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Day: June 2, 2020

Little hills little heat

8 pax joined me on this beautiful hot and breezy Tuesday to get some good work in..        warmup: SSH x15….let’s roll off to the lake hill. Everyone join me half way down the hill run to top 1 merkin back down 1 big boy all the way to a 10 count…oompa had a potty break so he we had to run to the bottom of hill 1 more time of course no standing around waiting on him. Off we are to the next light pole 10 burpees we hit 4 light poles on the way across the street for some interval work…2/10 or mile jog 2/10 sprint 1/10 walk…50 american hammers ….back across jog to parking lot near flag for some sprints. Sprint half the parking lot start with a 10 count of jump squats with some friendly merry all the way down to 1 with sprints all.in between and maybe a curve ball of 2 full parking lot sprints and 10 more burpees in there….finish up with 1 burpee at each light pole around the parking lot and 22 for the vets….Thank you men for letting me come lead you in today’s workout.    Tyson.                                                                                                                             Announcments:June 13 gas house suppose to be a killer Q? (From freight).                                    prayer request: sister acts daugter..pockets mom.. breaker breakers mom.

7 11’s

Well it’s been awhile since I have Q’d at Sandlot….heck, been awhile since I’ve Q’d period. Got into a slump…whatever. It was good to be back out here with a little responsibility instead of fartsacking or just posting. I was not nervous, more embarrassed that it has been so long. I got over it and showed up almost late….forgot my gloves and had to run back to truck to get them. Howdy FNG, let’s get started.

Introduction, 5 rules of F3 for the FNG compliments of Sargento then PLEDGE and  warm up: SSH, Merkins….don’t get up yet……mountain climbers, big boy situps, then we are off. Mosey to 7/11 for 7 elevens: 11 Merkins on 1 end, mosey through the gas fumes to the other side then 11 Big Boy situps on the other end for a total of 7 sets of exercises. Plan was to mosey to the dilapidated pharmacy but too much traffic and not interested in Frogger this am-OMAHA to the Planet Fitness parking lot and mosey around half way, lie on the ground and feel how comfortable the new parking lot it (take that Folsom, it. felt. GOOOOOOOOOD.) Get up and mosey around to the wall for some (thank you Watts Up) HIP SLAPPERS!!! 3 rounds of 10 reps with mosey across the lot between sets then heck, why not? Do a 4th set of hip slappers then mosey on over to Food Dawg for some 3LB…..what is 3LB you ask????? Why let me tell you…3 Lunges (right, left, right) then a burpee. 3 lunges then 2 burpees, 3 lunges then 3 burpees…..We went to the 3rd light pole thanks to Sargento. After hitting 5 burpees we Omaha’d to 6 lunges because I was almost crying. We moseyed back to Planet Fitness for some Bulldog Merkins (legs on the wall like a Dirty Hookup straightened out then 3 merkins) then mosey across the lot and back. Think we did 3 sets: note to self-put hands back a little or else it is a problem. Next, mosey to the loading dock for Sumo Squats X 10 then run to loading dock, up, then mosey back with plank until 6 arrives. We did this 3-4 times I think. Time was running short so we headed to the walls for dips and step ups then back to start for some Mary.

Time up-named our FNG: Packerooney, nice guy. Hope he comes back Sargento. I think he’s got a lot of potential.

COT then hit the road.

Gotta run, not much time for my usual BS in the backblast. Enjoyed it and been too long



I predict this workout will go something like this…


Here at the Pub we live by a motto:

“Your pace, your distance.”

Some did my pace, some didn’t. Some did my distance, some didn’t. It was awesome regardless.


Drink > Food


V2V or D2D?

This is the story of team Virtually Impossible. Like Lance Armstrong said in his 30 for 30 I will tell the truth or well I’ll tell it how I remember it.

This whole thing started with a simple conversation about how there were a lot of Ville’s around here and since none of us got to do our relays this spring we could set something up. Within no time, I mean like that afternoon or the next day, Pizza Man had a route complete. Well I guess this is happening! Before you know it a team was setup with 3 fast guys and 2 to balance out their pace. I’m really surprised by the number of teams that formed after it was made public. We really have a thing for relays don’t we?

