• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/23/2020
  • AO: The Pub
  • QIC: Def Leppard
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Leppard, Roscoe, Breaker Breaker, Gump, Clavin, JJ

JJ asked for Q’s at the Pub so I chimed in for today, partly to help him out but also to be sure I got in a much needed run. On my drive down to the Pub I passed the Planet Fitness gym which had a good crowd (maybe due to New Year’s resolutions) but I started thinking about what all of those men in there were missing out on. I have heard Dredd talk about why F3 is outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold. This prepares you for tough situations. Yesterday at the Prison Break run it was 21 degrees and today I read 28 degrees and thought to myself how much warmer this run would be compared to yesterday. Whether it is 95 degrees in the afternoon heat of Midoriyama or 31 degrees and freezing rain in Shelby last year (the coldest I have ever been),F3 men can handle it. That is one great thing about F3 I noticed today.
Smaller crowd today than usual but Roscoe comes rolling in after doing some EC and then here comes Gump who ran from his house. We were running down to Martha Rivers park and back. Roscoe and I ran and discussed F3, Whetstone, families, injuries, jobs, etc. He had to do most of the talking as I was trying to keep pace. It is always great to get to talk to F3 men. This is another great thing about F3 I noticed today.
JJ and I lamented the latest Tarheel basketball loss and then he sprinted ahead to get close to his 8 minute per mile pace. I was thinking about how I used to be one of the faster F3 Gastonia guys and how so many guys I have seen accelerate in their fitness and running. “The list is long and distinguished.” (Top Gun movie quote Slaw could recite exactly) I always appreciate when a guy accelerates. This is another great thing about F3 I noticed today.
Back at COT, we discussed prayer concerns. Dry Rub’s M, Timeframe’s M, Slaw’s health, Gump has students going to the March For Life in Washington, Roscoe’s son is having knee surgery, Breaker talked about Lynn Hamm and her struggle with cancer. Each man had a concern for our COT. Each man helped lift these requests up. I always appreciate how other F3 men are lifting up others. This is another great thing about F3 I noticed today.
I know there are probably no non-F3 guys reading this, so it is up to us F3 guys to keep EHing and help other men realize the great things about F3. It is also a reminder for us keep posting and keep connected to our guys.

Announcements: P200 Meeting Sunday, Jan. 26th at 3 pm
F3 Gastonia Advisory Board Meeting Sunday, Jan. 26th at 4 pm
Rooster Teams on Slack if interested Feb. 29th
New AO at New Hope Elementary on Wednesdays at 5:30 am with Sargento as Site Q
Whetstone Program – It is a great thing to be involved in.
Site Q’s looking for Q’s at most AO’s. Broke recently challenged us to Q somewhere new and Co Q with a new guy to help get others started Qing.

COT requests discussed above and Breaker Breaker took us out.