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Day: June 25, 2020

**PRE-BLAST** Gashouse PT Test – July 18th, 2020

On July 18th, 2020 F3 Gastonia will be conducting a PT Test at the Gashouse AO (Schiele Museum) at 0700. The regular bootcamp and Painlab workouts will be combined to participate in the PT Test. The Fighting Yank and Folsom will both remain open with their regular bootcamp workouts.


This workout is YOU vs. YOU. The intent is to repeat this workout later in the year so that each PAX who chooses to participate will be able to track their acceleration in multiple disciplines. The test will be as follows:


400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

100 Merkins, 100 LBC’s, 100 Squats, 100 SSH’s

400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

75 Merkins, 75 LBC’s, 75 Squats, 75 SSH’s

400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

50 Merkins, 50 LBC’s, 50 Squats, 50 SSH’s

400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

25 Merkins, 25 LBC’s, 25 Squats, 25 SSH’s

(Those who choose the Ruck / Walk option are finished at this point)

1600 Meter Run


*All reps of each exercise are to be completed prior to advancing to the next exercise, no breaking down exercise’s into sets of lesser reps. (i.e. complete all 100 Merkins prior to moving to LBC’s)

**40 Minute Time Limit – All PAX will start at the same time and each PAX is responsible for tracking his completion time. If you do not complete the entire workout in the allotted time, note the amount of the workout that was completed. Times can be submitted to Broke who will keep a tracking worksheet for future reference.



From the Hip

4 for rucking. 1 for running. Merkins squats lunges heel raises and 4 and a half minute abs. Almost 2 miles covered. Watts Up almost tore something.


July 18 at the Schiele for PT test. Most other AOs will be open. One pain lab will be closed.

prayers and praises

praise dry rub’a M got some good news regarding her health.

prayers for SAs daughter, huckleberry, HIPPA and TSquare.

prayers and praise for Roundups family welcoming new baby girl.

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