• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 07/13/2019
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Stroganoff (Nantan), Hush Puppy, Ditka, Short Sale, Gump, Boudin, Stinky Bird, Freight (QIC)

9 PAX for a lovely morning at Gashouse. The weather was just beautiful. The temperature and humidity were perfect! That lie was even hard to type.  Anyway we didn’t stand around to long. Whoopee, who had been out rucking, had to hit the road but was going to stay for the warmup. Pledge, bye Whoopee! Let’s mosey. Off to the track we went and added in a lap for warmup.

The Thang:

So when I see things I’d like to do I take a screen shot on my phone and when I’m planning a Q I’ll glance back through these sometimes. So this one was borrowed from I think a Whoopee Q from about 2 years ago. Partner up, P1 runs one way and P2 runs the other. When you meetup do 10 booyah merkins. Keep running the same direction you were going but switch and NUR. Keep doing this until you get to zero. It was mentioned when this was done before it was at Sherwood and that track is smaller, yeah yeah whatever!

Once that was complete we tried something I borrowed from the honey badger in fort mill. Bear crawl 30 yds, turn around and broad jump back. After every 5 jumps stop and do 3 burpees. We did the style the recent record setter chose where you put your chest on the ground and hands out to the side. So this really sucked! Calls for an omaha were heard but ignored. I mean I wanted to but I had that moment of clarity that said this is why we are here. If we stop when it gets hard we won’t ever get better! So we did this for 5 rounds. Many were seen lying about the ground once we were done.

So we headed back to the wall at the Scheille for some more work. Walls sits, Mike Tyson’s, more wall sits with foot stomps and hallelujah’s. We finished off with a zombie walk and heard the bells ring as we made the turn in the parking lot.



Announcements- 7/20 F3 dads at Folsom, tubing. 7/21 Tronmoss 5k.

Prayer Request

Moleskin: T-claps to all for the hard push today. I definitely would not have done that on my own. Good to see Gump drinking the koolaid. Roscoe beasted a 7 mile run EC