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Day: August 20, 2019

What a turnout!

YHC was mighty flattered to have such a big turnout on Friday morning for my first Q @ Downtown AO.  Bedpan and Watts Up volun….forced me into it!  It was a pretty lovely morning at 5:30am.  Here’s how it went down.  Or something like it.  Can’t find the weinke and YHC has slept several days since.



Warmup:  SSH x25 IC,  LBC x20 IC (I think), Derkins OYO x20

Mosey around the block to the start of the Watts Up burpee crawl.  Burpee at each light pole on the right side of the road up to 5.  YHC wasn’t clear with instruction, so we turned around and followed the work out machine known as Wet Nutz back to the start rather than going straight.

My downtown navigational skills are a little green, so Gastone led us in a group mosiy to the church with the brick wall in front.

Next exercises: DIPS x 20 IC, 25 Step ups each leg, Dips x 10 IC

Mosey to the parking garage.   Starting at the bottom ramp, 1 Lt. Dan.  Run to the top of the next ramp and do LT Dan, add a rep every time.  Counted up to 6 at the top of the parking garage.  These were fun, thank Gump for inspiring this one!

Next up, everyone in a line on top of the garage.  Three main exercises for some AMRAP.  Flutter Kicks, Merkins, Squats.  — Flutter kicks while person at end of line runs to the top of the next ramp and back.  All PAX switch to next exercise, Merkins, when #1 gets back.  All switch to Squats when #2 gets back.  15 minutes remained after getting the end of the line,  so we went through the line once more.  YHC was not stern enough, so partial chaos ensued while other PAX stayed the course.  Finished with that round, then back to the bottom of the packing deck.  5 more Lt. Dans at the bottom.

Mosey back to pavilion.  When all PAX retured, 20 LBCs OYO.  Aaaaand TIME.

Announcements:  911 memorial stair climb, Sept 14, Gaston Residential Services Fundraiser Casino Night Sept. 7,  Stop Soldier Suicide 5k Sept. 21st in Belmont, JJ5k Sept 28 in Stanley (see Sister Act),

Pray Requests:

Easy Rider’s family, kids and teachers starting school, students starting as freshman at college and those going back.

State Trooper from Cramerton, paralyzed, pray for familly and healing. Their family will need help with things like mowing lawn.

COT – Gastone led us out in prayer

Until next time…

Hot Times in Cramerton

Back to back Qs are not easy and not something YHC really likes to do. Pair it with interregional Qs and you have a real climb! Which kind of is an accident of geography. But after a big lead at Diamondhead the day before got the text from Breaker about needing a Q so YHC gladly stepped up at one of the best and probably most underrated AOs in the region if not the entire area (Metro, Gaston, Lake Wylie). Kind of has it all at SCHS. So there is always plenty of opportunity to make something happen. So as we gathered in the humid gloom YHC had a plan to take advantage of this opportunity. Went like this:


Stretch (arms and hand to palm)

SSH X 20

IW X 20

4X Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 10

Mosey to the center of the lot for 4 corners. Count off by 4s.

1st Corner: 10 Hand release merkins

2nd corner: 10 big boy situps

3rd corner: 10 CDDs

4th corner: 10 Jump Squats

Return to center after each corner and then 5 burpees so one round is 20 total burpees. Rinse and repeat this for two total trips around the circuit.

Mosey back to the loading dock for some partner work.

Round 1

P1 – American Hammers.

P2 – Run to the dock, jump up on it, 10 merkins. Run back.

Flapjack P1 and P2

3 repeats.

Round 2

P1 – LBCs

P2 – Run to the dock, jump up on ot and do 10 squats. Run back.

2 cycles.

Mosey to the front of the school.

Same partner for the following:

Round 1

P1 – Step ups on the concrete seats

P2 – run the lot and back


Round 2

P1 -Dips

P2- Run the lot and back


Round 3

P1 – Dirkins

P2 – Run the lot and back


People’s Chair on the school wall.

Air presses X 20

Alis X 20

Bear Crawl to the trash can (halfway to COT)

Karoke to the flag.

Mary with some extended protractors that included:

20 Scissor Kicks

20 Dollys

End and pledge!


Got with it today. Thanks to Breaker for asking me about it. I think we did agree to it about a month ago. was ready to lead even after yesterday at DH. Kind of topped things off! Great crowd as always at The Storm. Great to see Anchorman who is still recuperating. Prayers and support for him. Also the Hamm family and all they are dealing with. Sargento’s brother in law with his health issues.

Great to see some guys who have not been out lately. Slim Shady is a Kotter! Always good to have him aboard!

Great AO, great guys. Getting 10-20 a workout here so possibly the best attended AO in the region for morning workouts.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!





It was a very warm and sticky day. Almost to hot to eat a sammich but nonetheless 4 studs slapped on their packs and did some man work, aka rucking. We did some step ups, some squats, some merkins, some more merkins, some more squats, and around 2 miles.  Great morning men!

Announcements: BRR and some 5k runs coming up

Prayer Requests:  HoneyDo’s father recovering from surgery

YHC took us out with prayer

Block rocker

Took some inspiration from Short Sale from his Q last week and luckily Montross offered to bring the blocks.

Used the same app for intervals and it worked pretty good.

Block work for 2 minutes.

30 second run up to the tennis court.

2 minutes of non-block work.

30 seconds to get back to start.

Repeat several times.



Pray for Big Pappy’s family.

Pray for someone today who needs encouragement. Lots of people searching for something and enduring trials right now.

“Brothers, if you have any word of encouragement for the people, say it” Acts 13:15

Pray for someone who needs strength to lead their family and guard themselves through a trial.

“fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41:10


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