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Day: July 2, 2019

Convergence at the Gashouse, combined

Disclaimer:  Watt’s Up

Pledge:  Watt’s Up

Watt’s Up and Linus had a vision, let’s get Bootcamp and Painlab to work out together.  They said it can’t be done?  Well, nobody said that, but we are going to get it done.  Fellowship mosey up to Grier, across the street and meet at the Pad at First Pres., or mosey up to Grier, to the track and complete two laps, meet at the Pad at First Pres.  Linus with some mumblechatter, and then somebody handed me a medicine ball.  Next  thing you know I am the six.  Good deal because the first exercise at FPC is on me!

The Thang:

Dora 1, 2, 3 – Linus

100 Merkins / 200 squats / 300 flutters (dual count) Pax mosey up steps and around building (The Pad), modify can fellowship mosey and stop at the top of steps or lunge walk.

Mayor 10 second countdown: 3rd time is the charm for Mayor after two real 10 counts, toss the Deck of Death card and chat about F3 Dad’s.  Next F3 Dads events are at Folsom and The Yank.

Round of Mary  – Short Sale

Four Core (in cadence count) 4 count of Jack Merkins, In/Outs, Spider-man Merkins, Ski abs jump up, overhead clap, repeat 1 minute.

30 seconds of:  Fifer Scissor Alt Punch, Big Boy Sit Ups, American Hammer, Freddie Mercury, X-Crunch, Long Arm Crunch, Plank Knee Tap, Hold Plank, Baby Makers (though I am not sure everybody lasted the entire 30 seconds), see Short Sale for soundtrack if needed, name not guaranteed to be kept covert.  I could have used a cigarette.

Pass Ball – 10# – Watt’s Up

Pax lines up in standing position facing each other.  25 Monkey Humpers OYO:

Al Gore position, Pax toss 10# pound medicine ball back and forth to each other, rinse and repeat (bring ball back) several times.  Penalty if ball is dropped for all Pax, 5 burpees and ascend to 20 max.  Each round take one step back, rinse and repeat as many times as needed.

Dora 1, 2, 3, 2nd round – Linus

100 Rotators or Heels to Sky / 200 American Hammers / 300 Flutters (all single counts)

Pax mosey up steps and around building (The Pad), modify can fellowship mosey and stop at the top of steps or lunge walk.  Seems silly after Short Sale ab destructor.

Mosey/Fellowship Mosey back to the Schiele.  Pax that get back first please double back for the six.

A couple Deck of Death Cards later……time

Words of faith and Inspiration by Monk courtesy of Def Leppard.


  • Murph at 7:00 at Martha Rivers July 4, Whoopee for details
  • Stroganoff mentioned the importance of Q Source and locations each Sunday
  • 7/21 Tronmoss 5K @ Crossroads.  Collections will be taken and donated to F3 Rowdy @ Suncoast, Missionary work.  There will be three divisions, Hate / Regular / Respect.  It is assumed Gold Digger will take the Hate division and possibly double down to get the Regular as well.  Seuss will take the Respect level
  • 9/14 Duke Energy Building, Charlotte NC, 911 simulation climb, more information to follow
  • Least of These Carolinas serves over 300 foster kid’s with 80 homes in Gaston County.  August 7-11 (check dates) camp at Crowders Ridge needs chaperones.  The event is in jeopardy of being cancelled due to lack of supervision.  See Anchorman for any details, your help is needed.
  • 7/13 FIA in Lake Wylie, 7:45 at Oakridge Middle School.  Hushpuppy has volunteered to hold a 2.0 friendly workout so any and all mom’s can go
  • Whetstone – Roscoe is Q, please enroll if you are not already and become a part of this program.  Tooltime approved.
  • 7/4 – 6:30 – until (tbd) at The Yank, special workout and reading of the Declaration.  Special guest speaker Sam Warner with FPC.
  • Tuna 200 Team 2 still in need of Pax


Montross and EZ Rider, family

Lewis family

Monk and his family move

My apologies for the delay in this backblast.  Life is moving at the speed of life.  48 Pax I think at multiple confirmation counts.  I cannot declare enough the emotional high’s that Watt’s Up and I had after this event.  We had an absolute blast and hope you did as well.










It’s about time!

I think it was a beautiful morning to Q the Yank again. We’re 3 years into the easternmost of all Gashouse AO’s and still going strong. In this version of our favorite AO Short Sale played DJ for YHC’s workout. His interpretation of what he thinks I would listen to is entertaining to say the least. We appreciate his dedication to lifting up our region. It was a thing of beauty. This is what I remember…


  • Arm Circles
  • High Knees

Mosey around the corner and up the long hill to the convenience store. Cross the street and do brief wall sits for the 6. Keep going down the street until everyone arrived at the middle school.

The Thang:

The Figure 8 – at each point do 20 reps of the appointed exercise as follows:

  • Merkins
  • Arm Taps
  • Burpees (damn you Q)
  • Goofballs
  • Dips (it was at this point that Short Sale had “Rubber Band Man” play on the speaker. Holy cow)
  • Arm Taps
  • Burpees
  • Monkey Humpers

Rinse and repeat another round. Yeehaw!!!

