• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/15/2019
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Huckleberry
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Montross, Allen Tate, Broke, Stogie, Rockabilly, Blockbuster, Tag A Long, Tater Hole

9 men stepped into the gloom for what was sure to be an epic beat down.  The return of the Huck was upon Folsom.  These men had many options, but they picked the only AO that matters.

Ok, everything above was a lie except there were 9 men and YHC did have the Q.

Mumble chatter was running rampant before the beat down started.  Allen Tate was even about 5 minutes early.

Montross shows up and immediately asks Blockbuster (FNG returning from Tuesday): “How’s your Butt?”  I was then pretty excited I was not at Folsom on Tuesday.  It was very evident that Medicine Woman had the Q for that occasion.

05:30 hits and it was time to clock in.

Disclaimer: (I’m obviously not a professional.  I will be giving suggestions, feel free to accept them or modify as needed.)

Warmup: Toy Soldiers x 10IC

Let’s mosey

So – YHC has not been to Folsom much lately.   The last time I was semi-regular, the path from the launching point to the amphitheater was messed up.  So, not knowing if it had been fixed, I decided to have Montross lead us to the desired destination.   Big mistake.   He found every mudhole at Folsom.   Not only was it muddy, the mud was slicker than owl crap.

We arrived at the amphitheater to be reminded that the wasps are still there… so we mosey on to the lower turd shack.

Most may know, but I am kind of a fan of wall work.   So… ascending testicles is the next exercise.   A little mumble chatter about the name of the exercise and then the men went to work.

Next was three rounds of donkey kicks and hip slappers.

We then went back to the packing lot.   Lunge half, nur the other half.

Mosey to the tennis courts.

I saw online where Jocko talked about a workout that consisted of 20 lunges (I changed this to squats), 15 merkins, 10 WW1 and 5 burpees.   The goal was to see how many rounds you can complete in 20 minutes.   We did 10 minutes of this.   I’m not sure of the number everyone completed, but I am certain Broke won this event.

Next we did 30 seconds of an exercise with a little rest in between.   Exercises were burpees, high/low plank, low squat hold, high plank and burpees.

Fellowship mosey back to the launching point for the pledge and 22 for the vets lead by Blockbuster.


COT: Remember and support Pizza Man’s event on Saturday, the upcoming 5Ks and races.  Prayers: each other, our children, Big Pappy.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

Really enjoyed being out with you men today.   This is my first weekday post in far too long.   Big thanks to Broke for making the trek to Folsom for a weekday workout.

Philippians 4:13