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Day: February 20, 2020


5 Men showed for another serving of the Diablo Sammich. We started with the PLEDGE then got some Merkins and Butterfly SitUps to start. Then we moseyed with our rucks, a sandbag, and kettle bell to Martha’s. We got to the (sort of) hill by the picnic tables for the first part: The Donkey- Put all the rucks, the sandbag, and the kettle bell in a pile. Each man took a turn carrying everything he could carry up the hill to the picnic tables and back. While that was going on, the rest of the PAX did reps of various exercises to keep us moving. We figured there were 3 rucks weighing about 45-50#, a couple rucks weighing 20-30#, a 40# sandbag, and a kettle bell (?15-20#). We figured the load was over 200# for several of us. I think it was harder than I expected. The sandbag “fell” off my shoulders on the way up…thank the Lord. We moved on to the picnic tables for some step ups then worked our way back to start after hitting each light with some exercises-we started with 10 reps of the new exercise and did 5 of all of the previous exercises. We started with 10 Merkins then followed with the rest: Squats, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers, and Flutter Kicks. I can’t remember the order. We did a few more things at the remaining lights and finished coming out of the park with Hand Release Merkins-thanks Watts Up, they sucked. We got back to start and did some upright rows to get our final 45 seconds’ worth.

We had a quick COT then split for work.

It was another great day with the rucks. If you have not come to Diablo or another ruck workout, you are missing out. Give it a try and come join us.


From the Hip

5 men for a nice cool February morning before the blizzard. We discussed muscle elasticity, Bernie Sanders, frogs, ground temperature, and the Bible. We also did some muscle work.

In your future Qs try to set aside a few minutes to lead some group stretching at the end of each session.  Stretching not only will improve muscle strength but also help prevent injury.

prayer request

lynn hamm

pillagers neighbors

ken Schultz ongoing battles with cancer



rooster next week

Convergence March 21 followed by shooting guns at Allen Tate’s house

Pillager prayed us out





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