Mosey around the corner again down to the Pit for some

Dora 1,2,3,4 – partner up and do exercises while your partner runs to the traffic barricades and back.

  • 100 reps WW situps
  • 200 reps of ?
  • 300 reps of ?
  • 400 reps of LBCs

Mosey around the corner to the narrow street beside the railroad tracks for one last hurrah. Lunge walk to each painted line where we do a squat. Do it all the way to the end.

Mosey across the street to the fountain for a couple laps of the Death Spiral. Up the steps to the Fighting Yank statue and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The End!

Sargento out!

What About that Shade?

Continue reading

Zero to no running

Yes …. you read that right . This workout was inspired by Broke who I explained to assembled pax about 1-1/2 months ago q’d the Storm running us all the way to Goat island and back then attempting to reach Midoriyama all the while adding exercises that made me wonder what it would be like to Q and not really move or move far without using coupons either. Top hat the other week spoke of too much running a few weeks back and I’d told him of this Q having “Zero to no running involved “, but unfortunately he was not present ….. so….
Arrive early to see Boudin…. yes Boudin is back and looks strong … rucking … I quickly grab my weighted vest and join in for two trips around parking lot. This HIM told me his plan to follow Whoopee going for 75 miles this month!
So with 5 minutes to spare , doff gear and greet pax assembling . Dirt has youngest son in tow for an FNG , this is another first for me never having led at the Storm and now an FNG!
Start with pledge and then MNC 10 count IC
1 burpee
10 D Q. IC
2 burpee
10 I W IC
3 burpees
4 Burpees ( I accidentally did 5 forgetting and getting ahead of self
10 cDDs ( I think) IC
Now….5 burpees

Move slowly over to upper lot after having pax deliver the 5 core principles to our new recruit

Escalating four corners!
Corner 1. 25 merkins
Corner 2. 25 merkins and 50 plank jacks
Corner 3. 25 Merc 50 PJ and 75 lbcs
Corner 4 same as above adding 100 cDDs
When moving from corner to corner … remember NO running! We ….. NUR
Thankfully it was so humid sticky and hot … I chose not to deescalate… but we must do 5 burpees for the train that rolled through ….. Slaw was so happy!
NUR to school where we do 3 rounds of 10 dips 10 derkins and I choose to NOT use exercise I planned on of Hip slappers but change over to 10 burpees for Slaw! …. funny how there was almost no mumble chatter until I tell all this …. many thanked Slaw!!
Then Doodles mumbles about preferring some running , someone mentions setting Strava on drive home to get ANY running in …… soooooo…. I modify next exercises for Doodles giving pax 100 high knees 100 mountain climbers and 100 squats … we next lunge back and circle up and since there’s plenty on the clock we complete 2 short rounds of exercises I was originally going to call ….. ABC s … since were at school
25 A American Hammers
25 B Big Boy sit-ups
25 C CDDs
25 s squats
Still 3 minutes … I ask Boudin for 10 count ….and ask him fav exercise … Burpees….. how many? 5!
I look to other side ask Slaw what is …….. Sister Acts fav exercise ( we all KNOW if called on what was coming …. so I threw a curve ball which really messed both guys up …. so I asked SA what his exercise would be and he calls Mike Tyson’s and tells us 10 andddddd time!

No Diablo Sammich this Thursday , but Whoopee will bd leading a Fourth Murph at 7
All other AOs will be open as usual in the morning with a Special edition of The Yank at 7 where the Declaration of Independence will be read!
There will NOT be a Midoriyama workout this Thursday (7/4)
Possibly another tubing event 7/20 more to follow
Folsom F3 fathers/ 2.0s on July 20 at 7:00 ( yes … that time is correct according to Mayor)

We next name the FNG …. takes a few minutes which surprised me … I tried not to influence the pax but when David mentions his dad (Dirt) and mentions for second time being in school in Idaho…..
I ask all what comes from the dirt or is grown in the dirt ? Finally someone calls “mud!”…. I ask the pax one or 2 agree …. then “spud” is called out ….. in all fairness I ask all “mud?” Again only 2 agree so I now call out “spud “ and get a better response … so welcome Spud … son of Dirt!
Prayers for Boudins brother in law and upcoming surgery
Montross’ mother ( tumors)
Continued prayers for Lynn Hamm to remain cancer free
3 members of Breaker Breakers church who are deploying soon ( infantry) newly married all …..one in Texas, another California and the other in Kuwait

Thanks to all who attended or influenced me in today’s exercise


SAC – Sexy Ass Cardiologist. He was chased 5 miles by a bunch of HIM. I heard screams from woman all over, well maybe, It may have just been Quiche. Not quite sure.


Announcements & Prayer requests

YHC took us out


D-Day Ruck

We got in 2 miles as we remembered those on D-Day. While we rucked we took a short marching break and pretended to storm the beaches at Normandy. We army crawled halfway across the soccer field as if we were crawling under the barbed wire. We then switched up to bear crawl the remaining half of the field.


