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  • Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/30/2019
  • AO: Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Breaker Breaker, Golddigger, Pizza Man, Quiche, Pockets, Virus, Dirt, Freon, Orangeman, Freight(QIC)

9 PAX joined YHC for the boot camp at The Yank on Saturday. Wet Nutz originally had the Q but called in sick. Pockets had Q’d about every workout he could the past week and since I was leading the Food Ruck that morning he asked if I’d like to take the reins.


Let’s mosey. Stopped off at a Baptist parking lot for some warmup exercises I came up with on the spot. All I remember was Golddigger renamed In/Outs to penetrators.

Let’s mosey some more.

The Thang:

We found ourselves at the Greenwood cemetery.  There are three roundabouts and we did bear crawls, crabwalks, etc around them. Mosey to the bottom of the hill where I explained my Grandmother lived next door to the cemetery, our family has a plot here, and as kid I learned to ride  a bike here. CDD’s for when I flipped over the handle bars. Mosey to Grandma’s house. Her husbands name is Bob and he was a Marine for close to 30 years so 22 for the Vet’s. Over to my Great Uncle/Aunts house for more family stories and some zombie walks. Now for the hill on Faires Ave! This hill was terrible and we did it about 3 times. The third time we went to the former home of my Great Grandparents and Quiche requested we run the hill again. Mosey back to the cemetery to my family’s plot. Time to head back. Some PAX just love to run so they kept going while the rest of us stopped off for more exercises at the Baptist parking lot. Time.



Announcements- you know



It was a pleasure to lead this morning. Great group of rock pushers out there this morning. We would have hit a few more family members if we had time. Of course we would have to climb the hill on Julia! All in all we put in about 3.5 miles. The word on the street is some PAX didn’t think I had that kind of mileage in my Q set. Well ya know I’ve been around for a while and just might surprise you sometimes.



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  1. Were Termite and Buckeye there?

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