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Day: August 3, 2019

Baby Rock

Lets just say I’m sorry (not sorry) for the arm and chest beat down that occured at Marthas on Wednesday.  8 Pax who were formally my friends decided to show.  Everyone knows that I love to run so I deciced to take it easy on the non-runners in the group and mix things up.  Without furher ado we started with standard disclaimer and pledge.  Warm up included SSH, Merkins(sorry), Imerial Walkers and LBCs.


The thang:

Run to KFC to pick up a rock (preferable one that you felt some kindred spirit towards).  YHC explained that I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic as my oldeest is about to fly the coup for college in two weeks.  I have been reminiscing about all those times when she was a baby (thus the inspiration for the rock).  This would be your baby (it was to go where you go and you would be responsible for it). Insert evil emoji.  Called exercise was a complex form of 11’s with a partner.  Probably too complex to express in writing (and certainly too complex to be followed by 8 tired pax at 5:30) but the idea was to do 11’s with a stopping point in mid run .  Beginning in the center of the parking lot, partner up –  one partner ran one way partner two in the opposite direction (carrying rock of course).  Here is where there may have been a slight Q fail.  Exercises called were turkish getups on one side and merkins on the other.  When you cross your partner in middle do 10 booyah merkins. – perhaps a little heavy on the merkins.  Original plan was to do multiple rounds of different 11’s but time was an issue and we only completeled one round.  We finished with a trip to the ATM (because babies are expensive) for ATMs (Alternating shoulder taps, Tempo merkins and regular Merkins).  Finally mosey back to start for a round of Lazy Dora (my daughter’s favorite cartoon- I told you I was nostalgic) which included one partner doing an exercise and the other planking  – Exercises included sets of 10 merkins, lbcs and squats until time called.  All in all I counted 295 Merkins- again Sorry /not sorry.



Just want to emphasize to all the dads out there that for those of you who have not experienced sending a kid off <TIME IS SHORT>  Treasure each moment and make the best of each opportunity you have to shape, mold, influence and encourage your child to be the best version of him/herself.  You get one chance at today – not everyday will be your best work, learn from your mistakes, do better tomorrow but whatever happens – make the best of it!

Forrest Gump 76 on Avon St.

August 3 has been a significant date my entire life.  My Father was born on this date in 1943.  Today is his 76th birthday.  Being the first August 3rd without him, I requested the Q at Gashouse not really knowing how it would go.  Late yesterday, I attempted to put together a weinke for the workout but was unsuccessful.  I decided to see how it would go.

No FNG’s.  Short disclaimer.  Let’s do a quick warm up.

38 IC Side-Straddle Hops (A multiple of 76)

Dry Rub takes the Painlab group and the bootcamp group heads off with YHC.

Quick Stop at the flag out front for the pledge.

The Thang

Before this moment, I really wasn’t sure what we were going to do.  I stood there briefly and realized I had to head back toward Lineberger Park for a workout I have not done in a long time…the Forrest Gump.

Off we went to run to East Garrison Baptist Church parking lot for some exercises as follows in multiples of 76:

38 Merkins OYO

19 Squats IC

38 LBC’s OYO

Mosey to Hillbilly’s Parking lot:

38 Merkins OYO

19 Squats IC

38 LBC’s IC

Mosey to the upper side of Lineberger Park past the railroad track to Avon St (I’ll explain why later) and over to the step area where fans/parents used to sit and watch baseball on the old field (where I played machine pitch and little league baseball).  Exercises as follows:

Dips IC X 38

Step ups IC X 38

Flutter Kicks IC X 38

Rinse & Repeat one more set of each

Mosey down through the park to the Flag Circle area from some quick partner work:

Partner 1 does exercise while Partner 2 runs up the path to the top of the steps at the Pool and back.  This is repeated until each person had performed 304 Freddy Mercury’s.  (Harder than expected for YHC)

Time to start the mosey back to the Schiele.  Next stop back at Hillbilly’s for another round of exercises:

Derkin’s IC X 19

Dying Cockroaches  IC X 19

Monkey Humpers IC X 19 (Rear to the road)

Mosey to East Garrison Baptist Church for the final round of exercises:

Merkins IC X 19 (No elevated spots for Derkins)

Dying Cockroaches IC X 19

Monkey Humpers IC X 19 (Rear to the road)

Box Cutters IC X 19

LBC’s IC X 38

Final Mosey back to the Schiele.

