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Day: June 5, 2019

Mike, Mike, Mike…What daaay is it?

It’s hump daaaay!!!

Somewhat warm and humid Wednesday, a worthy crew of 11 of Gastonia’s finest plus Slaw conquered the fartsack and braved the gloom to better themselves and the men around them.  What happened went something like this.




Stalling waiting on Whoopee to finish doing whatever it was that he was doing.

Goof Balls x 20 double count IC

Still stalling in eager anticipation that Whoopee might join us.

Hillbillies x 20 double count IC

Whoopee in a diva-like way shows fashionably late to the group.  Welcome princess.  We can go now.

The Thang

Mosey to the bottom end of the park’s parking lot near the playground for a groovy little number I picked up off of our friend Boudin who is on IR.  We are wishing you the best bro.  Looking forward to your rejoining the regulars.

The Alabama shuffle which is..lunge, lunge, 4 merkins.

Repeat this process from the bottom island to the next…approx 50 yards from my super duper accurate cable guy eyeballing skillz.

Mosey to the next island (not the HIM but the actual natural area in the parking lot).

Karaoke facing right to the next island.  Karaoke left to the last island.


Mosey to the grassy hill at front end of park.

Triple nickel…5 merkins bottom, 5 mountain climbers top, x 5.


Mosey to the parking lot in front of the maintenance shed fro some ab work.

All x 30


Oblique crunches right then left

Leg raises

Repeat entire set x 20 and then x 10.

This turned out to be a very flatulent portion of the morning.  Makes one appreciate the “held outdoors” core principle.


Mosey the long way around the ball fields to the picnic tables in front of the playground.

I announced that this would be the back and shoulder portion of the morning but as Gastone noted, it was kinda not.

Dips x 15 double count

Step ups x 20 each leg

Derkins x 10

Dips x 10 double count

Step ups x 15 each leg

Derkins x 10

Gastone noted that we did not reduce the count for derkins so…

Derkins x 10


Meander to the parking lot for more ab work

Same set as above

All x 30


Oblique crunches right and left

Leg raises


Over to the shelter for calf raises

Feet straight x 20 double count IC

Toes out x 20 double count IC

Toes in x 20 double count IC

American hammers x 20 oyo

Feet straight x 15 double count IC

Toes out x 15 double count IC

Toes in x 15 double count IC

American hammers x 20

Mosey back to the flag and time.


It was as always wonderful being in the gloom with “the fellas”.  If you are reading this and have not posted in a while, we for sure know the struggle of the fartsack.  It’s very real.  However, I speaking for myself have never regretted posting.  It is the very best way I personally have ever started my day.  As a matter of fact, it has gotten to where the day just is a little off on the days I don’t post.  If there is any way for you to keep this in mind at 5 am please do so.  Please know that you are missed.

If you know a Kotter, re-EH them.  Invite someone who you know can use it. This is too good of a thing to not share.

The guys are incredible.  This thing has helped to make me a better me all around (husband, father, son, employee, brother, friend, and servant).  Not to mention the health benefits!   An answered prayer for sure.


It was super cool seeing Stone Cold back out with his weighted vest.

Good to see Slaw on a Wednesday.

I could single out all the guys.  You are all awesome.  Encouraging, inspiring, supportive, and nice.  Aye fellas!



Convergence at the Gashouse June 29…Be there dangit!

F2 Tubing Green River…See Roadie.

Oompa Loompa’s mother’s visitation TONIGHT at Greene Funeral Home 6-8.


Trinity Key, friend of EZ Rider fell and is seriously injured.  Please pray.

Graduates and families.


Until next time.

Its a real honor to be even a small part.




Dry Rub’s Bulldog Roundup

Bulldog 6/4/19
My first Q therefore my first BB.

