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Day: October 1, 2019

Golf and Midoriyama

What a great day! Played a round of golf with Broke, Breaker Breaker, and Tiger for Promise for Haiti. Wasn’t our best day on the course but had some great fellowship and fun.  I may of had a little too much fun and was ready for a nap by the time I got home.  A Midoriyama Q  in the mid 90’s seemed like torture. I really wanted to not show up, but i knew Tiger and Broke (who had also ran at the Pub that morning before golf) were going to be there.  So I peeled myself off the couch and headed to the mountain. I guess the heat scared everyone off though. Only Gomer, Freight, Tiger and Broke showed.



SSH x 10ic

Don Q x 10ic

Shoulder Squeezes


Leg Swings (front and side)


The Thang:

Leg Ups

Step Ups

Side Step Ups

Mosey to big soccer field to find a little shade

Walking High Knees

Walking Nur w/ long strides

Side Lunges w/ hop


Partner up – One person plank the other run to mid field and back switch x 5

Hip Stretches

Rotating Hip Stretches


Fire Hydrants

Couple other stretches

Mosey back to Flag




Well… it’s been a while since I’ve posted at a boot camp, much less Q one. I told my fellow pax in mid August that I was gonna back off on boot camps for a while and concentrate more on running until a half at the end of October. Montross put the schedule out last week and I took advantage of the opportunity.

I rolled into Folsom a few minutes early to see only a couple vehicles, 530 hits and so three men get after it!

SSH-15 ic

Toy soldiers- 15ic

Grab a block and head to the tennis courts!

25 Blockies- make a lap around the courts

50- tricep extensions- make a lap

75- curls- make a lap

100- shoulder presses- lap

125- squats- lap

150- LBCs- lap

The three of us broke a sweat, I could tell I haven’t picked those blocks in a while, but it felt good! We had some good mumble chatter, Stogie had to take off a couple minutes early, Bedpan and myself had a chance to talk for a minute and then close it out in prayer!


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