Final wall sits including some air presses IC X 38.

End of work.  Met back up with the Painlab group.

Several announcements:

BRR Rucking Group; Q Source on Sunday’s at 0730 @ Coconut Horse & Crossroads; 9/11 Memorial Climb on 9/14; One year anniversary at Mt. Hollywood on Monday.

Several Prayer Requests

The Moleskin (A very impactful day for me)

Whoopee posted he would be rucking at 0600 for some EC so I decided to join him.  I rolled in at about 0555 to find Whoopee, Roscoe, Watts Up, Voodoo & Boudin ready to ruck.  Off we went.  I have ran and rucked many miles of EC from the Schiele over the last 4 years over many different routes.   I was not leading the route today but as we turned back toward the Schiele from Bojangles, the lead guys decided to turn left on Avon St (just above Lineberger Park).  During the last 4 years, we have never turned on Avon St.  My Dad grew up on Avon St directly across from Lineberger Park and grew up walking across to the baseball field and played throughout his youth.  I told Boudin that my Dad grew up there but really didn’t realize what had just happened.  Why today?  As I brought the group out to Garrison Blvd for the bootcamp, something tugged at me to go back to Avon St, again, something I had never done during a workout at the Schiele.  Frankly, I got chills after the workout when I had time to reflect on what just happened.  Maybe my Dad was looking down at us, hopefully smiling as we went through exercises in multiples of 76.   If he was, I’m sure he laughed at our rear facing the road monkey humpers.

I’ve had a lot of great and very impactful days and workouts with F3 but today was near the top of the list.  I felt a lot of support and inspiration , especially just after the workout as I exchanged words and hugs from several of the PAX.  Thank you.  It’s been 11 months since my Dad’s passing and it is still something I think of daily.  You men have helped me every single week for the past 11 months.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Inappropriate Touching

That click bait title got your attention didn’t it. Don’t normally read The Pub backblasts because they’re boring, right? All those guys do is run, right? Where’s the fun in that. Well you’re here now so you might as well keep reading to find out from where the title came. Here’s how we got there…

YHC showed up much earlier than usual on this mild Thursday morning. This was even noticed by Roscoe who greeted me with a “You’re here early.”

With about a minute to go before 0530, YHC barked out the route sounding like Mama Fratelli from the Goonies. At that point, allergies were getting the best of me, and YHC felt and sounded awful.

The route… Armstrong Park to New Hope via Perry St/Lee St. Right on Armstrong Park Dr. Right on Armstrong Park Rd and back to The Pub.

YHC and Breaker Breaker took a detour to shorten the route and arrived before a few of the other PAX. (Here’s where the title comes in) Upon return, there was talk of inappropriate touching along the way. As Q, I cannot confirm there were any inappropriate actions. Even so, I’m sure the disclaimer (which I skipped) covered that. However, the supposed offended PAX did show up with his shirt off. And the accused offender did leave prior to the COT. Take what you will from those details.

Order was restored in time for the COT.

911 Stair Climb on 9/14
Tool Time Party at Sargento’s on 8/3
Event for Pizza Man’s niece at Rankin Lake on 8/17 (10am-2pm)
9/5 Ragnar Event
9/21 Belmont Stop Soldier Suicide 5k
Udders from F3 G’boro looking for BRR runners

Prayer Requests
Lynn Helms and family
Def Leppard back injury
Families traveling
Officer Wooten
Whetstone and QSource

Prayer to take us out

Until next time…

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