SSH x 15 in cadence
LBC x 10 in cadence

Split into groups of 3 or 4
Each group went to one of 5 stations to begin exercises…performed exercises as indicated and then rotated to next station. Total of 5 stations with 4 rounds at each…stations and exercises below: sequence was ST1, R1, ST2, R1, ST3, R1 etc…

Station 1
R1 – step ups x 20 each leg
R2 – squats x 50
R3 – sumo squats x 25
R4 – lunges x 10 each leg

Station 2
R1 – merkins x 25
R2 – diamond merkins x 25
R3 – wide merkins x 25
R4. – plank til you can’t

Station 3
R1 – suicides
R2 – bucket carry
R3 – blockees x 10
R4 – choice of one of the above

Station 4
R1 – flutter kicks x 25
R2 – LBC x 50
R3 – WWI x 25
R4 – box cutters x 25

Station 5
R1 – upright rows x 25
R2 – renegade rows x 15 each arm
R3 – overhead press x 30
R4 – tricep extensions x 25

Round and round we went with at least one of each station and round…I think most got through all stations plus!

Circle up for announcements:
Convergence June 29 at Gashouse
BRR ruck meeting 5/4/19 @ Harris Teeter 8PM
Roadie is organizing a raft/tubing trip tentatively June 22…stay tuned for more info

Prayer requests:
Dry Rub asked for prayers for his son who is just having a hard time with school and life etc.
Prayers for Oompa Loompa and his family.
Praise and prayers for recent graduates as they start their future as adults.

Closed in prayer huddle.

Bang, bang, I am the Warrior

Six Hims, couple M’s, all played in the mud, ran, climbed things, crawled through things, and best of all, no one got hurt at the NC Warrior Dash 2019.


If this isn’t permitted, please delete.

Who is Floppy Disk

13 PAX hit Midoriyama for the premier afternoon workout. Recently I’ve heard quite a few people mention they don’t know who Floppy Disk is. This is because he hasn’t posted in quite sometime because as he puts it “we run too much”(he likes to mtn bike).  So today I decided to introduce everyone to Floppy disk. Below is a workout he Q’d back in 2016. We modified a little-blockees were burpees and we added an extra lap at the end. This workout sucked!!!! I think everyone was quite surprised! Below was copied and pasted from that workout.


What is 2 + 2 yelled Floppy Disk, today’s Q. In unison, the men grunted four. Floppy retorted, NO! It’s three and I’ll prove it!

With a round of laughter, no one believed and they knew he was crazy.

Floppy took the pax to the ministry of love to prove to them that it indeed equaled three. Firing up a timer with intervals set at three minutes the first thang was yelled out. “Blockies”!

When that three minutes of horror ended, plank was shouted. Then squats, air jump ropes,  plank jack to sit-ups, star jacks, lunges, LBC’s, merkins and more. The onslaught of three-minute exercises didn’t stop until time ran out.

By the end, all were in agreement. “2+2=3” and love is hate.1

The Thang


  • Mosey a lap around the parking lot
  • Short break to fix the flag
  • Side straddle hop (20 IC)
  • Moroccan Night Club (20 IC)

The Thang

  • 3 minutes of blockies (30 second rest)
  • 3 minutes of low/high plank (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of squats (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of air jump rope  (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of plank jack to sit-up (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of star jacks (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of LBC (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of merkins (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of lunges (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of mountain climbers (should be renamed to Madoriyama  climbers)
  • 3 minutes of side plank alternating sides every 30 seconds.


Pledge, prayer, and while leaving we talked about some of the places in the bible that mentions the number three. Jonah in the belly of the fish for three days, Jesus’s ministry lasted three years, Peter denied him three times, the rooster crowed three times.



Who is Floppy Disk? FD is a good friend of mine. He is the guy who helped kill Fat Ricky. He got me tracking my food and going to the gym before F3. He was one of the founding 3 that started Midoriyama. He has and does a lot with our website. He covers the $100 server fee for us every year. He’s a great father and husband, a bit of an introvert but will talk to people if they will bother Def Leopard. He loves to ride bikes and hate’s to run. Between motorcycles and mtn bikes he’s broken about every bone in his body twice! You would think he would just give up and run but he falls down doing that too. All in all he’s just a good guy.

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