Announcements and Prayer requests

YHC took us out


It Taint that hard

No repeat Q fails for me today. Yes, YHC had a major Q fail for the first time in my time at F3. I forgot I had the Q at Boar’s Nest on Sunday and I left Montross and Bed Pan high and dry. That said I had asked VooDoo on Sunday who had the Q this Tuesday at Bulldog as I thought i’d like to take it. He laughed and said “Uhh, You do!”. Well ill be damned, I forgot I signed up! Guess I need to re-enable those calendar notifications on slack and piss everyone off again just so i can be reminded of when I’m Q.

Any who, I was happy to be out at Bulldog again and excited to Q. Thought I’d do a little ladder action this go round.

10 PAX – 9 for KB workout and 1 Runner



  • SSH
  • Merkin
  • IW
  • Goof Balls

Round 1

  • Merkin x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 10
  • Merkin x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 15
  • Merkin x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 25
  • Merkin x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x30

Round 2

  • Goblet Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 10
  • Goblet Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 15
  • Goblet Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 25
  • Goblet Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x30

Let’s take a quick break and side lunge 25 yards and back to start point

Round 3 – New exercise: “The Taint Squat” (AKA: Coassack Squat) – This one really stretches out the taint.

During this round we discussed the taint a little more in detail. VooDoo offered up to give free taint massages at his office, no coupon needed. Some said that was gross, Rudolph said “Don’t knock it til you try it”.

  • Bodyweight Taint Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 10
  • Bodyweight Taint Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 15
  • Bodyweight Taint Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x 25
  • Bodyweight Taint Squat x 20
  • Kettlebell Swing x30


Mary – Round the horn PAX choice

5 Burpees, 10 Deconstructed Burpees, Modified Homer to Marge, Crunchy Frogs, French Fries, Plank with Leg Raise, Pickle Pointers with Leg Raise,  Box Cutters & 10 Burpees


By this time we were all sweaty and nasty. Someone pointed out Watt’s Up Poison Ivy, Sumac, Oak, Bret Micheals, i dunno what is was but it was poison something. Apparently he was wraslin with a peacock in the woods. Watt’s Up then proceeded to show us all of the mysterious poison sores all over his body, thankfully not his taint though. HunkAJunk then pipes up and said he’d make Watt’s Up jealous by stripping naked and running backwards through a corn field. Oompa Loompa got excited. Show to know!


Announcements: 2nd F event Tubing and F3 Dad’s (Folsom) Saturday July 20th (It’s like DeJa Vu)

Prayer requests: HunkAJunks Friend with Cancer, Belmont Police, HunkAJunks Shoulder

YHC Took us out

I know it’s been humid out and that might make us sweat a little more, but looking around at the aftermath (as HushPuppy has pointed out in his photo on the twitter box) you can tell these HIM put in a lot of work this morning. I noticed some had to modify some exercises today for various reasons, but when i saw them modify they still chose an exercise that pushed themselves hard. And that’s what you should do when you modify. Don’t modify to something easy, modify to something that still makes you push yourself. Great work by all. Love this AO!




Beautiful Sunrise

Low in numbers first day of July.  What we lacked in numbers was made up for by serious effort.  We went to some new places and did some familiar things. Show to know.

Moleskin:  took the chance to use mid year as a chance to re-set. Good time to use month of July to read a chapter from Proverbs each day.

Prayer requests: we started our prayer week with praying for our leadership: Stroganoff, Sister Act, Roadie,Def Leppard, Hucklebery, Hipaa, Mayor.  Also pray for Monk and his family

Always an honor


Fill in with Burpees!

Warm up

SSH 20 ic

20 merkins oyo

5 Burpees oyo


stop at each light pole with merkins

5 merkins, 6 Diamond, 7 wide arm, 8 rangers, 9 left arm staggered, 10 right arm staggered


circle up

5 Burpees, flutters ic, plank jacks

mosey back stopping at each light pole with merkins

10 right arm staggered, 9 left arm staggered, 8 rangers, 7 wide arm, 6 diamonds, 5 regular

Hit the small triangle area for 25 Monkey humpers Nur, 2 Burpees 25 Imperial walkers, 2 Burpees 25 shoulder taps

plank jacks, 5 Burpees


Hit the six for some flutters, Freddie Mercury, star crunches, 5 Burpees

mosey to the parking to finish up with

Bear crawls down 5 merkins Bear crawl back 5 Burpees. Big pappy called out 20 LBC IC. Montross called out Divers for 5 then we hit some more Burpees and merkins. Finished up with Rock balboa’s 20 IC with 10 merkins 2X



tronmoss 5 k, register for Christmastown 5k

prayer request

Montross family, Ratchet family, medicine woman family and My brother in law being deployed Thursday, Each other!


Know that God will sometimes load us down with trials and troubles to test our faith and trust in him. God only does those things to make us stronger! It’s hard for me and any believer sometimes but know that God loves us and he will never forsake us! Thank you men for the opportunity to lead.

Round up is OUT


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