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Murph at the Yank

Apologies for the late Backblast. This workout was followed by a vacation and it may of slipped my mind. This will be a short one.


ssh x 20

don q x 20 (for ToolTime)

lbc x 20

The Thang:


1 mileish around belmont

100 pullups

200 merkins

300 dips

however you can get them

1 mile around the middle school track

A few dips and derkins to finish out the hour

Back to the flag for the pledge & COT

It was an honor to lead and I promise to be more prompt with the BB next time

Boy, Oh, Boy!

16 HIMS came out to the Storm for a few Big Boys and a little humor due to the camera skills-or lack thereof- of YHC. Boy, Oh, Boy!



Black Jack- Perform 1 CDD – run to other sideline – perform 20 BB’s. Run back and do 2 CDD’s. Run back for 19 BB’s. Repeat until you do 20 CDD and 1 BB, running between the sidelines. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!

Heartbreak 1, 2, 3s- up hill

Teams of 2 pax working together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 100, 200, and 300 reps. Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 sprints 100 yards uphill and back. Flapjack until team goal is reached. Exercises are a top-to-bottom of body progression, i,e, 100 werkins per team (chest), 200 LBCs per team (core), 300 Mt Climbers per team (legs).

Mosey to school for: Escalator 

25 Dips, 25 Step-ups, 25 Flutters, 25 Shoulder Taps, 25 SSH- oyo


50x of each oyo






Boudin’s brother’s back/health issues

Orangeman: Mom’s heart surgery recovery



God know our insecurities. He know what we need exactly when we need it. He cares for us today; have faith in Him for grace tomorrow.

Lam. 3:22-23

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;

    his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;

    great is your faithfulness.


YHC took us out!


Always an honor,



A wall is not always needed

Cool, crisp morning.   Ground was a little wet.  It didn’t matter.   Six other men joined me and at 0530 (by my watch, Tater Hole) we clocked in.

Warmup: Toy Soldiers X something IC, Moroccan nightclubs x 3IC

Quick mosey up to the tennis court and grab a partner.

We did Dora… sort of.  100 Def Leppard merkins, 200 dying cockroaches, 300 Hillbillys and 400 LBCs.  Partner 1 runs until Partner 2 completes all 100 and then they switch.  Then 200…300 and 400.  No combined totals, we did them all.  Nice work by all.

Next we did BOMBS.

22 for the Vets

Quick mosey back to the launching point




Some races coming up.   Pappy and his M are heading out of the country the first of March.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Extreme Kotter Q

Been way to long since I’ve Qd let alone posted,  so I made sure no excuses this time! Rolling in to Folsom a little early I could see there was already a decent crowd, so I couldn’t take it easy!

Warm up:



Don Qs

Grass/Cotton pickers


Head to tennis courts, before we got started Hacksaws FNG found the right parking lot and joined us ( this will also come into play later)

The Thang:

10 of each SSH  Squats Merkins Bigboys LBCs the run to end of court and back for 9 of each exercise keep counting down to 1 then count back up to 10.  As time winded down we stopped at the 5 on the way back up.

I shared a brief Kobe work ethic story before we circled up for  a Kobe tribute Mary! Each Pax called and exercise we did 24 reps! All was going as planned and then we get to Hacksaw who as I figured called burpees! So we grunted and muscled thru them, but his FNG is next and says  “well I was told to follow him so we’ll do some more of them things he did !” This instantly was a crowd pleaser. After about half of them and a few pleads from my left I called an Omaha on that and we finished  up. Back down to the flag as I called 22 for the vets, cause I wasn’t gonna pay tribute to ball player without paying tribute to our veterans also!

Circle up:

Named the FNG Dusty

Prayers for Gumby, Round Up, Bedpan, LB and several others.


I shared that Me vs Me  usually results in the lazy Me winning and that we need to try a lil more than reaching out, that sometimes we need a push. I know I do! Iron sharpens Iron  is more than just words!


Gastone’s Forklift Safety

At Labyrinth dreams C A N come true !!

Timeframe started out by asking yours truly who had Q and what was in store …. well, I informed him that I ( Clavin ) had ideas in store but that I failed to be smart and when Outhouse asked yesterday at Bulldog and said that he would be traveling next 6 weeks !!! He wanted to Q and i was still half asleep, but when I awoke after that workout I tried repeatedly to reach him only to be snubbed and blocked and then the FBI showed on my doorstep with cease and desist orders…. I finally took the hint!
Timeframe looked up into the sky, saw a star over to the left and wished he may, wished he might, suddenly ALL pax joined in and began speaking in tongues and wailing until Outhouse sauntered out of his truck, Listened to all the pleading and gladly accepted the bribe of $42.37 in order to wrestle the Q from YHC… he did throw me a bone and told me that “ I would have no choice but to provide the backblast!”
I led the pledge and very humbly bowed in subservience to the new lord of today’s beat down…. Outhouse!!
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20

