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Day: June 16, 2020

Jars of clay

2 Corinthians 4:7

But we have this treasure in jars of Clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not us!

I pulled in to ingles parking lot around 10 till 6, shins are giving me a little bit of trouble so I didn’t run this morning but I have the privilege this week to bring a good word to those who came!
when I pulled up I saw Big Pappys son, F3 Nothing waiting, he had started early this morning and had already finished his run. Then I see Wichita running in, shortly after here comes Rabbit Ears, Newton, and Mr Pibbs!
they get in, catch there breath and we get started!

I shared the verse, which was part of yesterday’s message at church, explaining that we are the jars of Clay, in the verse, and the treasure is the gospel! The good news of Of salvation through Jesus! But a lot of times the church is more worried about the jars then the treasure! We tend to at times take our focus off of Christ and turn it towards ourselves! This is something we have to fight to keep from happening, and it’s not complicated! But sometimes hard to do! It’s not complicated in that all we need to do is chase after Christ, seek his glory in what we do, this will keep our eyes on Him and us in check as we go about life. But… hard to do in that we are prone to wonder, get prideful, bite the hook of temptation at times, rely on ourselves and not God. But I am thankful I know a God who can flood the jars with grace and forgiveness wash the junk out! Remember men, tomorrow is a new day, the first day of the rest of your life! I just put my oldest son to bed for the night and we talked about this awesome forgiveness that the Lord gives us, it’s like having a new day, a fresh start! He doesn’t hang to what you done, and doesn’t want us to either, nope, he says put your eyes back on me and let’s roll! hope you all have a good week!
Prayer request- Roscoe, AT, Stone cold, our country, Roundup Wife , Huck

Announcements- AOs are open!

Midoriyama Substi-Q

Blart originally had the Q for Midoriyama but had to get a substi-Q due to work issues. I get the text at lunchtime today, so I looked online for some HERO WODS to try to mix it up. Expecting rain, I planned for picnic shelter work after the warmup. Def Leppard shows up and asked “doesn’t Blart have the Q?” He had to work late, so I have the Q because it’s raining (Quick fact- it has rained on 90% of my Q’s. They should change my name to Rain Man.). I wanted to make sure the men who posted in this weather would get their money’s worth, so here’s how it went:


  • 10 Burpees
  • 40 Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • 30 Big Boys
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Imperial Walker Squats
  • 10 Burpees

A couple of PAX notified the Q that their Burpee limit had been reached, so we moseyed to the picnic shelter for the main course.

First WOD: DJ

13 Rounds of:

  • 13 Squats
  • 13 Merkins (Neckies, CDD’s, whatever you got)
  • 13 Reverse Crunches
  • 13 Dips (single count)

Grantan did an outstanding job of keeping up with which round we were on by stacking rocks on the concrete (redneck abacus). Mumblechatter started off heavy but quickly tapered off by round 6 or 7. By round 11, Broke was so delirious that he didn’t know whether to stand up or sit down! Another PAX (whose name rhymes with Gojo) said his nether regions were getting rather swampy!

After a quick recovery, we hit the second WOD-

Second WOD: MA3 Oscar Temores

This was supposed to go 8 rounds, but cut it to 5 rounds due to time restraints.

  • 11 Hand Release Merkins
  • 30 Lunges (count each leg)
  • 19 Big Boys

Everyone was pretty smoked (except for Gold Digger), so after a 10 count by Love Boat, we headed back to the flag. With 1 1/2 minutes remaining, I called the Slawter Stopper (20 Burpees) at which the 1st F Q exercised his right to protest and sat this out. Freight said “I only have 10 in me”. You vs. you, brother!


  • Annihilation workout starting 6/27 at Folsom at 06:30. First Q is Gold Digger. This workout is for guys wanting to push to their limits. All regular Saturday AOs including Folsom will remain open.
  • 1st F Q mentioned a PT Test in the near future at the Saturday AOs.
  • There were rumors in the wind about a convergence (NOT a celebration, Freight) in the future as well.
  • Def Leppard’s Merkin form is getting better (if everyone stops to watch him).

