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Day: August 5, 2019

Gastone’s Birthday

7 Pax strong to begin the work week and as luck would of have it to celebrate Gastone’s birthday.   In hindsight, we should of saluted with rounds of 50, however, it was early, YHC was tired and trying to determine how much to push.  Probably more so for YHC as I’ve gotten very good this summer at fart sacking.

Started with the disclosure

As I compile the backblast, just realizing YHC missed the pledge.  Q fail for sure.  My apologies

Warm Up

SSH x 25 ic

MNC x 50 ic

LBC’s x 25 ic

Merkins x 10 ic

Mosey to the old HT parking lot

The Thang

20 big boy sit ups; followed by a plank; turned into Nolan Ryan’s each arm

Then run around the backside of the shopping center and back to the starting point

Rinse and repeat x3

Being that numbers were a bit lower, it was time for some group think.  Great way to build collaboration, engage the full PAX and have a little fun.  What we didn’t know, couldn’t hurt right?

Each #HIM named an exercise and we went in orders with Four  Corners across the front parking lot

Corner 1 – 20 jump squats (courtesy of Dry Rub)

Lunge walk to next corner (courtesy of Capt Stubbing)

Corner 2 – 20 monkey humpers (courtesy of Pedals)

Mosey to corner 3

Corner 3 20 Michael Phelps (courtesy of Easy Rider)

Leisure beach stroll to next corner (Spiderman – must of had vacation on his mind, was a much needed breather)

Corner 4 20 merkins (courtesy of Island)

Mosey to corner 1; rinse and repeat x3

Line up below the atm machine on the yellow line – full length of parking lot suicides, lst light, 2nd light, 3rd light return

Meander back down the parking lot with arms above head with 20 air presses

At bottom of parking lot, pair up for bear crawl 1-2-3 to first section of parking lot and back;  Partner A bear crawl while Partner B performs – AMRAP which consisted of SSH’s, Plank Jack’s and Seal Jacks

Meander up to Neil Hawkins Road, arms above head with 20 air presses

Mosey to wall

Some time left

Dips x 15, step ups each leg x10; rinse and repeat x3

Mosey to the start – TIME

Announcements – Aug 17th event in Dallas; see Pizza Man

Prayer Requests – Spiderman’s father in law; some surgery with complications

Thanks for the push men.  Good work.  It’s always an honor to Q.   Q spots are open over the coming months at Neverland and Martha’s House.   If you haven’t Q’d lately, time to get on the board.

Till next time



How can I Accelerate?

If you’ve never posted on a Saturday at Folsom, the best way to describe the experience is….entertaining. The mumble chatter is always plentiful, someone is typically being called out for their poor form or inability to properly count reps, the air is ripe with the pungent aroma of multiple PAX expelling the remnants of their last meal, and the workouts will leave you exhausted and ready for the fellowship to follow at the Country Kitchen. This day would prove to be no different as 21 PAX gathered in the newly paved (kinda sorta) parking lot to get the weekend started.


No FNG’s so the quick version of the disclaimer. Imperial Walkers x10IC, SSH’s x10IC and Moroccan Nightclubs while we waited on those coming in hot. Another Folsom fact, someone will always be coming in late (usually Sparky).


Whenever I have the Q, I try to leave the PAX with a thought, verse or other words that they will hopefully be able to take with them and use to become better. The focus of today was Accelerate and at various points during the workout I wanted to offer the PAX ideas of how to accelerate their personal growth.


Point #1 – To accelerate you have to believe in yourself, if you don’t you’re going to struggle. You must believe in where you are going before anyone else can.


Mosey out of the parking lot and head toward the main entrance. Make a stop at the fork in the road for 25 American Hammer’s, 25 Flutter Kick’s and 25 Mountain Climbers all IC. Rinse and repeat when we get to the flag. While we’re here let’s go ahead and get the pledge.


Point #2 – To accelerate ask friends to hold you accountable. These friends need to be part of your inner circle and not afraid to let you know when you’re under performing or changing for the worse. Listen to their feedback.


Let’s mosey across to the parking lot for….The Cooper. 10 Burpee’s, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins then a lap around the parking lot. Next round 9,9,9 and a lap all the way down to 1,1,1. This is a tough routine and Gump was out front making it look easy. SA and Seuss weren’t far behind and I believe most made it all the way through before YHC called time to move on to something else.


Point #3 – To accelerate find a mentor. This should be someone you have a genuine connection with and value spending time with. Both of you must be willing to discuss things that may seem difficult in order for it to work.


Mosey back to the fork in the road and this time, 25 LBC’s IC, 10 Big Boys OYO and 10 Oblique Crunches each side. Head down Sportsman Drive to where the trail splits off and repeat the above. This was about the point where Volt started to question YHC’s choice of locations for ab work. I think he’s fond of the new asphalt, but part of the allure of Folsom is the way you feel during the post workout shower when you realize you have road rash on some unfortunate parts of your body.


Point #4 – To accelerate you must feed your brain. Read books, listen to podcasts, study materials, etc. related to what you are trying to accomplish.


Let’s head to the amphitheatre. PAX choice of route, straight shot or take the long way around the pond and through the parking lot. Partner up and wheelbarrow to the sidewalk where both PAX perform the called exercise, then mosey back to the bottom. Swap places on the wheelbarrow and repeat. 25 SSH first round and 25 Seal Jacks for Round 2.


Point #5 – To accelerate you must learn to appreciate more. Appreciate your loved ones, friends, work, freedoms and all your blessings. Gain positive energy through appreciation.


3 rounds of 10 Dips, 10 Derkins and 20 Rocky Balboa’s then back to the start.



Whetstone, Q Source, COT’s, etc. are all tools available through F3 to help you accelerate. When you’re accelerating you are changing patterns and habits and it’s going to take time. Give it a chance and push through the difficult times.



8/3 – Tooltime party at Sargento’s (this was a great time and thanks to Sargento and his M for hosting!)

8/17 – Event at Rankin Lake 10am-2pm in remembrance of Pizza Man’s niece

9/14 – 911 stair climb in Charlotte

9/21 – Belmont Stop Soldier Suicide 5k/10k SFN event

9/28 – JJ 5k at Common Ground in Stanley


Prayer Request

Those battling addiction

School starting soon

Each other

Snowbird campers returning home

Def Leppard’s M having surgery


Def Leppard took us out.


Thanks to Montross for reaching out and offering me the chance to Q. Folsom is one of the many great AO’s in our region and the Country Kitchen never disappoints. It was great to see the legendary Huckleberry back out in the gloom this morning, we’ve missed you brother! Tclaps to all the PAX for pushing the rock and helping me to accelerate. The Cooper is probably my least favorite routine and there’s no way I would have called it if I didn’t have you guys continuing to push me to get better.


I’m Broke


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