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Day: May 7, 2019

Q-Fail. God’s Plan.

14 today at Midoriyama. 80 out, it was a nice afternoon for some sweat.

Wanting to put together an awesome workout, for two weeks I’ve thought about today’s workout. But for some reason nothing would come to mind. I guess I had “writers block”  as they say.   The only thing that would come to mind is laying down some  exercises and getting through the work out.   So I got my chalk out and lay down 32 exercises in the parking lot. With a plan in mind I wasn’t sure if it was going to work.

Time to begin. So we start with some side saddle hops,  then mosey over to the parking lot.   Five minutes in, I can already tell this wasn’t going to be pretty. Trying to give some instruction of my plan that I had concocted, it didn’t look like anyone was buying in to what I was selling. With that we lined up in the parking spaces and started. We changed the routine several times,  next thing you know time was coming toward an end. With the work out feeling like a disaster, we rounded up and headed back to the start for some mary.


Speed for need at the Belmont 5K.  Sign up or come help anyway.

Memorial day  Murph.


Prayer request.

Weezy and his daughter.

Gastone and family.

I’m sorry guys, there are others that I’ve forgotten.


Today’s workout was very disheartening at first, but ended my thoughts toward the father and his son Jesus. My church has gotten a new pastor whom has taught me many things about seeing God‘s will in our lives.  As I thought about the work out, all I could do is think about what was God‘s will for me and the rest of the PAX.  For me, today showed me that we are all not leaders all the time. That sometimes we are merely a vessel in which Christ uses.  Today I was merely used by Jesus to gather the men in one area to fellowship together.  I also learned that Christ was teaching me patients.  He was teaching me how to put self aside, and put my savior first.

James 5:7-12

be patient and persevering.  Always seeking the will of the Lord.

Today told me that even if things don’t turn out the way you have planned them, it always turns out the way God has planned. God always has a plan for us even when it is not obvious!  We must learn to look toward the father for our answers! 

I want to close by thanking  all the man who came out today to sweat with me. Most importantly I want to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for  showing compassion on a sorry sinner like me.

Wait, Dallas Has Charging Stations for Electric Cars?

After spending the last week battling sickness and congestion, I pulled into The Boars Nest with a full week away from F3. A good ruck is just the ticket to get back in the groove though! I knew Big Pappy and HIPAA would be there Sunday, but was also glad to see Nothin and Pockets planning to join us.

I decided a trip up and down the hills Freight showed me last week would be a good call. With HIPAA making his first trip to the B.N. AO, I wanted to show him we indeed have some very capable terrain that can help with BRR prep. 50′ into our ruck, Nothin decided to run so we were down to 4! (Gold Digger will include Nothin in his backblast).

We made several laps up and down the hills of Northern Dallas, stopping periodically for low-slow squats in-cadence and lunge walks across the street and back while the 6 caught up. We basically continued to circle Big Pappy’s house and we popped out on Oakland St and proceeded over to the courthouse. I feel like HIPAA liked the hills, but was most impressed that Dallas has charging stations for electric cars. (ssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

The rain was really picking up now as we got in a little run of the Stair Nightmare – Triple Nickel over the courthouse stairs, with 5 Merkins on one side and 5 squats on the other.

With a few minutes to spare, we wrapped up and headed back to Ingles. HIPAA and I were talking about some coupons and options to get a telephone pole during the ruck and was we are approaching the end of our ruck, we saw a piece of telephone pole about 4-5 ft long just sitting in the ditch. It was obviously being thrown away so we grabbed it and rescued it from the scrap pit. To go along with our Dukes of Hazzard theme, I have named it Daisy since it’s not very big and needed to be rescued, much like Daisy did in almost every episode of the TV show. Daisy was tossed in the back of my truck for future use.

Thanks to the guys who joined me today. I look forward to getting a few more new faces out to The Boars Nest soon!

We joined the Crossroads COT.

My first Folsom Q!

Montross asked me a while back to take a Folsom Q, and I jumped on it. For whatever reason I had never Q’d Folsom. I knew we would probably have a pretty good crowd, and that many of the guys probably havent been to a Wojo Q so I tried to even out the exercises a bit. Having been sick all week it helped me get a little break in between the running drills too! The Q power and mumble chatter kept me going but I was beyond spent after this.


Warm up:

Don Q x 10ic

Mosey to Tennis Courts

The Thang:

SSH x 15ic

Squat Thrusts x 15ic

Merkins x 15sc

Side Lunges x 15ic

Flutter Kicks x 15ic

Werkins x 15sc

Reverse Lunges x 15ic

Freddy Mercury x 15ic

Diamond Merkins x 15sc

Squats x 15ic

LBC x 15ic


Line up on the line and do these running drills the entire distance of the tennis courts

High Knees

Butt Kicks



High Skips

Walking High Knees

Form Runs


Circled back up and did 10 reps of the exercises above, and then went thru the running drills again with a couple added.

We did some stretches, my Yoga Inch Worm Walks, and finished w/ 21 Burpees in honor of Riley Howell (the young man who saved lives at UNCC)


Welcome FNG Car Fox

Thanks to all who made it out, and to Montross for asking me to Q. Sorry you couldnt make it. We had lots of mumble chatter during the workout.  All you guys kept me on my toes with all the “constructive criticism”.  Had it not been for you guys I probably would not of made it through my own Q. It was a great time! Although I am still sore.




Been a while!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had the Q so I was excited! Yesterday afternoon I loaded up the blocks, and the bars! I made some bars a few years ago with a forked frame on the ends so we can hook a block on both sides and do deadlifts! The men at Folsom love it! And I couldn’t wait to reunite them this morning! I pulled in a little earlier than my normal time and I see a stranger inn what looks to be Buckeyes Jeep? It’s a shaved Buckeye, glad you came up, always good to see ya! People keep pulling in, good crowd at Folsom this morning! We circled up, let’s get started!

Warmup- SSH 15ic, Windmills 15ic , Toy soldiers 15ic

Partner up, grab a bar and 2 blocks! P1 25 Deadlifts, P2 plank, rotate for 3 sets!

Keep your partner! One partner grab a block, head to the tennis courts for some DORA!

100 Blockies

200 Curls

300 LBCs

100 Triceps’s

Finished! Put up the blocks and bars, and circle up!

Sundays message at church was about “Spiritual depression “, I wanted to share a little as I thought it was a good one, and very applicable to all of our lives!

Bondage to sin in the life of a believer, leads to spiritual depression. Why? David gives us the reason in Ps. 51:3 our transgressions and our sins are ever before us. “Conviction “, How do we get that off of our mind? Most of the time, you go back to bondage! Back to sexual sin/  debt, buy something else/ pills/ alcohol! And the bondage gets deeper and deeper! It takes us further than we want to go, keeps us longer than we want to stay, and will ultimately make us pay a price higher than we want to pay! I want to remind you, you’ve not gone too far! As long as you have breath, you can turn to Christ! He’s not that dad who is waiting to hurt you when you get home, He is that father who is waiting to prepare a feast when you get there! Remind yourself today who Christ is!

Announcments- 5k May 25th

Prayer request- Gastone’s family, each other


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