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Day: April 28, 2019

A Festival warm up at the Yank..

While I was spending some time in the library just doing some research I realized Ancorman needed someone to take the Q at the Yank . So I felt it was time to take one…it went like this…








First thing was to mosey around the front side of park to demo the lap that would be the timer for our tabatha set up on center stage. One man runs a lap while others do provided exercises that were marked on pavement. Those included…


Jump rope


Tricep press

Mtn climbers

OH press



Chest press

American hammers




Next we mosey to lot across from Bank or next to that restaurant or beside the church well right up the rode anyway…for 11’s  Mike Tysons and WW1 sit ups

Then on way back to center of park we stopped for 22 merkins  on the railroad tracks.

By this time folks were setting up for the Festivities that would be happening later in the day so we moved our coupons and went up to the turd shack for a little wall work .

This would include some hippslappers, wall sits, tricep presses, and derkins..

Finished just in time for the kettle corn..


Announcments: 2nd F at Lewis Farm was last night

Mt Mitchell hike May 5th leaving from GSM at 5:30 see Gastone for more details


SFN May 25th


MOLESKIN:  It has been to long since I had posted at the Yank lots of things to use in a workout there need to get back to use more next time. We all hear each other say how F3 has improved there lives it is truly amazing how it just continues to happen. I have found as I continue my F3 journey that the men around me still keep getting stronger and stronger thanks to you men I have someone to push with ..A.B.T.


Praying request, those on IR, Kotters, family members sick and others I may have forgotten

Out with PRAYER



Living on the Edge at Crossroads

It was a great morning at Crossroads. In fact, it was quite interesting.


2 Rucked Boar’s Nest

6 Ran

(2 put in a cameo appearance: Hacksaw; Slaw..fast and furious)

There was almost blood thanks to Sister Act; the man has some quick reflexes..as does Mayor, who is also quick to forgive. Oh, the humanity..and SA lived to tell about it.

Q Source:

8 for Q Source:  Montross off to church;  Pizzaman joined us.

In summary: from STUDY (Q1.11)

“A Leader is a person who is able to influence other people to Move to Advantage. Movement is action taken to further Purpose, and Advantage is a superior circumstance achieved by that Movement. Leaders are Disruptive in that they cause a disturbance to a Group’s Status Quo by first visualizing an Advantage and then articulating it to the Group’s Members so persuasively that they begin to Move toward it.”

“It (Faith) is dynamic rather than static, in that it is either Accelerating or it is Decelerating. It never just is.”

Also, a reference from Jeff’s sermon on Psalm 13:

“I listen to myself far too often. Speak truth to yourself! We read the Bible so we correct ourself-to preach to ourself”.

So, study to accelerate your faith and your relationship with Christ, as well as to renew your minds; continue posting to accelerate your fitness and your relationships with other PAX.


Hike to Mt Mitchell-May 5

Speed for Need-May 25

Prayer Requests:

Each other

PAX Family members

Thanks, Stroganoff, for the Coconut Horse Backblast..which I used as a template, as it was so applicable.

Thanks to Crossroads PAX for your participation and for the opportunity to Q and lead Q Source. (YHC will work on his video and camera skills).





Living on the Edge at Coconut Horse

It wasn’t very gloomy.  In fact, it was quite nice.

We ran…..5 miles.

There was SV blood thanks to Sargento.

The Q went crazy and we ran the normal route in reverse……oh, the humanity and we all lived to tell about it.

4 for the Q Source after.

It was fun.

Until the next one.



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