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Day: November 18, 2019

Y’all look Good down there

Starkville 11/18/19

3 made it to Starkville this Monday

Short mosey to flag . yea I know no running but I needed to get warmed up.


Then on our six for a little ab work lbc’s 20 IC

As we neared 20 two older ladies out of nowhere where standing right over Broke and said y’all look good down there…not sure what that meant but anyway..

Back to starting point for a couple rounds of BLOCK TABATA













Did 2 rounds of this with a set of colt 45’s between

(Curls 3 sets of 15 1/4 up, 1/2 up all the way up)

Finished with 22 for best

Out with prayer

I hope to see this AO GROW  let’s all do what we can to help out….

Thanks for the push men….



Poetry Prison Break Style

We Rucked We Ran.
Medicine Woman needed a Q so He called Bed Pan.


Thank You

Warm Up,
Mosey, Monkey Humpers, Aust. Mtn. Climbers,
Mosey, Courthouse stairs Calf Raises, Dips, Balboas,
Mosey Red light for some Triple Nickel with Merkins.

I paused for a moment played the theme song to Top Gun then Handed over the Site to EZ Rider.
Before I could hit pause on the song he took off and we did more Burpees than I can remember.

Thank you all that have come out and posted and or taken a Q. being Site Q Was something I thought was never possible. One thing I say to all is take on the challenge and make it awesome.


The Bed Pan is Full..

HIPAA’s Sammich

Attendance from participation.

Rucking was involved plus other stuff.

Outhouse’s Neverland

Attendance from participation.

Rock was pushed.

Turtleman’s Downtown

Attendance from participation.

DRP was taken and rock pushed.

F3 Workouts are held outside, regardless of weather

YHC was a bit optimistic of a big crowd on this fine cool, rainy morning. After all, one core principle of F3 is that workouts are held outside, regardless of the weather conditions. That being said, 5 held account and got some work in.


SSH, Hillbillies, Gravel pickers all x10 IC


Mosey to lower shelter for some Dora.


Partner up; Dora 100 burpees, 200 step ups, 300 SSH. Partner 1 performs amrap exercise while partner 2 runs to the turd shack for 5 hip slapped in cadence. Flapjack and continue until Dora is completed. After several rounds, the hip slapped were switch to a lap up the parking lot and back. With a few minutes left, we get in 22 merkins for the Vets. Now mosey back to start.


YHC took us out in prayer

Stacking the Pain

0600 hit and we had 4 for the EC ruck.

When we returned to Gashouse, there is Montross laid out in a parking lot taking a siesta.

Luckily, he woke up in time to get everyone warmed up before he took Gashouse off somewhere for some book learning and sent PainLab with YHC.

PainLab headed to the amphitheater. Realizing we were a couple of bells short, Clavin, Dry Rub and YHC doubled-back to pick up a few additional coupons from the rock garden.

Oompa went off to put in a few miles.

Time to get this party started.

Let’s get the heart rate up with a repeat of last week…
Bear Crawl up and across top level. Drop a a level and crab walk back. Drop a level – side lunge, Drop a level – side lunge. Drop a level – lunge.
Repeat all for a total of 2x.

Now let’s stack.

10 Merkins

10 Merkins
20 Curls

10 Merkins
20 Curls
30 Swings

10 Merkins
20 Curls
30 Swings
40 LBCs (I think)
10 Merkins
20 Curls
30 Swings
40 LBCs (maybe)
50 Squats (not sure)

Then we took a trip with your coupon/bell overhead to obelisk and back. Once back in position, it was time to unstack that set.

Farmer carry your bell/coupon to obelisk and back, switching hands at half-way.

Let’s make another stack.
10 Derkins

10 Derkins
20 Dips

10 Derkins
20 Dips
30 Reverse Crunch
10 Derkins
20 Dips
30 Reverse Crunch
40 Step Ups

In the interest of time, we stopped here and unstacked this set.

We found Gashouse in the parking lot finishing up. A little Mary was done along with the final story in Montross’s book of rhymes.

Nice work by all.

Tube has VQ on 23-Nov.

Watts Up powering down.

Crossing the Roads

The Q was most definitely on time for the workout where lots of people ran and rucked and stuff.

Until next time,


Day 30: Love Brings Unity

One of the most impressive things about the Bible is the way it linked together, with consistent themes running throughout, from beginning to end. Though written over a span of 1,600 years and composed by more than forty writers of various backgrounds and skill levels, God sovereignty authored it with one united voice. And He continues to speak through it today without going message.


Unity. Togetherness. Oneness.


These are the unshakable hallmarks of our God.


From the very beginning of time, we see His unity at work through the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Father is there, creating the heavens and the earth. The Spirit is “moving over the surface of the waters” (Genesis 1:2). And the Son, who is “the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature” (Hebrews 1:3), joins in speaking the world into existence. “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” (Genesis 1:26).

Us. Our.

All three are in perfect oneness of mind and purpose.

We later see Jesus rising from the waters of baptism, as the Spirit descends like a dove and the Father announces over this majestic scene, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased” (Matthew 3:17).

Jesus later says, “I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me” (John 6:38). His desire to answer His followers’ prayer is “so that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (John 14:13). He asks the Father to send the Holy Spirit, knowing that the Spirit will faithfully testify about the Son He loves, for “no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God” (1 Corinthians 2:11 NIV).

Father, Son, and Spirit are in pristine unity. They serve each other, love each other, and honor each other. Though equal, they rejoice when the other is praised. Though distinct, they are one, indivisible.

And because this relationship is so special – so representative of the vastness and grandeur of God – He has chosen to let us experience an aspect of it. In the unique relationship of husband and wife, two distinct individuals are spiritually united into “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). And “what God has joined together, let man not separate” (Mark 10:9 NIV).

In fact, this mystery is so compelling – and the love between husband and wife so intertwined and complete – that God uses the imagery of marriage to explain His love for the church.

The church (the bride) is most honored when her Savior is worshiped and celebrated. Christ (the bridegroom), who has given Himself up for her, is most honored when He sees her “as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless” (Ephesians 5:27 NIV). Both Christ and the church love and honor the other.

That’s the beauty of unity.

Husband – What would happen in your marriage if you devoted yourself to loving, honoring, and serving your wife in all things? What if you determined that the preservation of your oneness with this woman was worth every sacrifice and expression of love you could make? What would change in your home if you took that approach to your relationship on a daily basis?

Wife – What would happen if you made it your mission to do everything possible to promote togetherness of heart with your husband? What if every threat to your unity was treated as a poison, a cancer, an enemy to be eliminated by love, humility, and selflessness? What would your marriage become if you were never again willing to see your oneness torn apart?

The unity of the Trinity, as seen beyond the reaches of history past and continuing into the future, is evidence of the power of oneness. It is unbreakable. It is unending. And it is this same spiritual reality that disguises itself as your home and mailing address. Though painted in the colors of work schedules and doctor visits and trips to the grocery, oneness is the eternal thread that runs through the daily experience of what you call “your marriage,” giving it a purpose to be defended for life.

Therefore, love this one who is as much a part of your body as you are. Serve this one whose needs cannot be separated from your own. Honor this one who, when raised upon the pedestal of your love, raises you up too in the eyes of God, all at the same time.

Father, keep them in Your name, the name which You have given Me, that they may be one even as We are. – John 17:11

Today’s Dare


Isolate one area of division in  your marriage, and look on today as a fresh opportunity to pray about it.  Ask the Lord to reveal anything in your own heart that is threatening oneness with your spouse.  Pray that He would do the same for them.  And if appropriate, discuss this matter openly, seeking God for unity.

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