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Day: March 15, 2020

Smells Spring Fresh

It was a lovely Spring afternoon. It was beautiful. Why? There was no hide nor hair of Sister Act. Not that any Sister Act hair would be visible anyway. I think he has more caps than hair on his noggin. Embrace the baldness, bro.

Back to what is important. We ran 5 miles as EC or Crossroads Part Deux.
Out of Ingles and ran backroads to Willis Rd, down Ratchford past WC Friday and NGHS, back down Philadelphia Church Road to Main to Ingles. Most of us double dipped and ran 10 miles plus today. Mayor rode back and forth from the lead group to the six on his bike to offer encouraging words.

Sister Act will have to go home and cry just because he can’t stand the fact he might have been outworked today.

Just not the same atmosphere without your presence either Sister Act.

Pleasure to have been there.

3/15 at crossroads

3/15 at crossroads

14 men decided to push today

2 Rucked

12 ran

It was a great morning to get some miles in today .

Thanks for the push men 💪



Furlough, and Loveboat

We’re better then this.

20 pax including one FNG gathered at the Gas House amidst national panic and fear regarding Wuhan Virus to get better and set an example for what we would expect to be a normal behavior that includes getting out of our shells and getting better even during a media driven crisis that gives us an opportunity to be who we really are –  set of leaders capable of handling a time of adversity. So with that in mind as the sun began to rise YHC took the Gas House boot campers on a magical mystery tour with some buttermilk sucking effort involved. Went like this:


SSH X 25

IW X 20

Grapevine stretches

Merkins X 10

Mtn. Climbers X 20

LBCs X 20

Mosey up to the Middle School track for a six shooter round:

10 burpees X 1 lap

20 American Hammers X 1 lap

30 squats X 1 lap

40 merkins X 1 lap

50 SSH X 1 lap

60 CDDs X 1 lap

This got us about halfway and everyone was getting gassed by now. Mission proceeding as planned! Buddy Love was hanging in there. Great work brother!

Move to the picnic tables

10 X 15 X 20 repeats with 10 SSHs at the end.




Down to the baseball field for some triple nickel

Bottom: % plank jacks

Run the hill

Top: 5 HR merkins

Repeat 5X

Back to the football field for a Tesla Special – Bear Crawl Slalom!

Went across the field. sideline to sideline. Everyone gt three rolls.

Turkish getups X 5

Skip back across to where we started. Mosey back to the flag and a few minutes as a group of Mary.


We pushed the ole rock up the hill today – hard! I wanted to do that. It’s no secret YHC runs a tough boot camp. There are some reasons for that and today was a special one. YHC wanted to create a degree a degree of adversity for all of us, even me! I was pretty well sucking wind on the last part of Triple Nickel and even the slalom. But this was all about pushing through. Guys, when I came up the 1980 US Hockey team beat the USSR and it wasn’t even on live TV.  That’s how certain defeat was in the minds of the media covering it. Oh, and did I tell you, the whole 1980 Olympics was held in Lake Placid New York. A town not even as big as Gastonia.  The only guys that believed they could win were the guys on the team. Why was that in real terms? Because their coach Herb Brooks (the last guy cut from the 1960 team that beat the USSR in Squaw Valley) pushed them with a killer 60 game schedule leading to the games and tough conditioning, sometimes doing sprints and suicides AFTER some of those 60 games, And he did it because he wanted those guys to be have faced real adversity before they ran into it in the Olympics. It worked. You look at guys from that team now and they all were successful. Rob Mclanahan became the top college coach in the US as an example. and he did it by pushing guys in real time like we need to do in F3 to be better.

YHC faced some real adversity with an old friend out west last week. Intense conversation about his daughter’s death. I’m here to tell that if I had not pushed or been pushed I would have crumbled in that situation. But I did not and my buddy knows to reach out to me. Tough, tough situation for him and his family. But I am going to help them through. No doubt in my mind the ole Sky Q put all this in motion. That’s who we work for. And he would prefer you be ready when he calls you number to do something unique in the game.

We are also facing this Wuhan thing. And I have to tell you I am more than a little disappointed at our reaction to it lately. Too much herd mentality and not enough thoughtful action – and frankly prayer. Yeah, this thing can be bad, but we’ve seen things like it before. What we need to do as a group is recognize it as a time to step up and lead. Not get back in our shells and comfort zones.  Let’s lead, let’s be smart, pray, but don’t panic. Facts over fear men!

Oh, and that buttermilk thing. It’s here to stay! Know when you see it that you will be challenged in real time. Which is your opportunity to respond and get better. That is up to you. The opportunity will be there.

Hats off to our Mortimer guys! Great work all.



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