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Day: June 11, 2020


So Gumby has been slammed at work, and hesitantly gave up his Q for Thursday and since YHC didn’t get on the calendar for June he thought here’s your chance and he jumped. Thanks Pappy for letting me fill in! But filling Gumby’s shoes is no easy task and after Roundup’s beatdown Tuesday and Sister Acts beatdown coming Saturday YHC didn’t want to disappoint. So I thought what doesn’t get used at Folsom and trees is what came to my mind…


Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC but not IC

Imperial Squats or Hillbilly Squats x20 IC

Side Straddle Hops x10 IC

Here’s where the trees come into play:

10 Merkins at every single tree

20 Merkins where there’s a tree on both sides of the road headed toward the flag pole from the tennis courts parking lot

If you were wondering that’s 200 Merkins from parking lot to where the road splits

made it to the flag pole… said pledge

20 Big Boy Sit up’s

mosey to concrete seats at horse arena

4×4 Merkins on each level adding one for each level so 1-6 then work back down

moseyed to steps at horse stables and partnered up

P1 Down steps to stables: Australian Mountain Climbers x20

P2 Hillbilly Squats until partner returns

did that 2 Rounds

P1 Down steps to stables: Hip Slappers x20

P2 American Hammers until partner returns

did that for 2 Rounds

Line up single file…  time for a Burpee x3 Indian Run back to parking lot

22 for the Veterans      Thank you for your service and fighting for our freedom.

COT: Prayer Request

Roundup’s wife, baby, and family

James Goudelock

Sister Acts daughter and family

Purple Haze’s mom and dad


Guy from Newton’s church who had a wreck. Forgot his name, YHC apologizes

If YHC forgot any other prayer request, rest assured the One we pray to hasn’t!

Men once again thanks for letting me lead! You all push me to be better in all 3 F’s

Never forget: Men Merk and Woman Twerk

Wichita out and on to the next one

Three Ring Circus

A little cooler temps, light wind and some drizzle make for a perfect setting for a beatdown at the Goat. 13 PAX ready to roll when 0530 hits so let’s knock out the disclaimer and pledge and go to work.


After a lap around the town we stopped at the Fire Department and from that point all the way up 8th Ave to 1st Baptist we performed 3 Burpee’s at each power pole.

Next up was a Triple Nickel in the parking lot; 5 HR Merkins, run across the lot, 5 Big Boys.

Mosey across the street to the wall for a little 3D.

3 sets of 10 Dips (IC), 10 Derkins (IC), 10 Dirty Hookups (IC)

We’re done here, back down 8th Ave stopping for 3 more Burpee’s at the same poles all the way to the 9th St. YHC wasn’t very original with his Weinke today, so we did another round of Triple Nickel up the 9th St. hill. 5 Mike Tyson’s, run the hill, 5 American Hammers.

Time for a little ab work at the Gazebo. 33 LBC’s (IC), 33 Flutter’s (IC), 33 Big Boys (OYO) and 33 Oblique Crunches (IC)

We did two more laps around the town and time was up.



1 Peter 4:8 – “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

A common theme that continues to arise in various verses, studies, etc. that I’ve recently seen is friendship and the need to support one another. This verse was the You Version verse of the day yesterday and tells us the as Christ followers we must make demonstrating the love of Jesus to others a top priority, especially during seasons of suffering.



2nd F at The Station Friday at 5pm


Prayer Request

SA’s 2.1

Clavin’s M

Round Up’s M

Our Nation


Doodles took us out.


I’m Broke


YHC pulled into the parking lot at The PUB and according to that JOCKO dude we’re already over an hour late getting started.

Rumors indicate that a certain nefarious subversive group is running (running get it?) rampant on the dark lightly traveled roads in South and Southeastern Gaston County.

Who are those knuckleheads with that shovel flag? Who meets in front of a closed grocery store before sunrise? Why are they all dressed in yellow shirts? Are they Antifa? Probably not. Could it be the F.R.C., which happens to on the terrorist group watch list? Maybe. Report any suspicious activity.

This group exists. Really. They are secretive. Someone you know could be in it. Your friend. Your neighbor. Your doctor. A suspected member tossed a large rock at old Oompa this morning in the parking lot, but his wimpy soccer arms just didn’t have enough strength to hit YHC.

Okay, it’s 0530 let’s get after it. Pledge.

To avoid encounters with the FRC we ran towards our imaginary friends at Diablo Sammich. Well, those whom could run faster than the Q allegedly saw over a half dozen imaginary friends. Were mushrooms or LSD involved? Unfortunately, YHC needs more than 45 minutes to run 5 miles, so call it a Q fail.

We ran. Some ran fast. Some ran slower. Some ran shorter. All had fun, because nobody gets up to run at 0530 just for the heck of it.

No major announcements. Prayers for our country, the police, Whoopie’s & Sister Act’s girls.

YHC took us out.

24-May Coconut Horse

Its Coconut Horse….  You know what happened.

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