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Day: March 14, 2020

We robbed the Q-money from Bandit

Well, sometimes you just got to punt.  Being a true #HIM, Bandit double-booked his Q.  Operation Walk This Way takes precedence, I told him we would figure it out.  We did:

Tesla started us with the pledge, the walkers left, Tesla killed it with the warm-up, and we split up.  Rudolph has the con.  We walk to the circle with Frank, and work commences.

I. 11’s with crawls – bottom of the steps, 1 squat, bear crawl up, 10 merkins.  Come down however you want, 2 squats, 9 Merkins, etc.

II. Pain stations – we made 6 stations, but we did 3 sets of each, with a 10 count in-between sets.  I set the timer to 45 seconds, but key was to max-out.

Squat Thrusters with 50 lb. bar


Pull-overs with Kettlebells

Curls with dumbells

Front shoulder raises with calf-raises


About half-time, so we I asked if they wanted to do more stations, or choose the mystery box.  They chose.  Poorly:

III. The Test – shorter time, as we made 3 groups of 2.  Less rest, so we did half the time.  Great work by all, it really did turn out to just be 7 minutes of continuous Burpees.  I got gassed and called for a 1 minute break at the conclusion.  Quickly pivoted to LBC’s for awhile, then recover.

IV. Follow the Leader:  single file line, follow me, bear crawl up and across, stop for 10 squats, crab walk across to dips, lunge walk to something….grab the gear and head off to await Tesla gang.  He worked us for a good 5 minutes, bells.

Announcements – Tesla gave an account of a friend in need, and trust me, it was a hell of a story.  Tough to go through, but as men that’s what we do, we step up with the hard stuff.

MOLESKIN – we had 3 for Bootcamp, 6 for Painlab, and 5 for Walking Crew.  This has to be a new thing in F3 Nation, 3 different varieties of AO at the same place, and it’s exciting.  Bandit doesn’t owe anyone anything, a true #HIM for he and Linus starting the new AO.  Go get it boys, always a pleasure to serve.  ***Our FNG “Totaled” says the word SIX as SEX.  Let that sink in.


Surprises at Folsom

YHC was listed as the Q but Folsom Site Q Big Pappy (A HIM I will talk about in a minute) had texted me earlier saying long time former Gashouse Nant’an Tool Time (who has since moved up north to Mooresville) would like the Q so I gladly deferred. So after a fake out warm up of 5 Don Q’s (one of his favorites), Tool Time took over and gave the disclaimer for our FNG and then we ran! We took a tour of Folsom and then to Gaston College (or UNCD as we alums call it) and we stopped every so often so Pizza Man and Round Up could gather the Six and get a few exercise reps in. We stopped at the flag for a pledge. We got in a little Core Time and ran back to the flag with Big Pappy leading us in. Tool Time talked about F3 being a men’s leadership group and that we should be on the lookout for opportunities to lead during the current circumstances. We clocked over 4 miles today and everyone got better.

Announcements: 5 Year Convergence next Saturday, March 21st from 7 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., Run or Ruck followed by Bootcamp followed by 2nd F (food) and 3rd F.
Speed For Need at Community Foundation 5k on 4/4 at 9:00 a.m.
Annihilation (New High Intensity Workout) on 4/4 at 6:30 am at Folsom happening at the same time as the usual weekly Folsom Workout.
Walking Only AO Saturdays weekly at Gashouse at 7 a.m. with the hopes of getting a few more “Respects” involved. Linus and Bandit are trying to get this going to possibly open up F3 to a group of men we may never have reached before so spread the word.

Big Pappy thanked everyone who helped him and his M deliver 3 suitcases of clothes and other items to needy kids on his recent “vacation”. Most people plan vacations 100% for themselves. He collected clothes and other Items, lugged around extra suitcases and took time away from his vacation to deliver and spend time with needy kids. You may not know Big Pappy. He rarely says anything. He is sometimes even the Six in our workouts, but he is leading the way to show us all how to be a HIM (High Impact Man). Thanks Pappy!

Prayer Requests

Tool Time took us out. Great to see him back in F3 Gastonia. His enthusiasm is, shall I say “contagious”!

Downtown Beatdown

YHC finally takes a Q downtown. I know it’s been awhile. I hadn’t posted for a week prior due to sickness, so I wanted this workout to be a good one. Knowing that E-Z Rider has a love for the burpee like I do, I made sure that those would be incorporated into the Weinke. Everyone circles up and the mumblechatter is lively. Everyone seems to be in great spirits. 5:30 hits, and we get to work.


Seal Jacks X15 IC, Don Q’s X10 IC, Morr. Nightclubs X10 IC



Mosey to main street for route 66 Burpees. Real crowd pleaser. Mumblechatter almost nonexistent.

Next we moseyed to the parking deck for escalator work.

Ground level was 5 Burpees, then sprint to other end of parking deck and Joe Hendricks/ Bear Crawl up to next level. Rinse and repeat the sprinting/ Joe Hendricks work and add exercises at each level.

Level 1- 5 Burpees

Level 2- 5 Burpees, 10 H/R Merkins

Level 3- 5 Burpees, 10 H/R Merkins, 15 Lunges

Level 4- 5 Burpees, 10 H/R Merkins, 15 Lunges, 20 Big Boys

Level 5- 5 Burpes, 10 H/R Merkins, 15 Lunges, 20 Big Boys, 25 Squats

Mosey to the top of the deck for Red Barchetta. This has become a favorite of mine. Keeps the heart rate up. We ran down 1 level to the far end for 100 SSH. Ran back up to start. Ran back down 3/4 of the way for 75 Mountain Climbers then back to start. Ran to far end up upper deck for 50 LBC’s then back to start. Ran 25 yards out for 25 Merkins then back to start. We then ran all the way down the parking deck to ground level, then performed the 10 Burpees.

Moseyed back to the pavilion for 5 MOM. Dirt calls 15 dying cockroaches IC, then the other 4 or 5 PAX (you know who you are) decided to be a bunch of “Walker wannabes” and called Flutter Kicks. That’s enough of that! Time’s up.


Convergence next Saturday at Martha’s at 07:00. Yes, we are doing it!

All other events (P200, Community Foundation 5k) may be cancelled/rescheduled soon, but as of now, they are still a go.

Prayer Requests: (My voice recorder flaked out on me, so I’m going off memory)

Family member of Orangeman, E Z Rider’s family, Blart’s M is having surgery next week, and the whole world with the Coronavirus situation.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Until the next time,


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