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Day: January 6, 2020

Little Robbie

15 was the number at Folsom on Saturday. 1 did some EC rucking and about 6 were out running the streets early.

Warmup: Waiting for the new Nantan to get to the circle. Sparky was already there! Let’s mosey.

The Thang:

We made our way to the gates at the entrance of The U of D! Stopping along the way for some exercises. Partner up. P1 runs the hill and back down while P2 does an exercise. Switch. We did this three times each with exercises being squats, Freddy Mercury, and Corkscrew. YHC talked about the challenge the hill presents and getting past it.

Let’s mosey back to the park. On the way back we stopped again for a few exercises. At the parking lot partner up again for 11’s. Booyah Merkins and burpees. At this point there were several douchee comments which I will admit I likely deserve during my Q. I dish it so I must take it! Golddigger was upset by my description of counting during the merkin portion. We were saying the same thing he just refused to see it. He even carried the argument into the party Saturday night. I finally just had to concede hoping he would find peace about the situation. Anyway sometime during the exercise I decided to call him Little Robbie and honestly I’ll probably never call him anything else.

Moving on we moseyed to the tennis courts where I had everyone gather in the center. YHC had stashed 4 papers at each end of the courts, so three courts away in either direction, with exercises on them. We raced to get to the papers. If you made it to one you did the exercise. If you didn’t get to one first you had to do 5 burpees. We did this for about 5-6 rounds. Those that didn’t get to a paper the previous round received a half court head start the following round.


YHC talked a little about pushing through with the help of others and sometimes on our own. Even when we are on our own we are not. We have your back no matter what!

Announcements-Party, New AO at New Hope Elementary, New Nantan impeachment trial

Prayer Request-Little Robbie took us out


Fun crowd of bat flipping rock pushers! Even though I did have to bleep myself a few times it was a good morning to be out!

Disruption at Crossroads

 Chilly morning at Crossroads. Broke is already trying to cause "disruption" by announcing he was running 8 miles. Sister Act and Dr. Seuss ran with him. I chased Blart for 5 miles who chased Barrel Racer. Freight was the lone rucker. Come on ruckers! You know no one wants to ruck alone! Ooompa Loompa was running around the college. After the run, a couple of guys had to leave but we added Gold Digger and Pizza Man for Q Source starting off with "A Leader causes Disruption to the Status Quo." It was a good discussion as I asked Pizza Man and Gold Digger (Little Robbie) to tell us about how training for a marathon disrupted their normal training. "Movement to advantage" will disrupt the status quo in your life. F3 has certainly disrupted my life for the better in every way.
 I would also like to take this chance to say a few things to all of the F3 Gastonia Pax. A special thanks to Stroganoff for selecting me to be the Nantan for 2020. I consider it a privilege to be a part of such a great group of men! Thanks to Freight for many things, but mainly he kept me posting in the early days at Midoriyama with his special wit. Thanks to my Shieldlock guys Slaw and Sister Act for pushing me and holding me accountable every day. Thanks to all of the Pax who have helped F3 Gastonia invigorate so many men in all areas of their lives. Keep connecting with our workout guys especially FNG's. As Dredd says ALR. Ask. Listen. Remember. The Q Source topic this week said a great leader's legacy is built on love so let's pass that along to the guys we post with. Thanks so much and see you in the gloom!

Announcements: A big thanks to all involved in the (after) Christmas Party. It was a blast. New AO Wednesday, January 8th at New Hope Elementary at 5:30 am with Sargento as Site Q for a Bootcamp. Lots of names being discussed. Show to know.

Prayer Requests: Stroganoff is sick. Short Sale is sick. Timeframe’s M. Dry Rub’s M. Sister Act’s grandmother passed away. Teacher’s and kids going back to school (Seuss and Digger). Oompa took us out!

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