So Buckeye, Seuss and YHC got in a few miles EC before the beatdown to warm up. It worked.

Last night the PAX of Gashouse were informed that Sargentogeddon would occur today. What that means is a workout to end all workouts. No more Storm. It’s been fun!


Warm Up:
Goodballs x15 IC

Dox Quixote x10 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x5 IC

Mosey to the tennis courts. Oh no, they’re locked! Mosey to the small circle in front of the school and do a countoff.


After counting off, the PAX would:

Round 1 – Sprint to from road hump to road hump and do 20 merkins at each one. Wait for the 6 at the stop sign. Mosey to the artwork, try to do a countoff then bear crawl around the artwork. Our hands got good and brick colored doing this. Mosey back to the start.

Round 2 – Karaoke to each hump and do 25 squats. After the 2nd on skip to the rest and the stop sign. Mosey to the artwork, wait for the 6, try to do another countoff then mosey home.

Round 3 – Nur to each hump, do 33.3 LBCs and wait at the stop sign. Mosey to the artwork, try not to get hit by the traffic then all the way back to the shovel flag.

Countoff one last time when the 6 arrives. Good work men, especially those who kept up with the 6, there were plenty.

Announcements – Annihilation Saturday

Prayer Requests – SA’s family, our law enforcement

Sargento out!