• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/02/2019
  • AO: Mt. Hollywood
  • QIC: Def Leppard
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tesla, Broke, Slaw, Sister Act, Tiger, Pillager, Orangeman, Virus, Dr Seuss, Freon, Red Ribbon, Shell Shock

14 Strong men started the warmup in the premier workout spot in Mount Holly. Cool and breezy morning. Let’s get after it!
SSH x 15
Right over left x 10
Left over right x 10
Cotton Pickers x 10
MNC’s x 15

Mosey to the Presbyterian Church’s well-lit back parking lot.
Count off to partner up. What’s this? Only 13, we lost one somewhere! Must have been a Sparky (bathroom) situation!
Partner 1 runs back to the parking lot entrance for 10 Merkins and returns while Partner 2 does Flutter Kicks AMRAP, 2 sets each.
Then CDD’s, Plank, Squats, SSH all 2 sets each. I must say the old Merkin form was pretty close to perfect! Ask Sister Act. He’ll tell you! Slaw’s unnamed partner seemed to not be in that big of a hurry and was close to last to finish each time! Red Ribbon, Pillager, Shell Shock and Freon were leading the way on these. Speedy!

Mosey to BB&T wall for Rugby Sprints. Exercise until I say “Sprint” then sprint across parking lot, sprint back across lot then walk back across lot.

Between 5 and 15 reps of theses Exercises were performed:
Mike Tyson’s
Imperial Walkers
Plank Jacks
Toy Soldiers (Slaw was waiting on me to mess these up)
LBFC’s (Sister Act was mad about these, I blame Freight)
Mike Tyson’s again.

Mosey back to the school benches for 80 D’s. I used to always make the joke about this being Ash Pond’s college transcript but Ash Pond has disappeared from F3 and may never be seen again so I changed the joke to be Sister Act’s college transcript to keep the joke alive. Just kidding SA!
20 Dips (single count called by Slaw), 20 Dollies (single count called by Sister Act), 20 Dying cockroaches IC (called by Broke), 20 Derkins (single count called by Tesla).

Word about establishing faith traditions for your family during this holiday season. Lead your family in these. If you don’t really have any holiday faith traditions, start this year.

Back to the shovel flag which was blown down by the breeze. Broke picked it up.

Convergence on December 28th at Gashouse at 7:00 am
Christmas Party at Lewis Farms on January 4th, likely RSVP.
Keep pushing on the 40/50 challenge.
Encouraged the guys to bring in some FNG’s to Mt. Hollywood and help Broke out with the Q schedule.

COT. Remembered the prayer requests made. Tiger’s dad. Broke’s M. Tiger took us out.

*NMM I found out Tesla will be Double Respect this week so congratulations to him. There are not very many Double Respects that can make it through an F3 workout or are even willing to try! Pillager shows up without his beard and we thought we had a new guy. He looks very young! Buckeye ran EC this morning then did the warmup then got in the Jeep and left so he may have gotten his extra credit but no backblast credit! I was a little disappointed at the lack of speed during the Rugby Sprints but a little encouragement seemed to help push things along! Thanks for the chance to lead!