• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 07/13/2019
  • AO: Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Wet Nutz
  • FNG's: Kipper
  • PAX: Tophat, Milburn, Anchorman, Freon, Dirt, Sister Act, Broke, Dr. Seuss, Edison, Breaker Breaker, Pockets, Sargento, Norwood, Headcase, Kish, Buckeye

Thu Yank

Grab a pair of brickpaver coupons it’s time to go shopping!

Warm Up (coupons in hand)

Moroccan Nightclubs x 50

Snow/Concrete Angels x 25

Shoulder Raises x 20

Shoulder Shrugs x 25

Mosey to Garibaldi Realty with your coupons

At every light pole (on your right) on Main St. full squat and shoulder press x 5.   Shoulder Plank  when done at Nichols Cstore.  Didn’t count but i’m guessing 10 total light poles on this parade route..

Recover… cross South Central and on the “hot corner” let’s do 25 donkey kicks for everyone boys!

Mosey 100 yards and partner up at the field of the mysterious camouflage soccer jersey….

Hear that?  Choo-Choo = 5 Burps!

4x Rounds – your partner runs out to the camo jersey does 50 mountain climbers, while other partner is sitting and getting diesel with unlimited shoulder flys with coupons in hand make sure to smile for all the traffic flow :>.  Putting on a show!

Recover…while in the field of the mysterious camouflage soccer jersey let’s do 2x rounds of 40 yard shuttle run sprints with our coupons…..recover and mosey to top of Myrtle Street.  To the stop sign, PAX mosey walk with unlimited front coupon shoulder raises.

From Stop Sign….mosey to Belmont Middle School benches.   OYO and fast as possible 50 dirken push ups but do shoulder push up rather then standard dirken with coupons under hands.   Break into four rounds if need to 20, 15, 10, 5….Shoulder plank when done.

Mosey to Belmont Middle parking lot and partner back up.    Coupons still glued to everyone’s hands.   3x Rounds.  One wall hops up and down on the five foot parking lot retaining wall and partner runs to the “wall of dreamz” and wall sits and smashes out 15 shoulder presses or flys and runs back tags off.

Down the stretch……..Mosey to Belmont Park….on the way stop to get Wet…stay thirsty my friends at water spigot….many PAX passed it up.  Laser focused on next challenge I guess. Impressed.. that’s fine, so on your six PAX.  With your coupons unlimited big boy sit-ups and one at a time let’s go down the pax line, attack the pull up bar.  Do as many as can pull ups come back to big boy sit up line until entire PAX  gets pull up credit.    PAX dominates.

No where else to mosey at this point.  Can only drop in to the newly famous Half Pipe.   Drop your coupons on the ground boys we dropping in shuttle run style.   Therefore, drop in running all the way up to main street stairs, go back get your coupon. Rinse and repeat..   No coupon left behind!

Mosey to the Yank circle it up men




Welcome FNG Kipper!


Lots of Wetness Observed after this one!   Way to Grit men!