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Day: June 7, 2019

I can take a hint

After a small showing for Prison Break yesterday, YHC was confident that today would produce a better turnout. Well, I was wrong. I’m beginning to think Folsom just don’t want to post at my Q’s. I’m not going to take it personal by no means, after all, we are talking about Folsom.  That being said, 4 HIM are ready to clock in.


SSH, Gravel pickers, Hillbillies, all x10 IC



short mosey to the tennis courts. Q calls four corners. This is a pretty well known routine, but I made some changes. Mosey to corner 1 for 10 Merkins, then continue the full lap around the tennis courts. Once you arrive at start, 5 burpees. Mosey to corner 1 for 10 Merkins, continue to corner 2 for 10 Merkins and 20 squats, then finish the lap back to start. 5 burpees. Mosey to 1-10 Merkins, 2-10 Merkins and 20 squats, 3-10 Merkins and 20 squats and 30 LBCs. Finish the lap and grab 5 burpees. Continue the order up to corner four adding 40 American Hammers. Grab 5 burpees and make a final lap around the courts. Line up for some screw you buddy or whatever you call it. PAX calls an exercise then mosey a distance while the rest perform said exercise AMRAP. This routine went a total of 8 rounds with 8 different called exercises. I know seal jacks, Michael Phelps, mountain climbers, SSH, dying cock roaches, penguins, and a couple more. Time.

Announcements: collection for supplies for Ignited Minds(Pizza Man)

COT: Oompa’s family, graduating seniors, each other, Rockabilly’s friend with CF

YHC took us out in prayer


Rockabilly, runner in the making

Another great morning to log a few miles at Prison Break. As usual, Volt was on his route prior to anyone else arriving. YHC honestly thought it was going to be just us two, but Oompa didn’t let me down as he pulled in. Just as time hit, Rockabilly drives up. There were no Ruckers this morning, only runners and run/walkers. I was made aware that Rockabilly had been running more during today’s post. He has really come a long way in a short time. Way to push him a little more Oompa. FOLSOM PAX have mentioned it many times how Rockabilly keeps pushing out there. Great work brother!


announcements: Tuna 200 team signups,  toy and supply collections for Ignited Minds to Pizza Man

COT Oompa’s family, Rockabillys friend with CF, each other

YHC took us out in prayer

Blocks and Cooper

Midoriyama 06/06/19
Warm, breezy day at Gastonia’s premier afternoon workout and 12 rock pushers post for some work.
Goofballs x 10 IC
Don Q’s x 10 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 IC
Grab a Block from Slaw’s truck
Curls x 30
On Your six Chest Press x 30
Shrugs x 30
Repeat then repeat again for a total of 3 sets.
Mosey to the big soccer field at the back right of the park to find some shade.
I announced The Cooper.
10 Burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, lap around half of the soccer field, then 9,9,9 lap all the way down to 1,1,1 lap.
Defib was a blur and Sister Act right behind him with Slaw, Tiger and Freight not far behind. I think everyone completed it and it was a tough one. I am not a big fan of the Burpee and I am kinda infamous for my Merkin “form” but I know Slaw and Sister Act are fond of these things so I tried to make them happy with the workout today.
While we caught our breath, I talked about a power lifter from Scotland named Stuart Wadley who had an illness and couldn’t compete anymore and got very depressed and thought of ending his life. He eventually sought and got the help he needed and now works with an organization similar to F3 that encourages men to be upfront and honest with other men and get the support that we all need. I talked about how none of us would push as hard without the others to encourage us. Defib reminded us to reach out to the Kotters that we all know need to be around our F3 group. We moseyed back to the flag.
Announcements: 2nd F Friday at the Station in Belmont at 5:00 pm, Tubing on June 22nd, 2nd Team possibility for Tuna 200 in October, Ragnar Trail run teams being formed for October 5th, Supplies for a local school program.
Prayer Requests: I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this but Sidecar shared a great reminder about patience. He was in a hurry to get somewhere and things seemed to be happening to slow him down. Something tearing up and slow drivers in the way and he took a deep breath and was reminded to have patience. That is a good lesson for us all to remember. Tater Hole going through some things. Slaw, Defib and Stroganoff (and maybe others) have daughter’s graduating high school. Oompa’s family in the loss of his mother. Several of our guys (Lil Sweet and Blart) traveling.
COT Slaw took us out!
*NMM We wound up with 55 Burpees, 55 Squats and 55 Merkins after the block work and over 2 miles. Slaw, myself, Sister Act and Defib doubling up today after running the Pub this morning. You decide who the weak link is in that group (Hint: rhymes with Peppered). Termite doubling up on the Bootcamp workouts today which is always tough. CPAP and Tater Hole have both been pushing hard lately. Great work by all the guys!

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