Prayer Requests:

  • Sister Act’s 2.0 and family
  • Clavin’s M
  •  Our country and the world

YHC took us out in prayer.

I tried to keep the pace up and push the PAX today. Mission accomplished. All the PAX pushed hard and worked through it all! Some looked as if they wanted to quit, but they didn’t. Outstanding work, men.

Until the next time,

Slaw (a.k.a. Rain Man)

Rise of Skywalker

During the long dreary months of COVID I would still awaken ( albeit not at the previous 5am) but early enough to put in a workout in the neighborhood and a handful of times I even had Time Frame to join me . But on those days when my only company was birds squirrels maybe a dog bark or two and sometimes an early riser walking or just collecting their newspaper I created WO that would progressively get tougher …. I knew if I didn’t challenge my self I’d grow bored of the routine of it all . Today’s exercise was the Pain Lab creation that I used at least once a week.
Music was Faith No more ( except when phone selected Blackened 2020 ( Metallica acoustic !! Great version …. if you check it out … wait for the ending)
So we began with Toy Soldiers IC x 15
IW IC x15
Merkins IC x15
Plank jacks x15
Mountain climbers x15
New exercise time ( although this an older exercise but I’ve ever seen it in the exicon …. I’ve submitted it as Rise of Skywalker awaiting F3
Here’s what you do on six, roll onto shoulders , support back at hips with legs stretched up … one leg extended and one down and switch leg positions for a one count …. we did 15

Grab lighter weight ( bricks )
Upright rows, curls, piston from shoulder , fly, extend arms upright at sides, boxing , thrusts, cross chest all x 15
And lastly was a crowd pleaser holding objects in front of chest lunge forward lunge back on right side, then lunge forward and back on left for a single count ….. so this yes …. 10 times (not that mean as to make it 15,,, this time)
15 Freddy Mercs IC
25 lbcs
15 box cutters IC
Now the bigger weight
Colt 45, upright row, press, kettlebell swing , squat, AMerican Hammers, skull crushers, and lastly from Sledge … set object in front of you and tap x10 …. all the other exercises were once again 15
Intermission : same as before and now add Rise Of Skywalker x10
Grab lighter weight again for more curls arm crosses ,press, fly x20 and colt 45

Moroccan night club IC x15

toes in , heels out calf raises x10 and again with heels in, toes out

heavy object:upright row overhead press kettlebell swing , squats and squat thrusters all x20

intermission same as previous and add 10 Rise of Skywalker

complete WO with small weight this time colt 45 , fly, boxing, curls and overhead press and side lunges all x 20

Change of music to disturbed and the sound of silence and some yoga

begin with right arm tucked behind head hold with left …. few seconds breathe out and back

inhale and bring left arm to same …. hold….


Luck fingers in front of chest facing palm inward 1 to 3… Now reverse one  two three….. arms still locked hold overhead….. sway gently left 1,2,3….. now right …. 1,2,3 …. back to center and bend back ….1,2,3…

exhale and return


Move into cobra pose dropping head almost to ground and hold for about 5-6 seconds

exhale returning to plank , now into downward facing and hold …. return to plank , drop knees and move into child pose … hold for 8 seconds back to plank … move back into downward facing dog hold 3-4 seconds

move up to relaxed pose and inhale as you drive one leg forward one back pivot back leg and move into warrior 1, hold …..5-6 seconds And next warrior 2 and hold

exhale as you return

do same for other side with warrior 1 and 2 poses

music fades …. we finish one minute early

we’ll done


prayers for Hipaa upcoming surgery

all medic, police and doctor ( medical)

one final note : when I would perform this and my other routines by myself pushing the envelope a little harder each time , my M would ask if anyone was there with me ( much as she does when F3 is in full gear)…. to which I’d respond that I’m probably gonna quit posting if that crazy man named Clavin has the Q again!!