Partner up ( except I was once again told that since we had an odd number I would not be allowed to join in any activities until a vote was held and Outhouse was narrowly outvoted but I was to be placed under HIS supervision for the remainder of all partner exercises today along with his CHOSEN partner of Gastone) pax 1 ( and 2 in my case) were to bear crawl around Snoballs while Pax 2 runs around to catch and release the others until we circle once and mosey over to Planet ( not yet) Fitness for Dora
Pax 1 up dock and bear crawl down
Dora was 100 merkins
200 lbcs
300 squats
Hip slappers IC x20!!!! Really ?!?
Indian run the complex
Wall sits … marching …. air presses
Line up for 4 corners
25 merkins at first light 50 lbcs next pole
Be careful of all the construction toys ,,,, so we travel different path to next light pole ….
Then Gastone leads all in Forklift safety by trying to KICK a forklift over …. he didn’t even make a dent in the damn thing ….. SWAT ARRIVED ….. we had to present identification … I was forcibly thrown into the back seat as once again Outhouse chose to act like he did not know me ( thankfully someone must have vouched for me as I was released on my recognizance And allowed to resume …. 75 squats …… it was suddenly noted that we were at the Port O potties ( outhouse?) and so we all did at least 10 more squats and chose NOT TO WIPE! And complete 100 sSHs at last light … go back to wall ….. ughhggggh …. more wall shits … sits…. sorry! Back to Snoballs and we nur red building twice for … TIME!
I now show a video of Tommie Davis ( Chicago Bear) who … if you have not looked at Tweet from EZ rider other day ,,,,, CHECK IT OUT!! We site Qs had been tasked by Broke to bring a bible verse to share and had one ready , but felt that this 1:53 video was more worthy and needed nothing extra… powerful message…
announcements for P200, upcoming 5 year anniversary beat down at Martha Rivers in March
Log in personal info with Watts Up so we can collate info on each other and prepare to reach out better to those who drop out of regular routines or just to keep in touch or even provide much needed anything for when life happens
Prayers for Time Frames family EZ Riders son with job interview and Corona virus victims

Lucky Sevens




SSH – 10 IC
Don Quixote – 10 IC
Arm Circles– 10 forwards, 10 backwards OYO

The Thang

Mosey down the street to the center of town and cross over railroad tracks
Ran around the buildings and to the back parking lot where we did Walls of Jericho: 7 different exercises and complete 7 reps of each and run one lap around the building. Complete for 7 laps.
The following were the called exercises:

Jumping Spider
Merkin with a bounce on the up (getting feet & hands off the ground)
Elbow to knee
Russian Twist
American Hammer, but I needed an “R”
Imperial Squat Walker
Cruel cousin of the Imperial Walker, squat between each elbow to knee
Crunchy Frog
a Dr. Seuss favorite, too bad he missed them
Happy Jacks
5 side straddle hops quickly followed by two jump squats
One-legged burpee
Not enough exercises start with “O”… this was a crowd pleaser

At some point during the rounds Broke noticed that in keeping with the theme of sevens, we had 7 PAX.
While the mumble-chatter was at a minimum, there was an attempt to skip one of the rounds, but Red Ribbon kept us honest.

Let’s start the mosey back towards the middle school. The Q checks the time and decides there is time for a little wall work.
5 Dips in cadence, 5 Derkins OYO
10 Dips in cadence, 10 Derkins OYO
15 Dips in cadence, 15 Derkins OYO

Continue our mosey back to middle school.
We cruise into the parking lot and we are done!
Great work put in by all.


Mark your calendars! Five Year Anniversary Convergence, March 21st – Pre-Blast to come…
F3/FiA Event, Feb. 15th, Oakridge Middle School
Rooster, Feb. 29th, Run and Ruck teams, reach out to Breaker Breaker

Prayer requests:

Tiger’s family
Orangeman – mother had surgery, a few complications but was released
Families dealing with sickness – colds, flu, strep, etc.
Weekly PAX Prayer List – Mayor, Pizza Man, Lil Sweet, Red Ribbon, Oompa Loompa, Swimmer, Alan Tate, Big Pappy. Lift these men and their families



Who Passed the Gassers?

8 showed at Midoriyama ready to get better.  Let’s get started. SSH IC x 12.  Wait a minute, here comes Leppard and Blart, whenever you can get here is fine.  Toy Soldiers IC 12x, Don Q x 10.  Pledge.  Mosey to small soccer field.

