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Day: July 18, 2019

They call him TaterHole ……… also?

So…. what to do when faced with a HUGE potentially life changing/ mind altering event? Well first you post it on Slack. I posted that there “may” be 2 Taterholes in our little neck of the woods … thoughts of time travel ran mostly in my brain ….. ( kept searching for Dr. Emmitt Brown and his DeLorean or train….. neither arrived) but in no short order …. Short Sale posted “…alien…” and here comes I.C.E. Dropping down out of the sky …. when all of a sudden the Citizens Band channel of Slack squawks to life “ Breaker, Breaker…. can you hear me ….. this is Breaker Breaker with important information ….. cease and desist … that man is on loan from Granite Falls !”
Order has been restored

On with the regularly scheduled program already in progress…

Disclaimer….. Pledge

Warmarama : MNC, arm circles forward then back, Imp walkers, lunge and lbc ….. all IC

Why so easy on the warm up? Well it’s hot for one ….. and the main event is about to begin and since it’s the return of something I tried Downtown back in April or May behind DSS with a really long hill …. I always felt the hill at the Goat May work better …. I was right!
So what’d we do? Burp Back Mountain! Partner up , P1 does burpees while P2 nurs the hill but runs back normal to trade off until reaching 100…. now we mosey over to gazebo and deconstruct Burp UPS …. 1 squat, 1 merkin and lastly 1. Pull up until we do this 10x

I now offer pax option A and option B explaining one is only a little more cardio involved ….. much mumble chatter but not about what’s on the table … try again and get my ass handed to me when I hear “ You’re the leader so lead!” Alrighty then !!!! So it’s gonna be option B … more cardio run back up hill behind buildings and use steps.
Originally was gonna just do individual “jacked up” exercises but chose for us to stay with our partners and while P1 does SSH P2 does Little Gumby( lil man) in the woods 25x then switch followed by seal jacks and plank jacks all to the tune of 25. Do this twice over and then I add two more with plank jacks and SSH once again achieving 25 each round. We are way ahead of time that I felt we’d have left so back to gazebo for 5 actual burp ups then mosey to little wall beside fire dept for dips and incline merkins with cadence count until someone recognizes that there may be some sleepers getting rest inside …. so ….. run like hell back to start for 7 minutes of Mary complete with obliques, dying cockroaches and s few more exercises until TIME!
Great job by all

I’ve really enjoyed stepping out and trying new venues and working out with others in the area that I don’t get to see in my normal haunts of downtown, gashouse, Neverland and Snoballs

Folsom dads /2.0 this Saturday 7
Same day …. Green River tubing

Farewell party at Sargentos for the Tool Times August 3 … rsvp on Slack

Convergence next Saturday? We were unsure

Convergence next month at The Yank as well as the last 2.0 event

Prayers for Time Frames parents, Dry Rub and Top Hat

One final notable moment came when I recorded namearama stopping the recording before entering my name in the books!! Doh!

Yoga & Hills

The day started off with the pax thinking we would begin the day with some SSH.
Well YHC had other plans since I heard Blart Wednesday mention that WoJo did some yoga so I thought it would be a great way to get the morning going.

In the beginning many pax did not care for the stretching but Im sure there Hips appreciate it.
Here we go:
God Pose, Cobra Frog, Frog, Pigeon, Bridge Pose, Downward Dog, then the Warrior. Mumble chatter and any chance to make a comment that could be said was spoken or thought of. So I yelled lets mosey and started the rest of the thang.

Hill Work: Run to the entrance of the Dog pound 3x, then 5 burpees.
Amrap 1 min each: LBC’s, Mo-Rockin Night clubs, Front &Back, Dying Cockroaches.
More Hill Work repeat above.
Amrap:American Hammers, HillBillies, Rocky Balboas. 1min Each.
Hill Work same as before.
22 for the vets.

2.0 day at folsom this Saturday, No Brainer Nationals 7/20 see ratchet, Tronmoss 5k 7/21
Prayer request for each other and those in need.

Bed Pan is Full..

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