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Day: March 12, 2020

Do you like pina coladas? Prison Break semi-secret

Two hims escaped from prison break before the rooster crowed to run over to Roadie’s place, and he was nowhere to be found. After several minutes of farting, belching, and scratching, Roadie received a wake up call stating “Get your fat lazy ass out of bed you sorry sack of chit.” Not hard to figure out who called is it?
Whereupon Roadie got his crap together and manned up.
Off we go to run the lovely greater metropolitan area of Ranlo and Auten Rd neighborhood.
It seemed we ran uphill the entire way.
Roadie knew every dog in every yard.
We hid from the po-po, a thousand bloodhounds, couple of questionable streetwalkers, bad drivers, trash cars, and eventually safely reached Bedpan’s humble abode.

At the end, up 4.7 miles was the total on Oompa’s Fitbit.

Bedpan took us out.

Team Q at the Goat

Good morning Gents.  A cool but not cold and dry morning at the Goat.

Arrive at 5:20 am to find the guys starting to gather in the center of Cramerton in an effort to start the day off the right way.  During the pre-workout mumble chatter it started to become obvious that we did not have a Q.  I was honored to Q but it was really more of a group effort.  It went something like this…but I’m quite sure with errors in my recollection of this morning’s gloom.

5:30 — Pledge

Warm up

20 x SSH double count IC

20 x Squats

15 x SSH double count IC

Mosey to stairs behind the building

20 x merkins

30 x LBC’s (Q fail – YHC stopped at 20)

5 x calf raises per step.  Looked like maybe 25 steps.

Top YHC made up missing 10 LBC’s

Ring of FIre

there were lots of SSH, burpees, LBC’s, American hammers, squats, merkins and maybe other stuff

Mosey to gazebo 

Note:  The town of Cramerton I hear is complaining of us doing pull-ups at the gazebo.

YHC did not call pull ups.

10 x merkins

10 x LBC’s

10 x Squats

Repeat x 5

Mosey to Police Department’s parking lot

11’s — CDD’s that side and mountain climbers over here

Mosey back to start

30 x SSH

5 burpees for the train


Prayer concerns


It was a great honor and a great way to begin the day with such awesome men.

Peace and cheers;



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