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Day: March 8, 2020

Ruck workout at The Yank

7 showed up on a beautiful Saturday morning to get stronger.

We started with a 1 mile ruck to the basketball courts.  Once there 5 ruck pushups then bear crawl around the outside of the basketball courts. Next we lined up on the baseline then lunged across the basketball court stopping at half court for 5 ruck push ups.  Once to the other side 5 ruck push ups then bear crawl back to where we started.

We then gathered up the 40 and 60lb sandbags then rucked to the soccer fields.

We started in the corner of the large soccer field and completeed

20 pushups

20 4 count flutter kicks

20 ruck thrusters (Omaha to hold pack overhead for 20 four count for last 2 rounds. YHC almost through is back out in second set.  Tiger did all 4 with thrusters)

20 Ruck on squats

1 lap around soccer field as fast as you could

Tiger really crushed it during the lap.  I think he ran the whole time.  I will take credit for this because I think I fueled his fire when I told him he wasn’t tough enough to do the workout at the 2nd F event the night before.  Haha

With this pain completed we gathered the sandbags and headed back to the middle school.  We had almost made it back to the middle school when we notice smoke and sirens, so we detoured to check it out.  Come to find out there was a house fire across the street from middle school.  It looked like the fire department had it under control, so we did not have to form a bucket line with our F3 training.  We rucked the remaining block ending at the middle school track.


With Rucks off 100 pushups and 100 4 count flutter kicks.  It was at this time Freight decided to steal the Q and break the exercises up going back in fourth between to 2 exercises.  For me this still did not help.  It sucked and Freight was making all kinds of crazy noises.  We then took a lap around track.  The boot camp guys showed up with Big Mac as the Q.

We ruck up and then head to the cement platform in the park.

3 rounds

5 ruck push ups

10 Monkey Humpers

25 Squats

Ruck up the hill.

With about 3-4 minutes to go we rucked back to the Fighting Yank and met up with boot camp guys for COT.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  See you in the gloom.

“Shitster Act”

10 showed at Folsom this morning  for the bootcamp beatdown.  We had 1 lone runner, Allen Tate, who put in an impressive .25 mile run, nice work 🙄.  No FNGs, time to work!


Grass Pickers, Hillbillies


The Thang:

Short mosey to the tennis courts.  Everyone is instructed to line up on the side of the first court.  First exercise called here is some sort of jacked up version of Route 66.  Start with 11 Mike Tyson’s, run full length of all courts, stopping halfway to do 2 Burpees, continue to far end for10 Big Boys.  Then return to start, stopping again at halfway point for 2 Burpees. Then perform 10 Mike Tyson’s, run, 2 Burpees, run, 10 Big Boys, run, 2 Burpees, return to start. Continue this cycle all the way down to 1 Mike Tyson.  In all we completed 66 Mike Tyson’s, 44 Burpees, and 110 Big Boys. Nice work men!


We stayed on the tennis courts for the next excercise, starting in the first corner at the entrance.  Exercise called here is 7 of Diamonds.  7 exercises are called.  Start with one exercise at each corner, then move to the next exercise at each corner, etc..  Went like this:

7 Burpees at each of the 4 corners

14 Merkins at each corner

21 Mountain Climbers each corner

28 Flutter Kicks each corner

21 Monkey Humpers each corner

14 Squats each corner

7 Burpees each corner


With some time left, we remained on the tennis courts to finish it out.  Pax line back up on side of first court.  Next exercise called here is to be completed as quickly as possible, and to push yourself to the end. Circuit of 5 exercises called.

5 Burpees

5 Tuck Jumps

5 Little Gumby’s

5 Hand Release Merkins

5 Sprints (sprint length of 2 courts 5 times)

We had time to complete 3 rounds.  Nice work on this one men.  Going from the exercises straight into sprints definitely is a gasser!!  Time is about up, head back to flag!

Appreciate the push today from all.  We got in around 3 miles on the tennis courts, with 115 Burpees, and a lot of other reps.


See events from website


Prayer request


Honor to lead today men.  Great group of HIMS representing today.  There was mention of changing my F3, but I’m not really sure how this come about.  I guess you just had to show to know.


Sister Act


Kill the Jester

5 at the Coconut Horse run.

We had runners, Rucker’s, and walker’s.


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