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Day: November 15, 2019

A walk in the dark

It was a dark, cool, but, not stormy night. Poor old Oompa Loompa moseyed a total of three miles all by his lonesome at San Quentin.

Just like old times.

As usual, we know who didn’t post.

No announcements because I knew it all.

Prayers for Clavin and M.

Oompa’s out.


The Downtown Beatdown


Warm up:

Slaughter starter (20 burpees)   Slaw walking up confirmed this – wasn’t sure until that time

15  SSH

15 LBC

Mosey to bridge

Lunge Lunge burpee  across the bridge

Mosey back to the wall

wall sit 20 count (couldn’t understand slaw but we got there)

left leg over right 20 count

right leg over left 20 count

march 10 in cadence

Mosey down to the corner of S Marietta St and 2nd street

partner up -one runs up to the light at Franklin and the other to the stop sign at W 3rd street -meet back at 2nd St and do 5 partner merkins -repeat 2 times

Mosey to the Charter School ball field/playground – 4 corners 10 merkins, 20 LBC’s, 30 plank jacks, & 40 squats

Wall work -( bit tall for step ups) 10 hip slapper merkins OYO

Somebody said stairs – brawl crawl up and down 2 times

Mosey on around and down to the corner of 3rd and South St.

Nur to the first stop light – meander across 2nd st and then nur up to the parking lot on the right (corner of Franklin and South)

Circle up in the elbow plank position- hold position until all PAX ran around the circle (jumping each him as you went was optional)

Mosey over to McQuiter wall for some dips

both legs down x 20

left leg up x 20

right let up x 20

Mosey /flogger across Franklin  heading up South St.

shop at every light  pole on the left and right for merkins (1 at first light, 2 at second, up to 10)

Mosey around,the  never ending hotel remodel, to the Pavilion

End with the Jr. Slaughter Starter (10 Burpees)

I am tired again from typing this….

Announcements: running events coming up all the way  out to the 2020  P200

Many Prayer request: Family members of different pax, Clavin’s M and family, Passing of Bandits friend


Thanks for the push and allowing me to lead!


Until next Friday at  THE DOWNTOWN….


EZ out

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