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Day: September 15, 2019

Preblast: Dredd to visit the Gashouse

Calling all PAX! On Thursday October 31st, Halloween, the original and still head Nantan Dredd will visit the Gashouse and speak to the Rotary Club of Gastonia. Come for lunch and the message!

Three and a half years ago Dredd and OBT spoke to our Rotary club and YHC hadn’t yet posted for my first F3 workout. I did end up posting that Saturday at Gashouse and the rest is my history. Obviously anyone who’s posted to an F3 workout and understands what a huge part of our lives F3 is appreciates Dredd’s vision and what makes F3 awesome.

YHC is now Rotary Club President and it’s time to bring back Dredd and Dark Helmet to share the F3 message for those who have heard him before but more importantly those who haven’t. Just like I needed to hear Dredd’s passion for why we’re made to be more than who we currently are as men, all of us know men who need F3. I invite all PAX and their visitors to come for lunch ($14) and the powerful message to follow. The meal begins as early as 12:00 and the program starts at 1:00, finishing at 1:30.

Please RSVP directly to Sargento if you can be there and any guests you’re bringing.


“I’ll Post the BB during Church”

Ok, this title never would’ve happened if I had posted the BB from PrisonBreak in Folsom timing. That being said, there was a nice crowd of runners out  on that fine day. PAX were Tuna training, Half marathon training, SSS 5k training and others were just getting some work in.

Announcements: Stop Soldier Suicide 5k, JJ5k

prayer requests: each other, school students and teachers, Hucks family


YHC took us out in prayer

As mentioned earlier about the title, YHC posted at Crossroads this AM and Sister Act was busting chops about getting backblasts posted. Bedpan confirmed he owed a couple and myself owed the one you’re reading now. I was quick to say “I’ll get my PrisonBreak BB posted during church service.” The reactions from the Men was pretty entertaining and quite condemning at the same time. I quickly withdrew that comment affirming the group I was just kidding. Needless to say, Freight and others mentioned that they will pray for me. Being that I volunteer and attend the 0800 service, I’m able to post the BB during most others church service times.  So, that’s that and it’s an honor to be a part of this group of men. Looking forward to what’s to come.

MDub out

Consistent Coconut

6 + 2 men got a run in at The Coconut Horse.

I will make note that Gastone was ahead of Gold Digger twice during the run. He yelled at me that it was a tempo day.


Great at morning and looking forward to the coming cooler temps.

Lets grow Gastonia F3, so many men need this!

Gastone out!

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