YHC came out a few mins early and placed a few coupons on the field.  A few blocks, a few bricks, a ruck sack with 30 lb plate, barbell, and tractor tire.  Also placed a card with an exercise at each coupon station.  Barbell had flutter kicks while holding barbell over chest, curls with a block, LBC with bricks on chest, ruck sack swings, burpees, iron hulk with bricks, blockies, shoulder press with a block, and hand release merkins.  Start by each PAX taking a station, the PAX at the tire flips it 5 times, everyone else AMRAP until flips done, rotate.

Once everyone gets a turn on the tire, line up at the base line of soccer field. Sprint to the other end.  We did this 10 times.  After about 4, no one could talk  Six more to go.  After 10, go back to a station, this time around tire flip goes to 10 flips.  After everyone gets a turn, to the line for 10 more gassers.

Adding sprints like this to any workout takes it up a notch.  After 10, back to stations.  This time 15 tire flips.  After everyone gets a turn, back on the line.  We only had time for one all out down and back.

Put coupons away and head back to flag.

Announcements: get name, address, email and phone # to Watts Up, Ruck training at Folsom Saturday morning 0530, 5 year anniversary convergence March 21.  Probably be 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Prayer requests: Lynn Hamm and family, Swimmer father in law, Freight daughter with flu, YHC m with strep.  Let’s pray

Always an honor


Ruck Workout at the Yank

13 showed up for beat down on a beautiful morning. YHC was excited to see so many PAX come out for the workout.  There were also coupons in attendance 2 40lb sandbags, 1 60lb sandbag, and 1 Gerry can with 5 gallons of water.  We did not know at the time, but this would become everyones favorite coupon.  Not,  thanks allot Freight.

We started out on a force march with the coupons in tow.  We covered a mile around the Belmont Middle School track.   Stop for the 1st phase.  With such a large group we split into two groups: 1 group rucked around the track while the other PAX completed the follow:

100 Ruck Squats

70 Ruck Merkins

30 Ruck Swings

We alternated each lap around the track.  With the first pain station complete, we headed our on another forced march with coupons.   We covered another mile then stopping in the parking a lot behind the General Store across the street for 2nd phase.

The next pain station consisted of 6 rounds of the following exercises.  We started to loose people at this point to “Meetings” people had to attend.  The exercises were as follows

20 Flutter Kicks with Ruck overhead. 4 count

Bear Crawl 10 to 15 yards

10 Thrusters

Bear Crawl back to the start

We took off on another march with coupons and went up to the McDonalds and to the Stowe Park pad for 3rd phase. 2 other team members had to leave at the beginning of this march.  We were not able to complete the 10 rounds of the following, but we were able to complete 2 rounds of

45 sec plank

20 Ruck Lunges count 1 leg.

Our two hours of fun was just about up, so we met up with The Fighting Yank participants for COT. In all my watch had us under just under 5 miles.  Great work men.

Whats yah 20? for 2020

Well its a new year, and the first Q Ive had since 2019. About this time In 2018 I was just starting my path into the world that is known as F3.

Warm Up: SSH, MTN Climbers, and Mo Rockin Knight clubs.
We began at the opposite side of the tennis courts what I call the new parking lot. Gastone did something similar a few weeks ago and I loved this so I gave it a try with the Pax this morning.
* Partner up one goes up the hill one way and the other goes up hill the other way to a said distance.
10 merkins and meet in the middle for 20 squats. Each time drop from 10,9,8, and so on. Always meeting in the middle for the 20 squats.

  • next at the covered area we did step ups, dips, derkins, x 25
    Mosey to the Dallas Triangle, ” this is not the name but it sounds good”
    Hill Billy Squats, Flutters, and Seal Jacks x20 and we did that 3x.
    Mosey: while heading back Tyson noticed we almost had 3 miles in so we made a lap at the bottom to give us 3 total.
I came up the name of the BB just before I started to write this up. My question is to the Pax, What is your 20 for 2020? In trucker talk or Policing probably anything else that involves a two way radio of sorts it means your location. That can be your Church, home, AO, office, car, wherever you are. How are you going to make an impact while at these locations? I know for myself I hope to make a positive impact.
I challenge everyone make the effort to step up and get out of your normal routine in the “20” of your choice. I used to be a Camel smokin if you see me runnin pick me up kind of guy. T-Square EH’d me, I stepped out and found a new “20” with F3 in January 2018.

The Bed Pan is Full.

Anouncements: Got this thing called the P200 coming up.

Prayer request:
Each other, Wichitas Dad, and those Battling addiction.

PrisonBreak 1/22

Not much really to write up about on this fine cold morning. The Premier Running AO in the region always draws out a great crowd to log miles. That being said, all participants did their thang and ended back at start.


COT: Gumby, Wichita’s dad, MW’s mom

YHC took us out in prayer

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