• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 07/31/2019
  • AO: SnoBalls
  • QIC: Defib
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff, Buckeye, Captain Stubing, Hushpuppy, Watts up, Shooter, Easy Rider

Lets just say I’m sorry (not sorry) for the arm and chest beat down that occured at Marthas on Wednesday.  8 Pax who were formally my friends decided to show.  Everyone knows that I love to run so I deciced to take it easy on the non-runners in the group and mix things up.  Without furher ado we started with standard disclaimer and pledge.  Warm up included SSH, Merkins(sorry), Imerial Walkers and LBCs.


The thang:

Run to KFC to pick up a rock (preferable one that you felt some kindred spirit towards).  YHC explained that I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic as my oldeest is about to fly the coup for college in two weeks.  I have been reminiscing about all those times when she was a baby (thus the inspiration for the rock).  This would be your baby (it was to go where you go and you would be responsible for it). Insert evil emoji.  Called exercise was a complex form of 11’s with a partner.  Probably too complex to express in writing (and certainly too complex to be followed by 8 tired pax at 5:30) but the idea was to do 11’s with a stopping point in mid run .  Beginning in the center of the parking lot, partner up –  one partner ran one way partner two in the opposite direction (carrying rock of course).  Here is where there may have been a slight Q fail.  Exercises called were turkish getups on one side and merkins on the other.  When you cross your partner in middle do 10 booyah merkins. – perhaps a little heavy on the merkins.  Original plan was to do multiple rounds of different 11’s but time was an issue and we only completeled one round.  We finished with a trip to the ATM (because babies are expensive) for ATMs (Alternating shoulder taps, Tempo merkins and regular Merkins).  Finally mosey back to start for a round of Lazy Dora (my daughter’s favorite cartoon- I told you I was nostalgic) which included one partner doing an exercise and the other planking  – Exercises included sets of 10 merkins, lbcs and squats until time called.  All in all I counted 295 Merkins- again Sorry /not sorry.



Just want to emphasize to all the dads out there that for those of you who have not experienced sending a kid off <TIME IS SHORT>  Treasure each moment and make the best of each opportunity you have to shape, mold, influence and encourage your child to be the best version of him/herself.  You get one chance at today – not everyday will be your best work, learn from your mistakes, do better tomorrow but whatever happens – make the best of it!