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Day: August 23, 2019

Don’t Try This at Home

So YHC had the bright idea of running 10 miles and then Q Gashouse. Nope, won’t do that again… Here’s what happened.


Goofballs IC

Flutterkicks IC

Something else…

Mosey to the front of the Schiele to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Thang

Next, the 11 PAX would perform the Bataan Death March heading in a southeasterly direction down the road. Last man in line drops for 5 burpees then makes his way to the front of the line.

By the time YHC stopped the group we were in front of the old orthopedic hospital on New Hope. Conveniently there was a nice hill beside the sidewalk, a perfect opportunity to do the Bernie Sanders. Nur up the hill. Makes a lot of sense just like Bernie’s ideas. Some past weasel shakers disapproved of this exercise noting that the grass was still damp and a little too high. This was the first sandy V sighting.

At the top of the hill we did the Butkus which is 60 seconds of steps ups onto the curb. It wasn’t very hard so we did two more rounds of it just to make sure we got our fill. Confirmed, this exercise doesn’t need to be done again.

Next the PAX got to enjoy the thrill of 11’s. On one side of the parking lot do Hand Release Merkins, on the other side do Tiger Squats, making sure your butt touches the curb. The problem with said curb is that it’s a little short and on a decline which made this already tough exercise even harder. You’re welcome.

Fellowship mosey down the way a bit to the parking lot cul-de-sac. Here we paired up and did the Dora 123. Partner one ran to the bottom and back while numero dos did the exercise. 100 WW1 situps, 200 CDDs, 300 LBCs. Fun.

Mosey back to the Schiele, of course doing the Bataan Death March back. We stopped in Parkwood’s lot to let the 6 catch up. While waiting we started Bring Sally Up. It’s fun too. Keep moseying.

Once we got back we did some stuff I don’t remember because I’ve waited a week to do the BB. My bad.

Thank you men for allowing me to Q, also to site Q Linus for asking. Next time I’ll bring the heat!!!

Skeleton Crew

YHC was told on Tuesday that Thursday may be a small turn out due to T200 meeting happening that evening.  Turnout was small, but two HIMs (Medicine Woman and Tater Hole) posted anyway.  Nice job men! YHC moving a little slow (slower than normal) due to some back pain, caused an Omaha of the planned weinke.

Warm up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton pickers, all IC 10X.  Tater Hole coming in hot, nightclubs until he joins.

Short mosey to parking lot with island for partner Dora, 100 merkins, 200 squat, 300 LBC. Partner does lap around the island.  Mosey to big soccer field for five corner escalators around the filed.  10 merkins, next corner for 10 merkins and 20 squats, next corner for merkins, squats, and 30 LBC.  Next corner all that plus 40 SSH.  Finally, all previous and 50 American Hammers.  Nice work.

Mosey to turd shack for one of YHC favorites, suspension merkins, these are really difficult, great ab exercise.  Feet about one foot high on wall and do merkins.  Really have to engage the core to stay on the wall.  Start at one end and PAX run a lap.

Mosey back toward flag, but stop off at one of the fields for 10 step ups each leg, 10 dips, 10 derkins, run a lap around the island.  Rinse repeat for 15.  Back to flag for Mary.  Blart calls Nolan Ryans. YHC happened to think that two HIMs had the meeting that everyone else used as  a “reason” to no show, so we did pledge and called time.

YHC reminded of Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of need”


Announcements: Stop soldier suicide, JJ5k, Ragnar, Tuna, Christmas Town 5k registration open.  Labor Day murph.  Mt Hollywood will be open at normal time.

Prayer requests: Family of child who was run over and killed in Dallas, kids teachers administrators going back to school, MW 2.0 Tyler as new school year begins, guys on Mt Hollywood prayer list.

YHC took us out

Always an honor


Players Ball: A 90s Hip Hop Throwback With Montross

I haven’t posted Downtown in quite a while. Bedpan is a regular at Folsom and always picking up the Q so I wanted to ‘return the favor’ and finally got around to signing up. I had a big IT project at work go live last week so I actually thought of this as a bit of a celebration. Earlier this week, I brought “Montross’s Nursery Rhymes” to Midoriyama. It was true F3 silliness, but also quite a workout! I wanted to bring that same workout intensity to Downtown and represent my Folsom brothers well, but decided to go with a no-nonsense, ‘layin’ the wood’ approach.

I had a little Alan Jackson playing pre-workout for Whoopee. Like Whoopee, I am also a conniseur of good classic country music. I mean, of course I am, I live in Dallas! That being said, I grew up in BC and I grew up on 90s Hip Hop. Switch to the playlist! Players Ball by Outkast is bangin’ as we kick this thing off!


SSH – 23 IC (we would have finished earlier but we kept going until Seuss and SA were FINALLY ready)
Grass Pickers – 10 IC
TRAIN!!!! 5 Burpees OYO
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC

Mosey a few blocks across Franklin to Support Inc. I actually worked here for over 5 years and they have a nice large parking lot. It was a great spot for the first exercises.

BOMBS – nice and simple, yet effective
50 Burpees
100 Overhead Claps
150 Merkins
200 Big Boys
250 Squats

Mosey back toward the Rotary Pavillion and we stopped in the park/alley where the fountain is for some circuits.

The ol’ Folsom 3-1-1-er. Shoutout to my man Allen Tate with this one (ala, the 5-1er)
30 LBCs IC
10 Jump Squats
10 Hip Slappers IC
Repeat for 3 sets

Second Circuit (no fancy names here)
Dirty Hookups 10 IC
Flutter Kicks 10 IC
Peoples Chair w/Overhead Claps 10 IC
Mountain Climbers 15 IC
Repeat for 3 sets

20 ft fellowship mosey back to the Pavillion for Mary Mary

Whoopee called Freddie Mercuries – 10 IC
Gump called Stair Jumps – 10 IC
My watched showed 6:15 but there is another train! 5 more burpees OYO.

TIME! For those who may be interested, here is my playlist from today. https://open.spotify.com/user/brandon.p.hastings-au/playlist/1DBogddeGNnPuF2jwRYUKK?si=-FhAq1dlT4qMHJD9u0h0KA

Prayer requests: Dryrub’s mother in law’s health. Breaker’s mom, Mrs Hamm and her family. J2K’s mom, Gump’s student traveling and trying out for Irish Lacrosse team, students and teachers (and parents). YHC took us out in prayer. Announcements: 2.0 workout Saturday at the Yank, other AOs open as usual. Soldier Suicide 5k 9/21 (Speed 4 Need), JJ5k 9/28, Stair Climb 9/14, BRR Ruck 9/5, HIPAA invades Shipwreck on 9/11 (let’s take some HIMs down there)

Moleskin: I led 2 bootcamps this week at AOs I attend from time to time, but they are still out of my comfort zone. I felt the push to bring it and I feel like I gave it all I had. For those that don’t Q or just haven’t yet because you are not comfortable, just do it. If you want a co-Q to make it a little easier, ask someone or ask me. I will join you! I am proof you don’t have to be the strongest or fastest to give the guys a good workout! If that was the case, we would have the same 4-5 guys Qing every workout!

-Montross aka Tronmoss aka T-Ron, aka Dark Angel, aka T-Rock aka Montreezy

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