Six runners, 2 ruckers, one drive by, and Roadie showed up at Crossroads to celebrate Oompa’s second birthday Q, and yes, I am nearly as old as Methuselah, if you care.

YHC drove into Ingle’s parking lot and found Freight and the wise OLD man Def Leppard left to run at 0615 with no Sister Act or Dr. Seuss in sight. Almost immediately thereafter, the two showed up, with Sister Act whining about something hurts. Blart rolls in hot, and at 0630 off we go. Sister Act and Dr Seuss in the lead with Blart on right their heels taking the long route around Folsom via the Prison. YHC took a short cut.

Eventually, all returned safely for the pledge and prayer requests. Thanks to Montross for starting the serenade of Happy Birthday to Oompa. Good to see ya Roadie!

Announcements: Green River Tubing July 20 details to follow;  2.0 Workout July 20 also; Murph July 4th at Martha Rivers; Yank open for business the 4th; not sure about the others – updates coming from site Q’s.

Prayers: Montross’ Mom; others unspoken; missing PAX.

Next year’s Q will be at Martha Rivers.