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Day: May 12, 2019

Mobile Pain Lab

I don’t like staying on one spot.  The view gets old.  So, we moved.

After the warm up we zombie walked out of the Schiele parking lot.  We stopped at the wall for some people’s chair and arm raises.  We zombie walked and crossed the street to the Library.  Oh look, some coupons! As always, I cranked the music and we did some suck.  Partner up for Dora 1-2-3.

100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 flutters.  Partner lunge walks to the coupons.

3 coupon stations: tire flips, 5 out and 5 back, walk back to the partner.  Station 2, bricks for 20 overhead claps.  Station 3 for 20 curls.  Walk back and switch with partner.  Do a different station at each change of the Dora exercise.

Once that was done, it was barely 7:30.  Go back to the pain stations and split up evenly to 4 stations

Tire  flips across the driveway, chest presses with blocks, curls with blocks, moroccans with bricks.  every time the tire flipper would cross the driveway, the stations would rotate, or 20 of each.

last exercise as Clavin put on his delivery uniform (he conveniently parked at the library),  we put the bricks back in the Pup-wagon.

I liked the song on the radio so we did some burpees while it played, then zombie walk to the road, cross safely, and stop on the other side for monkey humpers. About that time, boot camp came running up the road and joined us in the hump fest.

zombie walk to wall, then I asked Whoopee the moron to do some hip slappers.  20 IC.

then lunge walk some, then bear crawl to startex for some Mary.

finished off with lots of prayer requests.

Strong work.   Time for Cheese head to get a smaller shirt.  He’s lost the weight of a teenage human.


Stop asking “How’s tha back?”

So, worked out with bulldog a few weeks ago.  it was fun.  I asked for the Q on 5/7 and it was mine.

Short and simple, I brought some blocks and some bricks.  I played some music.  We curled and heaved the blocks, we morrocced and shoulder tapped the bricks.  We did some burpees and lunges in between. At the end we did some Mary. It sucked. I hope it hurt.

The back’s fine.  How’s yours?



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