Stogie-fied Workout

There was no one at Folsom when I pulled up around 5:15am. I got there a little early – still debating whether to setup for a game, or rely on my typical weinke. The rain made sure I went the typical route. At 5 minutes ’til time Bedpan and Flubber rolled in with Big Pappy in tow. Right at time the rest of the guys all came in hot.

  • We did some Moroccan Nightclubs to give them some time in. I wasn’t counting, but we did those for about a minute or so.
  • We then did 30 Side Straddle Hops – still killing time waiting on Roundup, Hacksaw, and West Side.
  • We then did 15 Gravel Pickers
  • Next was 15 Mountain Man Poopers

Mosey to the Flag

We stopped at every light poll and/or ~20 feet and did one exercise:
– 1st: 20 Shoulder Taps
– 2nd: 20 Merkins
– 3rd: 20 Plank Jacks
– Repeat…

Pledge at the Flag

Iron Hulks with 11 total Pax (1:4 ratio of merkin to air presses) – who knew pushing air would hurt so much?!?!

Mosey down to the lower parking lot shelter – asked the Pax to plank up to wait for everyone.

20 – Overhead Press Merkin (CDD?)
20 – Flutters
20 – Plank Jacks
40 – Fast High Knees with arms

20 – LBCs
20 – Werkins
20 – American Hammers
40 – Fast High Knees with arms

20 – Mountain Climbers
20 – Freddy Mercurys
20 – Bobby Hurleys
40 – Fast High Knees with arms

20 – Windshield Wipers
20 – Merkins
20 – Mountain Climbers
40 – Fast High Knees with arms

20 – Lazy Mike Tysons (Stogie-fied) plank to horizontal squat – no push-up)
20 – Gas Pumps (stogie-fied) in-out-together)
10 – Peter Parkers
10 – Parker Pers
40 – Fast High Knees with arms

We had time to repeat the last set of exercises – voted by the Pax (Tyson liked the Mike Tysons and Hacksaw liked the Gas Pumps) before lung walking back to the COT. We got about half way and switched to walking calf raises. We did a few Hillbilly-Lung-Squats  before finishing a mosey back to the COT.

No announcements…

Prayer Requests:
– Big Pappy’s Mom (she fell again)
– Roundup’s M and new baby
– Sister Act’s family
– Prayers for the world and all the craziness going on (China and Korea, the US, etc…)
– I forgot to mention it then, but thought to pray for those battling addiction later on (as I am writing this backblast)

Hacksaw was asked to take us out…

Hacksaw brought up Flubber’s comment about, “How can pressing air kill your shoulders”. Just when I thought he was going to be funny, that giddy look Hacksaw had was from him about to talk about his Savior. He talked about imagining how Jesus was when he was nailed to the cross… and having to use his legs to push up on his nail pierced feet – just to get a quick breathe of air before having to hunch back down from (probably) the intense pain and fatigue. He’s then hanging from his pierced hands/wrists. I imagine this as a constant struggle back and forth, almost squirming from one position to the next because you simply can’t not be in pain. That’ll give you something to think about next time you do Iron Hulks and almost can’t get your arms to keep going up and down – trying to push air.

Newton brought up the news around the world, with a Chinese Militia rising up in China (makes me wonder if it’s them looking at how the US is doing some of this). He also talked about North Korea bombing the liaison building for the North and South meeting (sounds like an act of hostility). There was talk of us being in the end days that Revelations talks about. I think this is only the beginning… That’s why we need to stay consistent, vigilant, and continue to be leaders and a light to this world – sharing the hope of Christ to a (definitely) lost world.

Lots of discussion and prayers to be had. Lots of encouragement. Thankful Pappy’s mom didn’t hurt herself worse by her fall earlier. This was the largest group YHC has had the pleasure to Q. Thank you for the opportunity and all that came with it.

See ya’ll in the gloom…




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