• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/23/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Round Up
  • FNG's: Tank
  • PAX: Pizza Man, Love boat, Dr Seuss (R), Sparky, Purple Haze, Wojo, Wichita, Huckleberry, Stogie, Montross, Mozart, Volt, Westside, Taterhole, Hacksaw(R)

Warm Up


20 Merkins oyo

15 Burpees oyo

Mosey to the small incline at the triangle coming into the park stop at each light pole

5 Burpees

5 merkins

Get to the incline and we do

10 shoulder taps at the bottom of the hill sprint to the top for 10 burpees (5 Rounds)

We got the blood flowing good at this point and people are sweating like crazy!

Time to mosey to the lower road near the track at Folsom here we would stop in the middle of the two speed bumps.

Partner up

5 Burpees in the middle

each partner sprint to opposite speed bumps for 20 merkins

(5 Rounds)

I split the groups up after this

Group 1 on the football field for

sprint 50 yards

5 Burpees

Bear crawl 50 yards increasing your burpees by 1 each time you cross the middle until we got to 10 burpees!

Group 2 to the stadium seats at the horse track

11’s with dips and derkins

each group completed their task and then we switched stations that way everybody got a taste of the full beatdown

we all gathered back at the football field once we were complete and bear crawled a full 100 yards to finish back at the start!

We circle up and I talked to the guys about Sparky verse he shared with us Monday Psalm 34:8 taste and see that the lord is good. I wanted to explain that we taste that the lord is good everyday by just waking up! He gives us so much that we can easily overlook that God is right there asking us to move for him and his kingdom! We have to SEE  that the lord is good as well. Try to notice God in our lives daily and try to see what he is giving us to taste, lets try move on what he’s calling us to do. We taste his goodness everyday men lets see him everyday as well in ALL that we do! Lets help each other keep our eyes open and on the one thing that matters our God and father!


Ville to Ville

Virtual Spartan race


Prayer Request

People battling addiction

Wirenuts friend/family battling with sickness

Sister acts family


Thank you men for allowing me to lead you this morning it was a honor. Thank you for all the support, Im glad we got to go through the beatdown together!