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Day: March 5, 2020

PreBlast – Operation “Grumpy Old Men”

Calling all PAX…

F3 Gastonia is launching a men’s walking-only workout and we would like your support of this historic event! Officially, we will launch this new workout on Saturday, March 28 at 7:00 AM. We will meet in the parking lot of the Schiele Museum on Garrison Blvd at the same time as Gashouse and Pain Lab. We will un-officially get started this Saturday, March 7 (same time and place).

What started five years ago as a single weekly bootcamp-style workout on Saturday mornings has grown to over 20 different workouts throughout the week across Gaston County (see these on our website). All these workouts meet different exercise needs from strenuous low-impact activities to running/rucking to high-energy bootcamps – and the upcoming ultra-high-impact Annihilation workout.

This will be our first workout dedicated to walking – targeting men that do not participate in our more rigorous workouts, but still want to benefit from regular fitness and fellowship, which are core to F3.

As a guideline… we are saying that if you can walk a mile (of a few laps round the track), your qualified! The F3 Credo says, “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.” We have a unique opportunity to increase the impact we have in our community.

What is needed?

  1. Spread the word! If you know some seasoned men looking for light exercise and fellowship – or some FNGs or Kotters really struggling on the IR list… make sure they know about this.
  2. Let us know! We launched an email campaign last night to reach out to this new segment of our community and will send out weekly reminders until the launch. Send Bandit any email addresses, we’ll add them to the list.
  3. Join us! Come walk the walk and talk the talk (mumblechatter). Join us one Saturday to share the real F3 experience with our FNGs. Not sure you’ll get a great workout? Remember – it’s you vs. you… only difference in walking and rucking is the weight you add in your pack! #justsaying

Any questions… let us know!

Linus & Bandit


Met at Snowballs

Pledge of Allegiance

Packs on and we’re off for 3 mile ruck; down Robinwood past Harris Teeter and on through country club area; up to back of Robinson Elem and over to Robinwood and turned for Snowballs to finish up.

COT – announcements; prayer request for Matthew (friend of VooDoo) and Dry Rubs M.

Dry Rub said a prayer for the PAX to complete our workout.

Wet Nutz’ Yank

Show to Know

Wet Nutz’ Ricky Bobby

Show to Know

Valentine’s Downtown

Show to know…

Going in Circles

A nice cloudy morning at The Goat. No sign of the site Q but managed anyhow.

Mosey around downtown Cramerton then circle up for some warm up. Side Shuttle hops, Moroccan Night Clubs, Don Qs. Got the Pledge in.

Then the laps around downtown Cramerton began. Find a partner. While you partner runs a lap you do AMRAP during that time.

Burpees then Big Boys then Werkins then Flutters then Side Shuttle Hops then Dips then Step Ups. We had a couple 10 counts mixed in.

Then we went over to wall on the Masonic Lodge to sit on the wall for a bit followed by some dirty hook ups.

Ended with about 7 minutes of stretching. Something we should try to do more of to help prevent injury and keep us limber.

Announcements: Convergence March 21st at Martha’s

Let Dirt know if you want a Storm shirt

Prayer Request: Wet Nuts has a good friend battling lymphoma.

Dirt’s son has an interview this week and Tesla’s son has an interview next week.

Those battling injury keeping them from working out. Top Hat could use prayers for his knee that wont get right.

Sitting on a Wall

Planned for a downpour of rain and the sky parted during the work out time. But we stayed under the overhang most of the time. Started with a mosey then did some imperial walkers, side shuttle hoppin, Don Qs, and Moroccan night clubs.

Workout: Deck of cards – Pax calls out the exercise based on category. We took a lap around the parking lot after 2 rounds.

Spades –  Wall Sits

Heart- Arms

Diamonds- Abs

Clubs- Legs

Announcements: Be on the look out for an announcement regard the 5 year anniversary convergence

Prayer Requests: Students at Stuart Cramer, Allen Tate, guys not seen in awhile

COT and the rain starts back.

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