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Day: June 2, 2019

Let’s go to the track

Friday afternoon I posted on Twitter that there would be no weinke, no plan, no burpees, etc.  This was true until just before the workout.  Roscoe texted me he was going to run some EC before at 0545 (8 miles)….no way, I thought.  Actually, if I had woken up in time, I might have joined him but I did not….left it to Whoopee and Monk.  I did get to the Schiele in time for some EC Rucking just after 0600 and this allowed me to formulate my plan for the bootcamp.

Good crowd showed for Painlab and the Bootcamp.  Let’s get after it.

Quick warm up that included some SSH’s IC and Imperial Walkers IC….Short Sale decided to join us after his own EC.

Tiger took the Painlab group and YHC took the bootcamp group.

As we jogged out of the parking lot, Linus and Trivago were coming in from an EC mosey…..lots of EC today.

The Thang

We moseyed to the track at Grier from some in cadence reps and running as follows:

But first there was a train…..5 burpees OYO….so much for the no burpees

15 Merkins – 25 LBC’s – 15 Squats – Run half lap

15 Merkins – 30 LBC’s (oops) – 15 Squats – Run half lap

15 Merkins – 25 LBC’s – 15 Squats – Run half lap

15 Merkins – 25 LBC’s – 15 Squats – Run around track to the picnic table area

15 Dips – 10 Derkins – on track 20 lunges (per leg) – run lap around back to picnic tables

Rinse-Repeat two more times

10 Workins – 30 Flutter Kicks – 15 Monkey Humpers – Run half lap

Rinse-Repeat two more times

25 Moroccan Night Clubs – 25 Freddy Mercury’s – Run half lap


Mosey back to the Schiele – Time’s up

Good work men

Several prayer requests/announcements/name-o-rama

5 for Coffeeteria at Union Diner

I attempted to keep the workout moving, get in both some serious reps and add enough cardio to make it a struggle……it was a struggle for me.

As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Until the next one….Aye!


Search and Recover Mission

1 June 2019, 19:46 the post was made for all the world, or at least those that follow @F3 Whoopee and @F3Gastonia, so maybe just tens of people. Any who…a bold statement was proclaimed for a full-on ruck to launch at 0600 at the original Sunday Running AO – the famed Coconut Horse. One might figure this to be some rubbish talk that carried over from the typical Wednesday boasts about the new Diablo Sammich, often attacking the famed Pub AO. Judging by the attendance, it may fit snuggly in that category. Placing that aside, for now, 5 men arrived ahead of the pre-arranged time of 0630, stretching and even Stroganoff with a mile EC run – just to get the blood pumping. The last to arrive was Madoff, having been firmly EH’ed or challenged during Friday’s 2nd F celebration of Monk by Gastone. (For those of you wondering, Madoff is attending classes, gaining credits to earn additional accreditation for his profession – don’t worry, he’ll be back).

The Mission: We did not recognize any vehicles branded with our F3 logo other than our own. We surmised Whoopee may have rucked to the launch point simply because he is crazy like a fox or simply crazy. Our fearless Nantan took point taking us in an easterly direction before turning north on the Ho Chi Minh Trail leading to many of our AOs. No site of Whoopee and his troops but it was decidedly early with the sun on an upward ascent providing the necessary light for the concrete paths. Gastone and Madoff were following a few clicks beyond Stroganoff with Roscoe and I on rear guard. At the Hudson/Union post, crossfire traffic blitzed afore us before comz provided the all clear to cross safely. We adjusted position within our unit, handing the lead to Madoff and Gastone. The terrain led us down the escarpment, traversing the rushing waters from an off-shoot of the Catawba basin. Our command had prepared us well for this effort and we made it over the water bed and through the tunnel without so much as a scratch. Beads of sweat cascaded down Roscoe’s bare back. In missions past, when Whoopee was a runner and completing similar missions, at least before turning coat into a mother-rucker…they would often run shirtless together. There were times they braved cold temperatures to challenge each other’s man-hood, but it is a passionate bond they held in a gentle embrace…(wait that’s a different backblast – get them to share that story…). Marching on quick time, the trail was surrounded by dense brush and tree canopy. While providing some shelter from the rising heat, we had to search harder for Whoopee and his men as they could have gone off-road. At the halfway point, we encountered an aging gentleman in a faded North Carolina Basketball t-shirt. He was without a ruck and had no idea of who or what a “Whoopee” was despite fierce questioning by Roscoe. He said he was on his way to Wal-Mart for new gear. Despite Stroganoff and my objections, Roscoe freed him and allowed him on his way. We pressed on keeping a watchful eye for a counter attack, picking up pace knowing the switchback and Heartbreak Hill were fast approaching. Up the arduous hill, Gastone lost momentum. He ran 62.45 miles this week, up hill and backwards, so it was a reasonable that his energy was depleting in the 4th mile but he is as tough as they come and could handle the dangers from the rear. Our Nantan took point, confident he could find this lost sheep. Madoff circled back from the 6 and I told Roscoe to pursue Stroganoff in case he needed support. Our troop turned east for the final time, our rendezvous point was in site. We arrived at the Harris Teeter tired but unharmed. We thought the mission was a failure, but upon debrief, we learned Whoopee fart-sacked. It was then decided our mission was a success as the 5 of us were better for having pushed the rock another day. We were assured by the assistant to the corresponding secretary, medals of courage are forthcoming.

