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Day: June 12, 2020

Crossroads Gloom

11 Pax either running or riding on a warm, humid morning in the gloom. Q Source followed about Positive Habit Transfer. Some positive habits were transferred this morning. Nice work men!

Circle Derkins!

9 of the best athlete’s in Gastonia showed up for a Downtown burner.

The Thang:

20 Imperial Walker

21 SSH (Just forgot to end on 20)

Mosey to the bridge.

Backward Lunges across.

Using the wall at the other side of bridge.

25 Dips, 10 Derkins, 10 Incline Merkins. 20, 10, and 10. then 15, 10, and 10.

Mosey past the double set of stairs to the long railing.

Everyone up on the top rails, feet on one side hands on the other. Bottom of the hill guy bear crawls to the top. Rinse and repeat 1 more time.

Mosey back to steps. Everyone get a spot.

Legs together 25 Calf Raises, Legs Apart 25 Calf Raises, 15 Jumping Calf Raises, Toes in Heels out Calf raises 25, Heels in Toe’s out 25, end with 25 regular.

Bottom of the steps.

First step 1 Monkey Humper, 2nd 2 and so on. Once you made it too 20 meet at the top.

Then down the steps. 1st step 1 Squat, 2nd step 2. Once 20 then meet the group for some Mary.

While we waited on the finishers we did (Flutter, LBC’s, and a few more.)

Spiderman on the way back to us and we all did Hip Thrusts in a Crab position as he walked to catch up with us. (He might not recover)

Mosey back to bridge.

Lunge walk across.

Mosey to the wall close to bridge.

Wall Sits for 30 seconds with but below knee’s.

Hands in the air still in the position. We marched for 30 seconds.


3 Sets of Shoulder taps to 10.

Mosey almost back to start but stopped at round area.

We did Derkins in a circle. So they are called Circle Derkins. Just 10.

The end.

The Moleskin:

Easy Rider thought he might have to do something so he made me Q by calling me the night before. He really had to twist my arm. Seriously though, I just jump on the ball when it is on the ground. I believe I am finally getting right in my mind the last couple of months after a pretty tough 2019. Couple a week ago I finally made it to a beach and put my father’s ashes in the ocean which was his wish. I had know idea how much that must have been affecting me because it felt good to have that burden off me. Basically, before all this stuff happened in my life I thought I was tough.

Well now it’s been 2020 for a while and I still think it is better than last year.

Prayer’s for all that were mentioned.

Gastone Out@#@!



Slaw’s WOD

11 at the hottest AO in F3 Gastonia for what is named Slaw’s WOD(workout of the day) get your mind out of the gutter you sicko!


Warm! It’s already hot! Mosey to the soccer field in the back.

The Thang-Slaw’s WOD:

Each exercise is defined by Slaw’s age=47


run a lap

L-lunge(47 each leg)

run a lap

A-American hammers(47 each side)

run a lap


run a lap


run a lap

W-wide arm merkin

run a lap

O-one legged burpee

run a lap

D-diamond merkin

Mosey back to the flag


Announcements-5 year anniversary “celebration” this Saturday at the Gashouse


Prayer Request

Def took us out

Naked Moleskin:

So there are a lot of hero wod’s out there and I got to thanking about how if I do one the person it is for is usually not on my mind. Mainly because they haven’t had a direct impact on me. So then I thought about impact and how the person needs to be proximate to have impact. So I decided I would make some hero wod’s for the guys that are proximate to me and are my hero’s. Thus the Slaw wod. Some reasons Slaw is my hero-He loves the lord and most people and he has a great way of showing it. When you are down he is great to have around. He can take pretty much anything you can throw at him. He would give you the shirt off of his back both physically and mentally, sometimes to his own detriment. He is compassionate, hilarious, and he knows every line to every movie he’s ever watched. This comes in handy way more than you would think.


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