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Day: June 15, 2020

Blood Everywhere

Good crowd this am-little mumble chatter, lot of work, and then there was blood…..keep reading.

We started with a simple disclaimer…because that is what we do. We all claim to be idiots…..and we are not wrong. However………I’m not sure what point I was going to make so maybe I’ll just stop there. As I am not very fond of warmups, I kept it short this am. We did some SSH, flutter kicks, then Merkins and then took off like a flash…..and then stopped quickly for the Pledge. Then we took off like a flash…..again, heading for “the hill” (insert threatening music:da da daaaaaaa). On the way there we may have done some plank or other exercises just to keep the group together. Upon arrival to “the hill” (again, insert threatening music: da da daaaaaaaa), instructions were given to partner up, but keep some distance. We would start at the bottom and P1 would run to mailbox #1, do 10 Merkins then run back to start. P2 would be doing AMRAP any ab exercise until P1 returned at which time they would swap duties (not doodies, remember-keep your distance). We would escalate to 20 Merkins, then 30 Merkins and then after Defib agreed with an evil smile (again, threatening music: da da daaaaaaa), we did 40 Merkins. There were some complimentary phrases that were spoken about the Q (aka: me) during this time, but I’ll keep those to myself as this is a “family show” right?

After completing the above fun stuff, we moseyed back to start with some plank and jump squats along the way. When we got back to start I asked Easy Rider (I think) to pick a spot on the wall, any wall, at Pelicans. We kept our partners, and P1 stayed at the wall. Somehow we picked Gastone’s name for the car part of this and the exercise was for P1 to do AMRAP HIP SCHLAPPERS (all caps means you have to YELL that while you are reading-tell your M I said your welcome if she gives you grief for this while you are reading this now) while P2 bear crawls to Gastone’s Prius (he lost his man card and now drives his sister’s Prius) then mosey back. It was at about 3 HIP SCHLAPPERS that I heard TSquare scream like someone was pulling his toenail’s off. It was awful. I looked up as I heard something about “ketchup” to see TSquare tilt his head back while this red stuff was spraying out of his face covering everyone in sight with blood. Stroganoff fainted and Gastone started doing mouth to mouth on him. Defib jumped into action and did chest compressions on Dry Rub, although Dry Rub was not really having any problems at all. I think Defib’s reflexes just kicked in and he felt like he needed to do something. There was too much blood to get close to TSquare. Outhouse took off running with Time Frame into the woods. I think the blood made them nauseated. They came back a little while later once the bleeding had stopped.  Easy Rider, Watts Up, and Steubing kept on hip schlapping like there was nothing going on at all. Finally the bleeding stopped when TSquare shoved half a towel up his nose-it looked painful but got the job done. So much for schlappers……TSquare is not allowed to do those any more.

We moseyed to Clavin’s hill in the park next. At the bottom we did 5 Merkins then climbed the hill and did 10 Mountain Climbers then back to start. After 5 more Merkins we went up for 20 Mountain Climbers. We repeated this for I think 30 then 40 Mountain Climbers with 5 Merkins between each set. I think we did more mountain climbers but can’t remember how many-seems like it was a lot. My stomach was still a little upset about what happened with the Hip Schlappers, TSquare’s nosebleed, and the interaction (pick whatever one you want) that happened in the parking lot. I really just wanted to get away from these guys at this point so I started to run…but they kept following me…..all the way to the picnic tables. We passed Stroganoff’s mom and aunt. I made sure they knew some dude named Steven Long was my hero. Mom’s like that kind of stuff….even when it’s not true (especially when it’s not true). Mom’s often know they have a loser for a son but for a fleeting moment they can smile and live in that fantasy world that makes them think their son is something special…..not that this was one of those times though (wink wink).

At the tables we did some step ups and Derkins until Defib picked the right number. We moseyed back to start with some jump squats along the way then finished with the COT.

We had a quick namorama, prayer for family members of PAX and several PAX as well, and then took off. Not sure, but I think there was some ketchup on the wall. Hopefully it will rain soon.



