• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/19/2020
  • AO: The Goat
  • QIC: Stinky Bird
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Top Hat, Termite (R), Virus (R), Freon, Time Frame,

Twas a gloomy and damp Thursday morning.  A handful of F3 men show for a GOAT style Stinky Q.  Weinke in hand, YHC arrived a few minutes before 5:30a.  Shoot the breeze for a few, then get started from the meeting spot.

Pledge, corona virus-esque disclaimer ( 6 feet apart, when coming back to a sweaty spot on the ground, try to return to your spot.).

Warmup – 30x SSH ic, 20x MoroccanNCs  ic, 10x Merkins ic, 30x Flutters ic

Mosey a lap and a half to the pavilion for some fun.

First round: 20x Hand Release Merkins OYO, 30x American Hammers ic, 20x DIPS ic, 10x Jane Fonda ic both sides.

RUN a lap!

Second Round: same thing except 25x HR Merkins then add 15 Derkins OYO at the end

RUN a lap!

Only planned for two rounds, BUUUUUUUT, make it 3!  We have time!

Third Round: All the same exercises, but back to 20x HR Merkins then add 15 Derkins OYO at the end.  Gotta say… breathing and counting during these final American Hammers was pretty tough.

Mosey up to the church with the flat parking lot.  Let’s get in some 11s.  Road side of parking lot, 1 crunch.  Church side, 10 burpees.  GO.

YHC Omaha’d to 7’s, but when asked to elaborate Virus helped me realize that I don’t know the difference between 7’s and  9’s…..  ha!

Finish up with 4-5 minutes remaining.  Head back to the meeting spot.  WITH some fun on the way!  After the traffic light, SPRINT to the next pole!  Walk to the next.  SPRINT to the next!  Walk to the next.  SPRINT one more then mosey the rest of the way back.


Word for the day:  Proverbs 20:7 The righteous who walks in his integrity, blessed are his children after him.  Let this be encouragement to all of us who are leading a family as we strive for a lifestyle of discipline and faithfulness; our children will be blessed.  The best blessing we can give our children is the example and relationship of a Godly father and Godly instruction to equip them for this crazy world!

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