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Day: April 30, 2019

Mt. Mitchell Prep

Under construction.  Updated for golden skillet credit.

My dog ate my weinke.   Sort of…  Check back later for more detail.  We did welcome a new FNG – Rainbow Ranger.

What was for Easter desert?

Under construction.   PAX updated to receive golden skillet credit.

Check back later for more details

The other side

2 PAX posted at the newly named ruck workout Boar’s Nest Sunday morning. This workout is intended to be more than just rucking. This is a ruck workout. Show to know.

6:15 lets get after it. Montross and YHC took off and I surprised him but going straight across the street to the other side of Main st where we never go at Crossroads since it isn’t on the route. There is a good reason for this……hills! Those that know Dallas well recognize these hills and usually avoid them, with good reason, while running. Some are pretty steep. We however were training for the Cinco de Mitchell climb so it was perfect for today. We made several passes up these hills before returning to Main st.  Once back on Main we switched things up. P1 runs to the next block and does squats while P2 farmer carries both ruck sacks to catch up. We did this for probably 3/4’s of a mile. The forearms were feeling it! Time. A little over 3 miles total.

I wanted to add more exercises into it but I really wanted to introduce these hills. Next time maybe we can Joe Hendricks(just kidding).

Come out and join us at The Boar’s Nest. The possibilities of a ruck workout are endless and I’ve got a lot of ideas brewing for the future.

Comfort Zone

While I’ve posted at Bulldog and Painlab in the past, I’ve never had a Q at either one. I was a little concerned about whether or not I had enough planned to fill the time, and also if the Weinke would challenge the PAX that would assemble. Too late to worry about it now, the time has arrived and there are 12 PAX itching to get in some work. Everyone grabbed two bricks from my truck (to be used for all exercises) and after a short warmup we got started.


Partner Alarms

One partner lunge walks across the drive and back while the other does the exercise until the total cumulative reps are reached.

A – Shoulder press x100

L – Squats x150

A – Flutter kicks (bricks above chest) x200

R – Randy’s (arm flutters) x250

M – Mountain Climbers x300


Part one is complete, so let’s do a little station work. 5 Stations are set up along the drive with three exercises listed for each station. PAX completes the first exercise at a station and then moves to the next. After completing all 5 stations, move to second exercise and repeat, etc…..No walking from station to station, PAX choice of bear crawl, crab walk or lunge walk.

Station 1 – Tricep Extension x25, Curls x25 each arm, Chest press x50

Station 2 – American Hammers x25, LBC’s x50, Nolan Ryan’s x15 each side

Station 3 – Moroccan Nightclubs x25, Sun Gods x25, Front raise x25

Station 4 – Seal Jacks x25, Man Makers x5, Shoulder taps x25

Station 5 – Sumo Squats x25, Dying Cockroach x25, WWI’s x10


Everyone made it through all the exercises at least once. Time to put up the bricks and finish off with a couple of minutes of Mary.



Comfort Zone

As I mentioned, this was my first Q for a low impact type workout, so I was definitely outside my comfort zone this morning. So why do it? When we stay in our comfort zones we fail to reach our full potential, struggle with reaching our goals and fall short of living our lives as God intended us to. The next time you are faced with an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, draw strength from the following verse:

2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power, and love, and self control.”




Mt. Mitchell hike this Sunday – meet at GSM at 5:30am

Belmont 5k SFN on May 25th

BRR Ruck meeting this Thursday at 7pm Buffalo Wild Wings


Prayer Request

Seltzer family – premature birth of child

Oompa Loompa – mother

Sargento – mother in law

Dr. Feelgood – mother

Honey Do – upcoming colonoscopy

Teenager who passed away on Mt. Island Lake this past weekend


YHC took us out.


I appreciate the opportunity to lead this morning and want to thank all of F3 Gastonia for the support and encouragement that you provide me on a daily basis. It’s truly a blessing to be able to have so many High Impact Men pushing me to get stronger and become a better leader in all aspects of my life.

Until the next time (this afternoon),




5 men entered the gloom this morning.  Hank assumed (correctly) that YHC had the Q since… I was there.   A zinger… but accurate.  After some brief parking lot confusion it was 0530 and time to clock in.

Warmup – SSH, Toy Soldiers and Moroccan nightclubs.

Mosey to the lower parking lot.


Partner up for Bombs

Wave of merkins and squats.   About this time, with no vehicles in the parking lot, some dude decides to park right where we are.

So – wave of monkey humpers.

Utilize the shelter for a couple of rounds of dips and derkins.

Lunge to the top of the parking lot for triple nickel: hillbilly/calf raises.

Pledge and 22 for the vets.

Round of mary

Slow mosey back to the launching pad.



Annoucements: hike this Sunday

Prayer requests: our 2.0s

BOM: Tater Hole took us out in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


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