The morning started out uneventful. There were no close calls or unsafe moments at all. Much of our time to start was spent hitting local park bathrooms. With Golddigger and Broke leading the way bathroom breaks had to be broken into sections to keep up with them. Pinch and go if you know what I mean. I don’t know if anyone lives down the drive at Springs road or not but I would say it looks like it snowed there because about half of the teams disappeared into the field when we got there. Now this area being my stomping grounds growing up I had a lot of stories for the guys.  I’m going to leave those stories out on the relay though.

In hind sight I wish I would have left some snow back out on Springs rd because my entire 1st leg I felt like Slaw on the P200. Running is much less efficient when your squeezing the cheeks. Also my morning coffee had finally made it’s way through my bladder. Eventually I had no choose but to stop, you saw the pics and video courtesy of Buckeye Video LLC. Now I’m sure many are aware that Dr Seuss had it out for me during this race. That is why he chose to run the same legs as me.  I’m not sure why. He has some anger management issues and I think sometimes he creates these conflicts in his head. Having done the math I knew he would likely be chasing after me on the first leg. His team mates tried to intimidate me by playing the theme music to Jaws when they rode up to me. They then tried to run me off the road a few times as they could see I was having a good running day and their music was not slowing me down. So eventually I stopped to relieve myself. This allowed Seuss to make up some ground that he would likely have never made up other wise. It was a good thing I stopped! As we ran down the big hill a pack of wild dogs approached. Being who I am I yelled to Seuss who was just behind me to keep running and I would fight them off. Well I guess that was his plan anyway because he started pushing me in the back and said some things I just don’t want to repeat. Either way it worked out because Seuss got away injury free and I was able to fight the dogs off and keep running. Of course
I was much slower having spent so much energy in the fight.

As we drove through Bessemer City I had a story about a relative and what he found in the ditch in front of his house. This story lead to a string of stories with similar themes. Things I hadn’t thought of in a long time and it was hilarious. This is where the D2D comes in to the title. You’ll have to ask I guess. Def Leppard smoked Bessemer city. I think he was afraid but it’s Bessemer so I get it. Pizza Man well he did Pizza Man things and made it into Cherryville in no time. I’m really glad we were able to meet him there because Golddigger just got his permit and we thought a drive through the country would be good practice for him. He nearly killed us! Luckily PM has racing breaks on has Tahoe!

There are only 2 things I remember about the 2nd half of the race. 1) It was hot! There was no shade! The Sun, the asphalt, the grass, everything was hot! I saw a snake try to cross the road and it started smoking! 2) Pizza Man’s last run. We were trailing because Fat Ricky and Cussing Def Leppard let the heat beat them. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the foul language! Up until then I could count the number of times I’ve heard Def say a cuss word on probably 1 hand. That probably tripled on race day. I’m not sure what is going on but If I had to guess it’s the low T due to male menopause. Anyway PM set out in hell like temps and a pretty tough leg with the mind set of making up lost time. At the bottom of Spencer mtn Golddigger decided to join him. These two batflipping fools ran that leg in the 6’s! PM’s watch later showed his heart rate was up to 200. You talk about giving it your all! I mean this was really for nothing. Don’t take that the wrong way. I mean we weren’t going to get any kind of special prize or a prize at all. He/they just pushed themselves because that’s what they do. The majority of us need a little of that!

So that’s how I remember it. Or at least some of it. I’ve got lots of stories that I’d rather tell than write. That’s the best part of a relay, the stories you get to tell later. If you haven’t realized it yet a lot of life is about the story.

As told by Freight



I missed out on the Q schedule at Folsom for the month of June, Hacksaw was supposed to Q today but he and Roundup had to start a job early this morning so I filled in!
we started at 530 SSH and Toy soldiers for warmups.

I planned on 100 burpees in 10 minutes, got to 60 and move on!

Im not that creative with my Qs like most, I usually have just a couple options and both are Blocks! Today we did option A 20 to 1!
Curls , triceps, squats, and shoulder presses! All the pax knocked them out!
20 Big boys, then 1 lap around the tennis courts and back to the starting point! Finished up with Iron Hulks!

Prayer request- Our community, leaders/ us as men, SAs family, police officers, Martins

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