• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/18/2019
  • AO: Midoriyama
  • QIC: Clavin (r)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Broke, Tiger, Lil Sweet, Def Leppard(r) Oompa Loompa ( r), Slaw , Gold Digger and Taterhole

Shortly after another crazy beat down from Island I created this monster and filed it away for another not so rainy day. I also had a couple of ideas for parts of s workout inspired by some of pax who coincidentally post Midoriyama lately … sadly they were not present….
Last week while posting I noticed several openings at sites I’ve never Q’d before and decided this bird needs to fledge and leave the nest. First was the Storm where I’ll be July 2, then I grabbed one from Dr Seuss at the Goat later in the month followed by my noticing a small want ad in the Slack section of the paper and decided what the hey…..later the same day I finally committed to my coworker who ( if you posted at the Murph recently) is Iced Tea and site q of Crows nest in Lake Wylie where I’ll be in August ( site unseen… never been …. if you wonder they meet Monday’s 5:15 Crowders Ridge Elementary.
Onto the beat down …. I began as always with pledge and proceeded to inform all that the warm up was inspired by Defib and what I lovingly call the cardio cadence count… it’s a double time count which we did for 20 and rapidly followed with 20 cadence count merkins… and we did this twice ! I gassed out at 18 merkins on the second round …..
It was remarked later that if you want to shut down mumble chatter … this is the way to do it!
Moved to bleachers and two rounds of 10 count each leg step ups and 20 dips and return to flag for a choice …. inspired by Freight….. but it was mentioned that there WAS an actual choice A and B .
Lil Sweet tried to vote both ways and then attempted to leave , all the pax pulled him out of the van kicking and screaming because his choice wasn’t chosen , but when we made him understand ( with his arms pinned behind his back ) that he won either way …. he saw the light and decided to rejoin the party ….
The pax chose A ( which I secretly hoped and Slaw was excited to learn of Burpees … so excited I could not explain the exercise for 2-3 minutes! ( choice B was escalators on soccer field of squats merkins plank Jax and lbcs)
However they chose the what I call Murder Suicide …. ran parking lot with no cars or traffic ( length of soccer field …. perhaps not wise choice) 1 burpees each end then 2 – 3 -4 and 5 each end at this point switched to half parking lot for diminishing numbers back to 1 …. pax inspired me to run whole lot on final one!
Next up to Dog Hill…. original idea was to run up hill for 11s but modified to choose your direction of to the trash can and back or to soccer goal doing squats at one end and monkey humpers facing dogs to see if any dogs might be interested ….. no takers today sorry to say.
Return to start for Mary …Freddy Merc ,America hammers and some crazy crap from Oompa that was a painful lbc keeping legs elevated for some damn reason !

Announcements for 2.0 workout Schiele Saturday and tubing later that day

Next Saturday convergence Schiele again all others AOs closed

Sign up for Tuna … Ragnar

Prayers for Blart, Whetstone , All pax and Oompa wanted to pray for guidance , understanding and hope for misguided individual he sees most mornings with bumper stickers of rainbow and what appears to be two men going at each other!

I thoroughly appreciated this opportunity and am glad to have seized it …. I’ve become so relaxed going to my usual workout sites and Qing those …. but the other month when I visited all sites I realized time to move out a little ….. there’s s lot to be said about the heat at Midoriyama …. it’s REAL ! Had arm sleeves with tattoos I had to rip off about 10 minutes in , which someone advised I do quickly !
Extra special thank you to Def Leppard for the ice cold water !!!!!!