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Day: September 25, 2019

Just the 3 of us

Yes, just three PAX came out to PrisonBreak for  some running. YHC was on his own. Gumby and RoundUp were on a mission. Not that I wasn’t on a mission, but mine was at a slower pace. Work was done.


COT; each other, kids and teachers in school.

YHC took us out in prayer

Story Time With Clavin

Actual AO location: The Labyrinth

As always, I start with the Pledge

So this morning there will be NO counting ( well in truth there was one time ,,,, later …. as always moron that later) but it’s all up to YOU for intensity level … your choice. Choose to level up for intensity ( suddenly Whoopee is heard to say that he’s choosing to go for the slower moderation to which I say to all that you can slow it down and join Whoopee with the Ladies workout! That helped get the ball rolling and then I explained that during the warm up ( a song of 3:31) that we would get JACKED- UP! Jumping jack exercises to start , first up SSH and I start the music playing through the Bose speaker on my tailgate …. ANTHRAX/ PUBLIC ENEMY AND BRING THE NOISE!! Whoopee fell over in ecstasy!! These Bois brought their A game today !! Slinging shovel loads at me and about me … and sometimes about the exercise … it was a moment to treasure !! AND that was just the first 4 minutes during which I traded us off into plank jacks then seal jacks and to bring it all home for last 20 seconds …. chili jacks!(lower plank jack ) Pax complained about elbow pads!!
Mosey over to Planet Fitness ( ole HT) and Stinky Bird realizes he needs his hard hat with all that construction … and along the way questions are asked about the plank exercise equivalent of running ? Someone responds “ You don’t know Jack!”Next…..
This will be the only counting component where starting st street side we sprint to and back from first line and perform 1 burpee, the over to next line and back for 2 burpees and so on. The challenge is to give me the correct number of lines/ burpees which was ten. The hope was an incorrect response which would have warranted another 10 burpees! Not today, I think they suspected something!
Mosey to wall for wall sits / wall sits with marching and wall sits with both. There was additional challenge of patting head and rubbing belly from somewhere and JK 2 performs this as well ! He also tells me of not being so worried about personal space which the pax take to a whole NEW level as we move to the next event … Tabata timer … pax in loose circle ,,,, one minute timer, ten second breather…. first exercise I call is merkin and most of pax crowd around/ over/ on top of me and we perform the first MERKIN ORGY. ( at least that’s what I’m calling it)
American Hammers followed by flutters and low slow squats and …. yep wide arm merkins! Pax began calling idea for next exercise and for the most part I obliged and we did more flutters and merkins and more squats …. sometimes I threw a monkey wrench in there and switched up for fun especially at the end where I joined the circle, had all to turn and face man in front, grab ankles and do monkey humpers!! Pax started crowding me asking about Assing me a question, how does my butt look from this angle , how can I make my sweat smell better during a workout, are my pants still torn, etc.
It should be noted that Stinky Bird realizes that laughter does NOT work with flutters!!
We return towards Snoballs , the long way …. since JK 2 likes running so much and then Stinky Bird and Gump take off thinking they know what’s up! I stop pax and someone calls them back . I chastise them to not pass the Q as that’s poor form ( unless he calls for group to do so) !
We NUR to speed hump and then continue mosey back where we complete with Al Gore and finally calf raises ( since we didn’t do any today or last Wednesday!

There were a few other exercises in there and a dumpster load of mumble chatter!!and let’s not forget Whoopee attempting to sing Islands in the Stream …. actually I’m trying to forget it!!!

Lastly I mention something that Gastone said last week …. today’s title … Story Time With Clavin… as I sometimes ramble on ( as did Cliff Clavin in Cheers) … time to get serious for s moment as I tell assembled that yesterday the M and I celebrated our silver (25) anniversary . A few weeks ago, she and I were able to go to dinner together ALONE ( a rarity for those of us with children) and we ate somewhere in Cramerton ( I forget the name, but she’s been wanting to eat there for some time) and we ran into Def Leppard and his M finishing their dinner ( someone pointed out it must’ve been the early senior special … wasn’t me DL!!) It got me thinking about delivering an EC challenge to ALL present or reading this …. find a sitter and take the M out some where …. any where … just do it!! Reconnect …. and relax.

JJ 5k. ( Stinky Bird )
Isabella santos 5 k ( Hipaa )

Prayers for JK 2 and daughter traveling by plane ( she’s nervous)
Watts Up s M

Mucho Gracias !!!

Bottom Ten Football

Tired of all the horrendous beat downs, Iron PAX challenges, and general elder abuse inflicted upon the PAX and YHC by our F3 brethen, YHC decided to schedule a fun day as my Q. In honor of the local kitty kat’s win yesterday, which saw passes actually completed downfield, YHC borrowed an authentic Jake Delhomme signed junior pigskin and away we went.

No FNG’s present, so no disclaimer.

11 SSH (IC). Mosey. 22 for the vets. (FYI-Never, ever, ever google merkin). Mosey. 33 Squats (count right leg only). Mosey. 44 Lunges (count each leg). Mosey to soccer field. 55 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC).

We split into two teams of 5 to play frisbee rules football. One team’s talent level, to be polite, was historically unevenly matched. Think Buffalo Bills in their four Super Bowls versus the NFC East.  Clemson versus Alabama last year. App State versus UNC Saturday.  It got ugly. Quickly. Passes were completed. Whose guy was that? Passes were dropped. Sorry, my bad. Sun got in my eyes. Balls hit the ground. However, the valiant underdogs rallied to within respectability and by scoring last, kept Def Leppard’s winning streak intact. Best yet, no one went to the ER or IR.

Mosey back to shovel flag. Wait, after booth review, there was no flag. Penalty free game. Q fail no flag. Face an imaginary flag and pledge.

Prayer requests for Def Leppard’s wife and pretty sure there were unspoken ones in the group.

Upcoming races: JJ5K, Ragnar, Christmastown, Santa Hustle.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Today was my F3 three year anniversary. Man, oh man. Where did the time go? Posts. Q’s. CSAUP’s. Convergences. Roosters.  Burpeethons. 50 mile relays. 200 mile relays. Warrior Dashes. Spartan. Ragnars. Christmas parties. 5K’s. 10K’s. Speed for Need.  Wouldn’t of done any of these without the love and support from my F3 brothers. Truly humbled and honored to be a part of this group.

Downtown – 26- Jul

Attendance from participation.

DRP was taken.

Snoballs – 17- Jul

Attendance from participation.

Rock was pushed.

Folsom – 13-Jul

Attendance from Twitter.

Work was done

Coconut Horse – 07-Jul

Attendance from participation.

There was running and rucking.

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