Dad’s backs despite offers of candy from Q)

Set 4: 6 pull-ups & 30 LBCs (mumble chatter coming from Ms)

Scenic route mosey to soccer fields aka: “Fighter’s Field”

(strenghten the core) Bruce Lee’s, Mike Tyson’s, Floyd Mayweather’s:

Set 1: Bruce Lee’s (6 Ab Exercises all I.C. – 1. Hammers x 25, 2. Leg Raises x 20, 3. LBCs x 30, 4. Heel Touches x 20, 5. Crunchy Frog x 10, omaha’ed 6th rep) & Mike Tyson’s x 10 I.C. & Floyd Mayweather’s x 20 I.C.

Rinse and repeat for Set 2…..ish (May have cut short when noticed sun setting and some members of senior circuit already have fading eye sight – needed for our “Main Event”)

Main Event:

Tennis Ball Madness:

2 Teams lineup opposite ends of the soccer field. 8 balls on each goal line. Team does SSH or squats while 1 member of team sprints to opposite field to retrieve ball 1 and bring back to their goal. Then quote and exercise is read to the group. Team does exercise together then send sprinter 2 for the 2nd ball, repeat until all 8 balls are in your goal! 1st team to get all balls wins a prize! Exercises and quotes are listed here: (strengthen core, elevate heart rate and encourage and lift each other up) Aye!

BALL 1 = 25 x Diamond Merkins

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to YOUR FORMER SELF!” – Hemingway

BALL 2 = 50 x Dying Cockroaches

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

BALL 3 = 50 x Freddy Mercurys

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

 BALL 4 = 25 x Merkins

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” – Philipians 4:13

 BALL 5 = 50 x LBFCs

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. Be the change that you want to see in the world.” – unknown

BALL 6 = 25 x WWI Sit Ups

“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

 BALL 7 = 50 x Squats & 100 calf raises

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody who is sitting on the couch.”

BALL 8 = 25 x American Thors (4 count)

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” – Ephesians 6:10

Catch Me If You Cans x back to the flag (serious mumble chatter and possible SV incident due to a full “nur sprint” by Freight)

 Pledge, Announcements, COT

Prayers for Huckleberry’s M, Def Leopard’s M, – successful surgeries and for Slaw’s brother, may the Lord work on his heart. Pray for the men of F3 and for our families, our community and our nation.

Moleskin: (not sure I’m using that right – like Ron Burgendy using “when in Rome” though – I’ll find it…) Shared the message that men, like a stool, have 3 legs they must stand on to stay balanced. A healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul – F3 takes care of all 3 for me and hope we can continue to encourage each other to get better together. It was my honor to lead these great men and great friends today.

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