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Day: June 10, 2019

Disney Hangover

So I apparently forgot…I think…about doing this BB, but better late than never. I had just gotten back from a Disney “vacation “ and was about dead to the world when I remembered I have Q tomorrow. Anyway a couple of Q fails later and it got done.  Here’s how it went.




MN 15 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Stackers:  Reverse stackers 20, 15, 10…

20 merkins

20 swings

20 crunchy frogs

20 Renegade rows

20 squat press

20 curls

20 Dips


Prayer Requests: none mentioned 

Prayer by YHC


Donation Ruck

5 HIM Rucked, did pullups, Step Ups, Dips & Merkins. We got in 1.8 miles


YHC took us out


Big thanks to Clavin for bringing lots of sports equipment, board games and toys for Ignited Minds

BlockBuster 5-9-19

13 Him showed up for the BlockBuster.


Warm up; SSH, ToySoldiers, LBC’s all X 15 IC

Run 1/2 mile

6 exercises

Run 1/2 mile

6 exercises

Run 1/2 mile

6 exercises

Run 1/2 mile

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