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Day: June 10, 2020

Downtown 6/5/20



Mountain Mam Poopers x 20 IC

Seal Jacks x 21 IC

Mountain Climbers x 22 IC

Mosey to a parking lot and partner up for Lazy Dora

100 Merkins (Pax 1 x 10 while Pax 2 planks – flip flop)

200 LBC’s (Pax 1 x 20 while Pax 2 holds leg lift 6″ – flip flop)

300 Squats (Pax 1 x 300 while Pax 2 holds Al Gore – flip flop)

Mosey to the Old City Hall Blg for Calf Raises x 100,000 (Right Whoopee?)

Mosey across 74 for 11’s – Decline Peter Parker Peter and Monkey Humpers

Head back to the start for 2 sets of Route 66.  Set 1 Merkins, Set 2 Flutter Kicks.

Pay it forward set of 5 Burpees

Bear crawl around the pavilion



Storm 5/26/20

Better late than never, right?


Warm up:

Peter Parker x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Copperhead Squats x 20 IC


Mosey to the back of the school

11’s Mountain Climbers and Merkins

Mosey to the tables

Dips, Step Ups and LBC’s

x 10

x 20


Calf Raises

Mosey to the front of the school

Four Corners Forward

Corner 1 – 5 Burpees

Corner 2 – 10 Merkins

Corner 3 – 20 Squats

Corner 4 – 40 Flutter Kicks

Four Corners Backwards

Escalator Four Corners




20 Running/Rucking @ the Prison!!!

What a morning it was at the Prison Break! 20 men were pushing rocks this morning and logging miles! It was great seeing everyone getting after it. Each week this AO gets better and I’m stoked, let’s keeping pushing each other guys. Im excited for all the new guys coming out and really getting into it, Im excited to see what they will bring to the F3 group and what F3 does for them as well.


Thankful for you guys and I pray this AO continues to grow and draw other brothers to us. We are lights men in our community and everywhere we go for the kingdom of God. Lets continue to reach out and get those that are in our community that don’t know Christ as their savior!

{Prayer Request

Purple Haze parents

Sister Acts Family

My wife and the pregnancy with daughter number 3

Praise for Def Leppard and his family

Rabbit ears M and Hose Pipes M and their pregnancy

Our community

Thank you men!

Round Up

Just another JV workout

Things are starting to heat up at Midoriyama but 11 PAX didn’t let that stop them from posting for a JV workout at the region’s premier afternoon AO. All were veterans so the short form disclaimer was given and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. No need for a warmup, if you aren’t warm already something is wrong with you.


We moseyed to the large soccer field, set up a 5 sets of cones 20 yards apart on the shady side of the field and got to work. It went like this:

1 Burpee at start then run to 1st set of cones for 10 Merkins

Back to start for 2 Burpee’s then run to 1st set for 10 Merkins, then 2nd set for 20 American Hammers

Back to start for 3 Burpee’s then 1st set 10 Merkins, 2nd set 20 American Hammers, 3rd set 30 Squats

Back to start for 4 Burpee’s then 1st set 10 Merkins, 2nd set 20 American Hammers, 3rd set 30 Squats, 4th set 40 shoulder taps

Back to start for 5 Burpee’s then 1st set 10 Merkins, 2nd set 20 American Hammers, 3rd set 30 Squats, 4th set 40 shoulder taps, 5th set 50 LBC’s

Now come back down the ladder all the way to 1 Burpee and 10 Merkins


Next up was a little socially distant partner work. One partner does AMRAP of called exercise while the other partner runs to 3rd set of cones and completes a set number of reps of a different exercise. Flapjack. Repeat each round x3.

Round 1 – Flutter kicks AMRAP, 5 Burpee’s opposite end

Round 2 – Big Boys AMRAP, 10 Mike Tyson’s opposite end

Round 3 – Oblique crunches AMRAP, 10 Imperial Walker squats opposite end


Time was up so back to the start.



Proverbs 17:17 – “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

We are not called to do life alone, rather we are called to build relationships and form communities in Christ. A true Christian friend will stand by you in all situations, especially the hard times. Think about who you have this type of relationship with and what relationships you need to work on to get to this level.


Prayer Request

SA’s 2.1

Clavin’s M

Round Up’s M

Our Nation


Thanks to all the guys for coming out today and the hard work they put in. Bats were flipped, rocks were pushed, form was questionable and mumble chatter was heard. Typical Midoriyama.


I’m Broke


Very brief disclaimer ( we are professional F3 brothers after all)
A SSH IC ( too bad for Gastone and Whoopee who keep on going ( EC?)
10 man makers

Mosey to Walgreens to read Joshua 6
Walls of Jericho
( took a moment to remember the 7 exercises I had in mind )
7 Imp Walkers
7 Monkey Humpers
7 Merkins
7 Plank Jacks
7 Mountain Climbers
7 Flutters
This way we would work down our body and perform at each wall going around 7 times but this was not to be an attack on Walmart Walgreens Wally World or any other institution … just an exercise
At second wall employee was coming in so on the fourth wall there is no parking and a very slim driveway plus  their loading/ unloading area … so in the interest of safety we forgo that wall and only perform on 3 walls but do so 7 times
Much mumble chatter ….. from the birds ( this group today was all business!)
Mosey back to start , once again Whoopee starts going another direction ….
I pick up speaker from tailgate and head to grass near Snoballs and we circle up in kneeling position for Jack Webb’s but we are to wait until the lyrics cut in …… We the Kingdom and Holy Water …… if you know the song …. play it again today …. if you don’t know it , find it and play it !
Opening line, “ God I’m on my knees again….”
Amazing song
If you REALLY love the song find and play the 7 minute version recorded in a church with Tasha Cobbs Leonard ….. woah!

anyway … plan was to keep building and stacking ( I was at 13 ) Whoopee begged for relief so I allowed the numbers to decrease until end of song

3 minutes of abs ( EZ rider tried to eat it all)

50 IC flutters

Whoopee with Jane Fondles

30 Squats from Captain Stubing

prayers for nation

Clavins M

Gastones Father in Law ( diagnosed late term dementia)

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