This month is a struggle; today is a struggle…I was 2nd guessing myself at 4:30am. “I probably shouldn’t Q this morning. I should text E-Z Rider & tell him I can’t do it.” But, I showed up & did it. Pax were slowly trinkling in like cows coming to the milk house, while I was using my artist abilities to draw chalk dots in the Pavilion.
-Disclaimer, Pledge & WU (Goof Balls -12IC & Dying Cockroach-13-IC)

started out with the Dot Drill for foot speed. If you want info on this, ask Rudolph’s calves. 4 exercises @ 30secs with 10sec rest. Finished with bear crawls around the P.
short mosey to parking lot-ab suicides-NUR to cone / exercise (1st cone 10 Big boys, 2nd cone 20 Freddy Mercs, 3rd cone 30 Flutters, 4th cone 40 LBC) / NUR to start.

circle up, social distance Partner Up. O.P.P.’s. P1 People’s Chair doing OH Claps while P2 does 10 Plank Jacks. Switch for 3 sets. Sargento started spitting some tunes, only proving how Caucasian he is. Naughty by Nature would not approve.
mosey to wall for Pure Burns. Look it up for details. It’s a squat thang. Knees were popping all along the wall. May need to re-name Geriatric Knee Bends.
we went back to dots, then more Ab suicides & finish with one more round of O.P.P. During which I heard someone say Sally.
so we mosey back to flag for extended version of Sally then finished with ‘Merican Roxanne.
just a few minutes left. Mary was in order. Gastone took us out with Flutters so Whoopee couldn’t get in on the fun. I’m sure he probably would’ve just called “Go Jump In A Puddle” anyway.
COT – Huckleberry, HIPPA (someone chimed in saying the hernia was only a cover up for his re-assignment surgery. Others confirmed the rumor & was later on CNN’s bottom line, so it must be true.) I closed us in prayer.
so, as I told this story throughout the morn, today, 4 years ago was Father’s Day. God blessed us with seeing my stepdaughter Lauren in Boone. There’s no reason it should’ve happen, cause circumstances just wouldn’t have played out for it to, but God did it. This would be the last day we would see her alive. The next time, she would be in a body bag. I told attendees to take the time today to take a few selfies with their 2.0’s &/or loved ones, because they can be gone in the blink of eye.

THANKS for everything GasHouse Region!!!

T-Square over & out