• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/20/2020
  • AO: The Matrix
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Montross, Pillager, Big Pappy, Bed Pan


With F3 AO’s being closed around the US and our region due to the novel Coronavirus, we felt we needed a safe place for PAX to still be able to post, to still have that sense of belonging to something while most are stuck in the confines of their home. If there is one thing about F3 PAX, we aren’t quitters. We find solutions to the problem. Montross and I started seeing Virtual WODs trending on Twitter and thought this would be a great opportunity to bring this to the Gashouse. But you know us, we always gotta step it up a notch! Insert technology. Most of us pencil pushers are very familiar with using Skype, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc. for conference calls and collaboration. So why not bring that technology to a workout? Henceforth, The Matrix would be the newest AO to the Gashouse arsenal. While this may be a temporary solution until the world gets back to order, it will serve its purpose and serve any PAX (from anywhere) that may want to join.

Today’s workout would be a trial run to test the various audio and video settings. Overall, we had a great turnout for something that was thought of less than 24 hours before launch. With it being a trial I honestly only expected it to be Montross and Myself but special thanks to Big Pappy, Pillager and Bed Pan for helping us get this thing going. So a total of 5 PAX joined for the workout; 2 spectators viewed various portions of the workout to see what the hell we were actually doing. 1 Spectator, F3 Flame, hails from Lehigh Valley, PA.. Oh and Huck was there. Pretty sure he provided some Mumblechatter, my audio was in and out so I cant confirm.

To keep it neat and tidy, today’s workout would be held like any other F3 workout:


5 Core Principles incase any FNG’s in the crowd




Imperial Walker IC

Goofballs IC

Moroccan Night clubs IC

The Thang:

Due to time constraints we had to modify Set #3 to 4 minutes each exercise instead of the posted 8 minutes.

Time left for some MARY


Flutter Kicks IC

French Fries IC




All Gastonia AO’s closed, and events have been cancelled or rescheduled.

Prayer Requests

Montross’ Aunt and my 2.0 request Covid-19 go away

YHC took us out


I noted at the beginning of the workout the only thing we’d change if necessary would be the COT. COT is a time for PAX to divulge information to other PAX about things in their life. However, as we were technically live on the internet with an open invite to the Zoom meeting, I told the PAX if there is something deep you’d like to share that we could take it offline and discuss privately.

I hope my 2.0, Hoverboard, kept you entertained during the workout!

Montross, I cant thank you enough for your ambition to wanting to get this thing going. Your commitment to the region is most greatly appreciated!

Men, we are in trying times right now. There is a lot of information floating around out there than can be misleading, causing panic and raising anxiety levels. Don’t be afraid, trust in God and always be safe no matter what you do. There is no judgement on how you are handling things in your life during this new experience. We may not always agree on things, but you are my brother and I am here for you always and at any time.