Lake Whoopeegonagetcha

7 REAL MEN showed for another Diablo Sammich. There were some words btwn Whoopee and Oompa earlier in the week, so I was happy to see a good crowd. We took off with our rucks and a little something special for Oompa. I think we got 2.52 miles in with a short bit of arm/shoulder work. I threatened to bring my angry eyes but the best I could come up with was the rock I got from Dr. Feelgood at our CSAUP at Crowder’s Mountain that said “keep pushing.” We never saw Oompa but I was able to hand it off to Sargento who delivered it to Oompa for me.

Once we got back to start (or just before we got going, can’t remember when), Sledge got a little close to me near the puddle at Pelican’s so I did a quick jump in the puddle and got a teeny, tiny, iddy, biddy little bit of water on him…..he got me back a little later.

COT then we were outta there.

thanks guys-Whoopee

5 Years

June 13th 2015 Sparky and YHC made our first post to F3. We posted at Gashouse where 21 total men showed up to workout. We had been EH’d by Dolph a few months earlier at a men’s retreat at Snowbird. He told us how tough it was and well if it’s tough for Dolph why the heck would we want to do it? I was about 8 months into my weight loss down about 50 lbs at the time and had just started going to the gym 4-5 months earlier. My gym membership definitly did not prepare me for what was to come! That being said after it was over I couldn’t wait to do it again.

So on this special day we decided to run it back and do that workout all over again. Thanks to BB we were able too! Our first workout was Q’d by E4 and The Godfather.  Sparky took E4’s part and I took The Godfathers. Below is exactly how it went both times!


Here we go….
Mosey to Flag (Pledge) then mosey to the GMS Football Field…
WU (E4)
Side Straddle Hop (x20)
Stretch-Stretch-Reach (x10)
Body Builders (Dr Feelgood… -counting improving – you would be proud) (x10)
One Lap (400M)
The Thang (E4)
PAX meet on the sideline and partner up.
Merkin Relay
One partner busts out Merkins while other partner sprints to the other side and back. Flapjack and continue counting where partner stopped. (x150)
Mile of Fun
One partner completes Escalator (10 Diamond Merkins, 20 Plank Jacks, 30 Squats) while other partner runs 400M. Flapjack then Rinse/Repeat until a mile is completed.
Godfather takes over.
County Fair
PAX divide into six groups and go to stations set up around the field. At the whistle, start the station. At the next whistle, rotate to the next station.
1. Station 1 – Bear Crawl Suicides (5 yards/back, 10 yards/back, 15 yards/back)
2. Station 2 – Squat Jumps (100/AMAP)
3. Station 3 – Two Minutes of Mary (30 LBC, 30 Freddie Mercury, 30 Rosalita, 30 Flutter Kicks, 30 LBCs)
4. Station 4 – Crawl Bear Suicides (5 yards/back, 10 yards/back, 15 yards/back – BACKWARDS)
5. Station 5 – Burpee Broad Jump (broad jump instead of vertical jump AMAP)
6. Station 6 – Blimp (5 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Mountain Climbers, 30 Squats.
Modified Zombie Walk
PAX spread out across the goal line. At the start, lunge with right leg then the left leg, then do a full squat. Rinse/Repeat to the 50 yard line.
Johnny Cash AKA The Ring of Fire
Circle up in plank position. PAX hold plank while one man does 10 Merkins. When he finishes the next man does reps until all in circle finish.
Mosey Back to Parking Lot
One Minute Wall Sit, 10 Derkins, One Minute Wall Sit, 10 Derkins, One Minute Wall Sit, 15 Derkins


Copy and paste is awesome! So we met back up with the painlab and it was done!



The day of our original post we had 4 FNG’s 2 of which are still getting after it. The other two may not have comeback due to their names-Thong and Bangkok. Yeah Sparky and I got lucky! Today we had 2 FNG’s! One that had to much to eat the night before and one that Stroganoff forced to come to keep his job(ok that may not be true). Either way he came and rucked along with Stroganoff and Hipaa(good to see you sir). I could go on and on about what F3 has meant to me and all that it has given me but I don’t want to bore you. I’ll just say there must be something to it because 5 years later we are still here.

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