COT: prayers for a friend of Roscoe’s M that lost her son and learned her mother’s cancer is terminal; all the kids and teachers finishing school – all the graduates; June 1st is a day of celebration for my family; our first daughter, Mary Armstrong Coffey was born still 18 years ago on June 1st. My wife and I placed a scholarship at Forestview HS and happy to bestow that on a deserving student that would have been a classmate. Annoucements: 2nd F tubing on June 22.

Officially this is my first Q of the Coconut Horse – I have a few more to go to complete the grandslam and catch HIPAA and Sargento but like Tiger (not our Tiger but THE Tiger that won his 15th major at The Masters) I’ll hope to join that esteemed group one day.

Note: Monk led Qsource – attended by Gastone and Linus

Short Sale

Pain Lab

Getting work done. Late on thE b.b

Found It On The Internet

Just 2 of us today for a little morning ruck. With Bedpan Qing The Boars Nest in 2 weeks, I knew he would be there today and wanted to give him a little flavor for mixing in reps with rucking. I sometimes struggle to find new ideas for ruck workouts so I took to the internet. A quick Google search of “ruck backblasts” gave me some good ideas, but one in particular drew my attention. I found a workout from May 29th by Choker in Memphis that spoke to me. I did modify it a bit.

Bedpan had a bluetooth speaker so we blasted 90s hip hop as we strolled through the mean streets of Dallas, NC.

We head to the playground by the Franklin Gym for our first sets.

  • 1 minute AMRAP squats with the ruck on
  • 2 minute Plank with the ruck on
  • 4 Merkins in cadence with the ruck on
  • 8 Ruck Deadlifts
  • 16 Ruckbag Squat Thrusters
  • 32 Ruckbag Swings (kettlebell swings)

Rucks on, march! We made a quick stop at Pizza Man’s house for Monkey Humpers in his yard, rucked down to the old Rite Aid, navigated the worst sidewalk in Gaston County, and made our way back to Ingles. A little over 2 miles complete and, as planned, we have time for another round of exercises.

– 1 minute AMRAP squats with the ruck on
– 2 minute Plank with the ruck on
– 4 Merkins in cadence with the ruck on
– 8 Ruck Deadlifts
– 16 Ruckbag Squat Thrusters
– 32 Ruckbag Swings (kettlebell swings)


We joined the Crossroads CoT

Announcements: Convergence at Gashouse 6/29, bring donations for Ignited Minds program, 2nd F event 6/22 – tubing on the Green River, Tronmoss 5k Sunday 7/21 @ Crossroads

It was a pleasure to spend some quality time with a HIM like Bedpan this morning. Glad he and Big Pappy have gotten on the Q schedule. Look forward to having more guys join us.

  • Montross

Memorial Day Murph

41 men showed up on Memorial Day to honor all of our men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our great country.  The Murph workout is named after Navy Seal Michael Murphy who died while serving in our military.  So today we would complete the Murph to honor him and all the others.

The Murph:

1 Mile Run

100 Pull-Ups

200 Merkins

300 Squats

1 Mile Run

Appreciate all the guys pushing each other.  Good work men!  Good word from Stroganoff and Def Leppard during the COT.  Thank you for your leadership.  Welcom FNG, Honkey-Tonk!

Announcements: 2nd F Tubing on 6/22, Convergence on 6/29

Prayer request


Sister ACt

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